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Iran Desert Tour in Zein-o-din Caravanserai
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Tehran > Shiraz > Meymand > Kerman > Shahdad > Zeinodin > Yazd > Mesr > Isfahan > Kashandesert explorer iran tour map

12 Days

Choose this tour for a bit of adventure beside the usual historical path visiting desert and nomads.

Iran Desert Tour in Tabas | Mesr | Maranjab
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Tehran > Shiraz > Zein-o-din > Yazd > Tabas > Mesr > Naein > Mesr > Isfahan > Kashan >Maranjab > Qom

12 Days

Desert, desert, desert. We choose a couple of most interesting desert spots in Iran. Camp underneath the stars enjoy the amazing kavir

Tour Highlights:

Tour of museums, Golestan palace, Bazaar in Tehran, Nasir Almolk mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Hafez Tomb.. in Shiraz
Visit Persepolis and necropolis and then stay ovvernight at Zein-o-din Caravanserai
Visiting Yazd the city of winf catchers and fire temple
Staying at ecoldages in Tabs and Mesr while enjoying the beautiful sourandings, sand dunes, camel riding, ...
Visiting Nain, Isfahan and Kashan. Getting fully immersed in persian culture

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Maranjab desert is near Aran va Bidgol city in Kashan, the Salt Lake, Masileh Desert, Hoz-e-Sultan Lake, Mareh Lake and Kavir National Park.
The main path to Maranjab Desert is from the North of Aran va Bidgol. Passing 5 kilometers from this city you will be in a dirt track that leads to a Caravanserai. There are other ways to reach Maranjab Desert but they seem to be more difficult and require special automobiles and trained guides.

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The camping site in Shahdad Desert has the required equipment for the campers to have a safe and simple stay. In order to reach this camp site you need to drive 15 kilometers in Shahdad Road and when you reach the camp site, drive another 10 kilometers.
Yardangs in Dasht-e Loot (Loot Desert)
Loot Desert is the largest desert in Iran. Loot desert is filled with stunning structures of sand made by the wind. Beautiful large columns are made by the erosions of wind and rain in the desert. The columns look like they were carved by the hands of professionals and what is interesting is that all yardangs are big and have the same shape.

In order to see Yardangs in Shahdad Desert you have to pass Kerman City and the green Mahan city and the flourish village of Sirch. Sirch is not a village that you can just pass by. This flourished village is in the heart of the largest desert in Iran. There is even snow during some winters which is magical to have a snow white village in the middle of a hot desert. Among geologist, Shahdad village is known to be the hot pole of the Earth.

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According to Standard Tourism, Matin Abad Camp is the first Eco Camp in Iran. This camp site is near Natanz city and Kashan.
Rig Zarin Desert / Moghestan Desert
This desert should be on your must see list in Iran. It is near Bafgh Desert in Yazd Province. There are many dome-like hills made of salt and sand in this desert. Moghestan Desert is a desert that has a north and a south side. This desert has beautiful fine gravels (sands) which is the perfect place to walk on and take pictures.
Mesr Village / Mesr Desert
Mesr Village is in the heart of the deserts in Iran. It is near Jandaq City and Khur City.

There are 120 people residing on the fine sands of the central desert of Mesr Village. Today this village is among the most important and most attractive tourism sites in Iran. This village is also called the sand sea of Mesr Desert. Mesr village together with two other villages called Amir Abad and Farazad are about 6 kilometers long.


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  • Our itinerary, Perfect. We did exactly what we wanted and spent what we thought was the perfect amount of time in each location
    Our itinerary, Perfect. We did exactly what we wanted and spent what we thought was the perfect amount of time in each location Read More
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