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Iran Desert Tours | Desert Trekking in Iran

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"Everyone once enticing the charm of the desert, he will not let go until the end of his life." The late Austrian geographer and traveler Alphonse Gabriel, whose most famous travel book, entitled Crossing the Desert of Iran, expresses this statement about the desert of Iran. Iran is a country with a warm and dry climate, so many deserts are spreading in different places all over Iran, and especially its centers and about one-quarter of Iran's area is desert. Mysterious lands that traveling to them would be one of the most exciting experiences of your life for sure.


The best time to visit deserts:

The best time to visit the desert is the first two months of spring as well as the fall season.

The heat of the desert is too much in summer and very cold and dry in winter so we recommend you travel to the desert in the fall.

Special conditions for the desert tour (Physical rating and Age limitation):

We will have light hiking & walking during this tour, so this trip is suitable for people who are over 18 years old and people under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


The best deserts of Iran:

Khor & Biabanak desert:

Khor desert one of the most beautiful deserts of Iran located 399 km from Isfahan. Namak Khor Lake, which is the largest seasonal salt lake in the world. And the village of Iraj, which is 4,000 years old, is one of the tourist attractions of this region.

As the temperature difference between day and night is very high here, you must bring warm clothes and equipment.

Mesr desert:

The village of Mesr is one of the parts of Khor and Biobank in Isfahan province and located 45 km east of Jandagh and 60 km north of Khor. Mesr desert is known as the sandy sea.

Yellow sand dunes are the most spectacular part of the Mesr desert. Standing at one point and watching the yellow sand can be an unforgettable experience for you. But just seeing is not enough, the sand in this area is so soft so you have to take off your shoes and walk on it, and touch the warm, flowing sands, it will be one of the most memorable experiences you've ever had.


Maranjab desert is one of those deserts in Iran that has fascinating and dazzling tranquility. The brilliance and glory of this desert make it worth seeing once for every viewer. It located in the north of Aran and Bidgol city.

The best time to visit this desert is from the beginning of November and continues until the middle of April. You will visit Namak Lake, Abbasi Caravanserai, and have lunch in the heart of nature, desert hiking, and hiking in sandy hills and enjoy the beautiful nature of the region.


The most beautiful desert in the world with its unique Kalouts is located in the Shahdad Kerman region, this region can be called an exhibition of desert beauties. Shahdad Desert located on the western edge of the Lut Plain and east of the Kerman Mountains. This desert is considered by many experts as the hottest spot in the world.

Shahdad Desert of Kerman is one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the heart of Lut Desert. This desert is unique in the world due to the existence of the highest sand dunes - unique Kaluts and the Salt River.


What to do in the desert:

Visit & walk on the sands dunes, Safari, Camel Riding, star observation by sitting around the fire and drink charcoal tea, etc.


Where to stay in these deserts?

To stay in the beautiful nature of the desert in recent years has been very popular among nature lovers because they will have the chance to spend a night there to have star observation, and create a unique experience of traveling to the desert for themselves. 


The best desert camps in Iran:

1- Shahdad Kerman Desert Camp

Shahdad Desert Camp is the only Lot desert camp that hosts many tourists every year. This camp is located in Kerman province and you can stay in one of the 35 pavilions made of palm leaves and enjoy amenities such as water, electricity, sanitation, and more. Of course, keep in mind that water is not drinkable.

2- Matinabad desert eco-camp

Metinabad Desert Eco-Camp is a residential and recreational complex near the city of Natanz. This desert camp has 13 ordinary rooms, a royal residence, an earring room, 13 thatched domes, and 25 tents. Of course, this eco-camp has recreational facilities such as camel riding, star observation, and visiting ostrich farms and organic farms.

3- Ahmad Maranjab Desert Camp

Ahmad Maranjab Desert Camp is one of the largest desert camps in Iran. The camp has 28 accommodation units. The amenities of the rooms are different, but in general, they have a bed, a split, a chair, an electric heater, or a traditional heater. Bathroom services are also publicly available to guests. Travelers can get their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals from Camp. Ahmad Desert Camp is more suitable for the group.

4- Shabahang desert camp in Yazd

Shabahang Desert Camp is located near the city of Yazd and has many fans among the residents of this city. The Camp has 16 rooms with French toiletries and heating appliances.

Note that all accommodation units in this complex do not have a bed, TV, or cooling system.


Things to do before traveling to the desert: 


One of the most important things to do when traveling to the desert is to have enough water with you. Each person should have about 4 liters of water a day.

Proper clothing: 

When traveling to the desert, try to have clothes without pockets and extra seams, preferably with sleeves, especially if you are going to dunes. When you go to the dunes, you will want to play on them, and if your clothes are not appropriate, you will find sand in the seams for a long time after returning from the trip.

Another important point is that you must have warm clothes with you. The difference in temperature between day and night in the desert is too much, and it's not right to say that the desert is hot. Be sure to bring warm clothes with you, even if your trip is one day (because you may have to spend the night in the desert because of an unforeseen problem).

Suitable backpack: 

Depending on the number of travel days, have a one-day or multi-day backpack.


Walking on the sand dunes will make you very tired. In addition to having a nutritious meal before your desert tour, you should bring nutritious foods with you to the desert. For example, you can use chocolate, peanuts or nuts in general, thin slices of salted meat, and so on.

Necklace (Scarf) and Glasses: 

You must be familiar with the concept of the sandstorm, so one of the accessories you should bring with you is Scarf, if you face a sudden storm, cover your nose and mouth with it. Wear glasses to protect your eyes.

Lights, sleeping bags, and tents: 

If you are going to spend the night in the desert, you should avoid doing that without these accessories.

Hats and sunscreen: 

The sun is too much in the desert, so be sure to use sunscreen and using a hat to avoid sunburn.

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    We continued to Iran, undoubtedly the trip highlight More Details
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