Best of Iran

Best of Iran

The most famous historical mansions of Tehran show traces of the passage of time . Fortunately, a very rich and strong culture and civilization has taken root in the soul and heart of this land . Tehran; The capital of Iran, along with its congestion and pollution, also has its own charms . Scenic and historical areas are among the attractions of this city, where different periods of government such as Qajar, Pahlavi, etc. have left many monuments .

With a world of wonders, Iran's caves have become the most important places to visit in Iran. The astonishing beauty of these caves has caused many domestic and foreign tourists and cavers to travel to different cities of Iran every year to visit these spectacular places.


Do you know the strangest places to visit in Iran ? What do you think weird means? It means something that makes you wonder . Now this surprise can be due to the excessive beauty of a place or maybe other features such as being scary or pristine . do you accept? Getting to know the strange regions of Iran will definitely be pleasant for those who are looking for specific tourist destinations . Adventurous people like to go to places that have special and strange characteristics . In this article, we are going to tell you about the strangest places to visit in Iran . You will see the following places that are considered strange . This strangeness is in some cases because of their natural structure, sometimes because of strange events and in some cases because of the scary stories that have been made around them .

Some people think that it is only in spring and summer that you can have fun, and in autumn and winter, you should say goodbye to all kinds of fun and sit by the stove and wait until next year. The snow will melt . We talked about the snow, it is better to know that by the way, winter is coming right at the time of one of the best and most attractive winter sports , which is skiing . For this reason, in this article, we would like to introduce 15 ski resorts in Iran Let 's go along with their address to once again reconcile you with snow, this attractive gift of Nene Sarma . with us be with

In this article, you are going to know the most beautiful forests of Iran. Although Iran is known as a hot, dry and desert country, it is not like there are no green forests with tall trees. It is interesting to know that there are three million and four hundred thousand hectares of forests in the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range and the coastal cities of the Caspian Sea, and the extent of forests in other parts of the country reaches three million hectares.

Iran, apart from its well-known areas, has many beautiful and pristine places to visit . Among the interesting and attractive places, we can mention its villages, which with the weather that refreshes one or in the lawns , green fields, terraced houses and a unique view , an opportunity To get away from the life and noise of the city, it creates . The number of villages in the country is not small, but you know the most strange What are the villages of Iran ?

We want to mention the most beautiful mountains in Iran, the high mountains that have been the support of cities and people for many years; From high and snow-covered peaks, if the mountaineers don't pass by them, their silence is only broken by the sound of snow and rain.

What are the best road trips in Iran?

Road trips in Iran do not end with Chalus Road and Hiran Pass, and in our beloved country of Iran, there are thousands of colorful and beautiful roads that will take you to the unique and green destinations of the country. In the meantime, some road routes have a unique view and perspective, which has made people go to these roads regardless of their destination and enjoy the feeling of breathing in the heart of nature. In this article, we will introduce you to the best roads in Iran in terms of landscape and beauty, so stay with us.

Complete introduction of the 5 gems of the Persian Gulf

Iran has a total of 427 big and small islands . Comparing the Iranian islands with each other is a difficult task because each of them dazzles your eyes in a unique way .

Some of these islands are as old as the ancient cities of Iran . In this list , we have introduced 5 important islands of the Persian Gulf that you can visit during your trip to the south of Iran .

You travel to these islands with beautiful landscapes, mysterious tribes , strategic geographical locations, marine wildlife and unknown species. You will meet people who will leave you with unforgettable memories . with us Come along to know the most spectacular of the Iranian islands .

In the past, public baths like these 10 historical baths were not only a place for washing, they were also a kind of public place for some family and local gatherings, such as wedding and groom baths. In contrast to joys and celebrations, baths in history have sometimes been places of execution and assassination, the murder of Amir Kabir in Fin Kashan bath being one of the most important.

Attractive Iranian hotels

Travel lovers are divided into two groups . There are a group of people who prefer their travel to be less expensive, instead of traveling more times a year . But the second category is those for whom the residence factor is more important . They prefer to travel less, but their trip is all -inclusive and they don't care if they pay more .

not be denied the charm of the residence and its effect on the pleasure of the trip . The hotel and accommodation of the travel destination can increase the pleasure of the trip by 50 % . Of course, hotels and accommodation are one of the most important sources of income for tourist and traveler cities . Hoteliers and eco-resort owners can be successful in attracting more travelers by adding special features to their hotel .

Iran is the cradle of world history and civilization. Probably, this sentence has become too clichéd and repetitive. But clichéd sentences are not necessarily far from reality. The fact is that Iran is a paradise for historians and history lovers. This fact has caused the creation of many museums in our country. Are you familiar with the best museums in Iran?


20 famous and beautiful waterfalls in our country :

Iran is home to a mesmerizing array of waterfalls that are sure to captivate any nature lover's heart. From the cascading beauty of Lar Waterfall near Tehran to the magnificent Alamut Waterfall in the Alborz Mountains, Iran's waterfalls offer a truly enchanting experience. These natural wonders are not only visually stunning but also possess a rich cultural and historical significance. The waterfalls of Iran provide a respite from the bustling cities and offer a tranquil retreat in the midst of nature's splendor.

Exploring these breathtaking cascades allows visitors to immerse themselves in the country's diverse landscapes and witness the power and beauty of water in its most awe-inspiring form. With their lush green surroundings, crystal-clear waters, and serene ambiance, Iran's waterfalls provide an escape into a world of serenity and rejuvenation. Whether you seek adventure or seek solace, these waterfalls offer a unique and unforgettable experience that should not be missed.

Get to know the most attractive deserts of Iran

The desert, with all its strange features, has many fans. A different ecosystem, beautiful nights, flowing sands and special landscapes attract many people to the deserts of our country. Iran has many deserts that can be a good weekend destination. Especially in winter days, whose mild weather can remind you of spring and summer. How familiar are you with the deserts of Iran? In this article, we introduce the most beautiful deserts of Iran.

Birds are beautiful, attractive and lively creatures, some of which migrate for their survival . Bird migration provides the opportunity for wildlife lovers to watch non - native species in their habitat . Many of these immigrants are rare and endangered species .

wetlands and lakes are safe habitats for various animals . These water areas play a significant role in climate stability and dust reduction in the region . Accommodating thousands of native and migratory aquatic and coastal birds is one of the important uses of wetlands .

When the route is more attractive than the destination

Train Travel and lounging on the comfortable seat of the wagon or lying down on the coupe bed with gentle movements and staring at the scenery that passes and is watched from the window along the way ; This is a fascinating experience of sightseeing that turns the route into a lovely part of the trip .

When going on the way becomes more attractive than arriving and you want the road to continue and the destination to be further away .

Iran is full of beautiful and attractive cultural, historical and natural sights. In every city and village of Iran, you can see many attractions, among which the architectural masterpieces of Iran have a special place, and visiting each of them can be a special and different experience. These works are left over from the glorious history of Iran, which have been left over from different eras. Join us as we explore some of these magnificent buildings.


Eco-residences are one of the best accommodation options for those who are interested in traveling and are symbols for introducing the culture of the people of different regions of Iran .

In recent years, the attention of many tourists has been drawn to ecotourism . Ecotourism is a new way of traveling, where natural tourism or nature tourism is carried out with the aim of traveling to the heart of nature and pristine local areas and getting to know the culture of the people of these areas .

Iran's hot water springs have grown in different parts of the country , and this has caused tourists to be able to use the benefits of the mineral salts of these springs . Surely, you have also heard talks about the fact that Iran's hot springs are a cure for many muscle, skin, bone diseases, nervous tension , etc. The heat and mineral salts of these springs relieve various physical and mental diseases . In this article, we will introduce you to the most famous and best hot springs in different provinces of the country .

12 attractive destinations for nature lovers

Iran's lakes provide the opportunity for travelers to enjoy being in the cool weather in the heart of nature and seeing birds and species of plants and animals that are specific to a certain region . There are more than 20 lakes in Iran, which are the basic parts of Iran's ecosystem . Today we want to introduce you to the largest, most beautiful and unique lakes in Iran .

hotels of Iran is the title we assigned to this article in order to introduce you to the unusual and wonderful hotels in our country . As you know , Iran is full of various tourist attractions, and this has made people who come to see these attractions to stay for a few nights near the tourist spots . In the following, we will review the strangest domestic residences in the country and mention the points related to each one .

Spiritual splendor in the game of art and architecture

Iranian mosques do not only show the world a vision of religion, but they are a complete reflection of Iranian taste, understanding of attractive art and architecture . Sometimes the most beautiful mosques of Iran and other old lasting monuments make us ask ourselves how and how in the past years, without modern communication and facilities, works of this splendor and beauty and of course precision in Architecture has been built . When we talk about the most beautiful mosques in Iran, we talk about geometry, design and symmetry . In this article , you will get to know the most beautiful ones .

Journey to a deep paradise

Iran has so much beauty that we cannot count them ; Historical and cultural attractions , towering mountains, roaring rivers , mysterious deserts . and green plains and forests ; But one of the natural and extraordinary features of Iran is its valleys . The valleys that take away our intelligence and take us to an unknown world in the depths of the earth . These valleys are sometimes so unknown that few people have heard of them . If you are also curious to discover the most beautiful valleys of Iran , join us Join us to explore these amazing natural phenomena together .

If you are into luxury travel but have not thought of staying in a boutique hotel in Iran, we must say that you have missed a significant part of the luxury of your travels . Boutique hotels are always the first choice of those who pay more attention to the quality of travel regardless of the costs paid . These places are often booked by wealthy people or people who are looking for different experiences in life .

Boutique hotels have fewer rooms, but offer unique services . Their design is different from the structure of hotels and guest houses and they are located in the best geographical location of the cities . If after reading the first few lines of the article you have decided to go to a boutique hotel during your trip, we offer you the following examples .



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