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Iranians are
Super Hospitable

Hospitality is in our blood. Your experience with Iranians will be the highlight of your trip.
Iranians smile a lot for being polite and nice to a guest. They're mostly happy to communicate and for sure you would get invited to people's homes.

Food in Iran
is something special

Persian food other than being really really delicious is something that might come to you as something completely new that you haven't tasted before. Also, Very versatile because Iran is a versatile country.

Iran is Much Safer
than People Think

Unlike what the media is trying to portray, Iran is among the safest countries for travelers and it is not just an empty claim. Almost any tourist who travels to Iran is astonished by the safety of this country.

Kashan Hotels

Shayan Hotel Kashan1 Star Hotel

The hotel is located in the center of the city and all beautiful and historical places, bazaar, bus terminal and train station, and near travel agencies offices.

Details: Shayan Hotel Kashan

Hotel Abyaneh Kashan2 Star Hotel

3 double rooms, 9 triple rooms, 3 four bed rooms.

Details: Hotel Abyaneh Kashan

Amirkabir Hotel Kashan3 Star Hotel

It is near the historical town and the highway.  It is quite close to Fin garden.  102 rooms and 6 suites. 30 min. from the railway station.

Details: Amirkabir Hotel Kashan

Many tourists come to this city to visit the historical houses of Kashan, meanwhile, the traditional residence of Sarai Ameria allows them to stay overnight and sleep comfortably in a corner of history. Sarai Ameriha is undoubtedly the most beautiful mansion in Kashan, which was built by the then governor of Kashan and dates back to the Zandieh era, so it has a unique architecture of that period.

Details: Sarai Ameriha Kashan



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  • We continued to Iran, undoubtedly the trip highlight
    We continued to Iran, undoubtedly the trip highlight More Details
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