Iran Tour in a Month
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Tehran > Hamedan > Kermanshah > Shushtar > Ahvaz > Shiraz > Sepidan > Kerman > Yazd > Nain > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Kashan

28 Days

Travel Iran off the beaten path in a month. A great combination of history and culture with nature. Iran has lots of attractions to offer and in this expansive itinerary, you would experience a great selection of them.


Day 1: Tehran

As soon as you arrive, you will have a tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar. Overnight Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran-Hamedan

In the morning, you will drive to Hamadan. We’ll tour to visit Ganjname inscriptions. Enjoy sitting beside the waterfall nearby. Go to visit Babataher's tomb in the city. Looking from the front, walk down the alley to the right and ring the bell on the door on the left and a nice person will open the gate for you. After that go to visit Hegmataneh hill where was the ancient capital of Medians. Overnight Hamedan.

Day 3: Hamedan-Kermanshah

Leaving the Hamedan to Kermanshah, visit Anahita Temple on the way, have a short stop there. This is located in the tiny city of Kangavar, the ruined temple makes us imagine how it has been like 17 centuries ago. Then visit another World Heritage Site, the significant Bisotun Complex to learn about Iran History through its magnificent mythical reliefs. In the afternoon go on with the visit of the Taq-e Bostan area and reliefs in Kermanshah. In the afternoon, beautiful light, lots of locals wandering around the lake, plenty of restaurants nearby where you can have the ubiquitous Dande kebabs. Overnight Kermanshah.

Day 4: Kermanshah-Villages-Kermanshah

Today you are supposed to see the most beautiful villages ever. You will go on to the village called Zarduee, there, the people are lovely and welcoming. After a delicious traditional kebab made of organic and fresh meat, you will go to see the eye-catching dam with flowing water. A great day like this will be done around the afternoon and you will leave there to your hotel in Kermanshah.

Day 5: Kermanshah-Khorramabad-Shushtar

In the morning, drive to Khoram Abad to visit Falak-of-Aflac castle. Then go on to Shushtar. Overnight in Shushtar.


Day 6: Shushtar -Ahvaz

In the morning drive to Ahvaz. In route visit Hydraulic system in Shushtar. Then visit Chogha-Zanbil and Haft Tapeh. Overnight Ahvaz.

Day 7: Ahvaz- Shiraz

In the morning drive to Shiraz, overnight Shiraz.


Day 8: Shiraz

Start your day by visiting the NasiralMolk mosque. The most attractive part of this mosque is a hall filled with colored lights lasing from the colorful window glasses. Then visit the Narenjestan garden that dates back to the 19th century, Iranian aristocratic mansion use to have two parts: the Shah Neshin (where the Shah sits for his public life) and the Andarooni (domestic house, where the aristocrat's family live). Then visit the Vakil complex that was built by Karimkhan, King of Iran during Zand era and consist of Arg-e Karimkhan citadel, the Arg means the Fort of ruler Karim Khan, Vakil Bath, It gives you a taste of the cultural and traditional bath, Vakil Bazaar and Vakil mosque inside of the Bazaar. In the evening visit the Saadi tomb. Overnight Shiraz

Day 9: Shiraz

City tour of Shiraz to visit Eram garden, Afif Abad garden, Ali Ebne Hamze shrine, Qoran gate. Kaju tomb, Hafez tomb. Overnight Shiraz.


Day 10: Shiraz-Persepolis-Necropolis-Shiraz

Full day excursion to Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid kings. Then visit Necropolis where you visit Zoroastrian fire temple, Royal tombs. Overnight Shiraz.

Day 11: Shiraz- Sepidan -Shiraz

In the morning drive to Sepidan. Today you can experience the North of Iran in the South of Iran with a green environment, the pleasant weather even in summer. Here you can get familiar with two different cultures at the same time, simple Rural life next to Nomadic life, you see that these two tribes have remained for many years next to each other and some of them got married, so that’s why there are many things in common between them. Sepidan is surrounded by lots of apple, nut, apricot, plum gardens that you can visit. Yellow, red, orange leaves of trees, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, the roaring river, and the other natural sounds inside of the gardens make you feel safe and free. Also, Sepidan with its villages has a high capability of professional eco-tours. You can walk through the jungles to see the springs, waterfalls, etc like Sheshpir Spring, Margon waterfall, go hiking, and climb the mountain through the Ronj Mountain. Overnight Shiraz

Day 12: Qalat-Shiraz

After eating breakfast, you have an excursion to Qalat. This beautiful village located near Shiraz. 

Your guide will wait for you in the lobby of the hotel in the early morning on the day 12th. He will take you there. It takes about an hour. As soon as you arrive, you will have a delicious breakfast that is made by famous Shirazi vegetables (Ashe Sabzi). After eating breakfast, your tour starts by going to its top where you can see an amazing view, then continue to walk through the pristine nature of this village and finish your tour by visiting waterfalls.

Day 13: Shiraz-Kerman

Drive to Kerman, En-route visit the remains of the Sassanian Palace at Sarvestan. Then on-route visit salt lakes, spectacular mountains full of fig and almond orchards planted. Overnight Kerman.

Day 14: Kerman-Rayen-Mahan-Kerman

In the morning have an excursion to Rayen to visit Rayen Citadel where looks Bam citadel. Then visit Shah Nematollahe Vali Tomb belongs to the Sufi Leader of Iran and Shazde garden in Mahan. Overnight Kerman.

Day 15: Kerman-Taft

Half-day visits in Kerman to see Ganj-Ali-Khan Complex belongs to the Safavid dynasty consist of the bathhouse, bazaar, and caravanserai. Then go on to Taft. Overnight in Taft.


Day 16: Taft-Abarkooh

Visit Taft village the downhill of Shirkooh Mountain. Most of the people in this village are Zoroastrian. There are lots of Pomegranate gardens. Walk in the old garden alley and enjoy its ancient texture. Then drive to Abarkooh village where you can visit the old cypress tree, Mostofi house, Aghazade house. Overnight Stay in Sarve Abarkooh Traditional house. Near this house is a traditional restaurant where you can try the original traditional food, the chief has claimed that he talked to many old people for a long duration of time to make the recipe of foods. This restaurant is called Kume Bibi Seyed.


Day 17: Yazd

In the morning drive to Yazd. City tour of Yazd to visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and the Fire Temple, Zoroastrian museum, Mir-Chakhmaq Mosques. In the evening visit Bazaar and then Dowlat Abad Garden. Overnight Yazd.

Day 18: Yazd

City tour of Yazd to visit the water museum, Alexander prison, Jame mosque, Lariha house. In the afternoon walk in the Fahadan valleys. Overnight Yazd.


Day 19: Yazd-Desert

In the morning, you will be driven to visit the Fire temple and Tower of silence. Then have an excursion to the Shabahang dessert. The local people have established adorable camps in the heart of desserts. There, you enjoy watching a sunset, walking on the Sandhill, have a night gathering, set on fire, and drink a cup of tea that is made on the fire. Listening to traditional music, etc. Then go back to Yazd. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 20: Yazd- Naein

In the morning drive to Naein. Visit Narin castle. After that visit the cotton waving workshop, Jame mosque, and its historical texture. Overnight Naein.


Day 21: Nain-Isfahan.

In the morning drive to Isfahan. City tour of Isfahan to visit Vank Cathedral in Jolfa area. At night visit Zoorkhane. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 22: Isfahan

 Tour of Isfahan to visit Imam Square, one of the biggest squares in the world. Lots of monuments surrounding this square like Aliqapu Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheiklotfollah mosque. Also, visit Bazaar. Then Visit Chehel Sotoun Palace. At night visit the Zayandeh River with the Si-o-Seh Pol and Khaju bridges that lighten the environment during the nighttime. Drink a cup of tea and relax. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 23: Isfahan

Tour of Isfahan to visit Hasht Behesht palace, Jame mosque, flower garden, bird garden. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 24: Isfahan-Abyaneh

In the morning, you drive from Isfahan to Abyane to visit Its historic village where women wear colorful and flourish clothes with white scarves. The whole village looks red because of the soil’s color people use to construct their houses. Overnight Abyaneh.

Day 25: Kashan

Drive toward Kashan to visit Borujerdi and Tabatabaee house, Fin garden. Overnight Kashan.

Day 26: Kashan-Qom

In the morning drive toward Qom. In route visit Nush Abad underground city. Then visit Masumeh shrine and Bazaar in Qom. Overnight Qom


Day 27: Qom-Tehran

Half-day tour of Qom. Then dive to Tehran to visit Abo -Atash Park and Nature Bridge. Overnight Tehran


Day 28: Tehran-Depart

In the morning transfer to Tehran international airport to depart Iran.

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