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Iranians are
Super Hospitable

Hospitality is in our blood. Your experience with Iranians will be the highlight of your trip.
Iranians smile a lot for being polite and nice to a guest. They're mostly happy to communicate and for sure you would get invited to people's homes.

Food in Iran
is something special

Persian food other than being really really delicious is something that might come to you as something completely new that you haven't tasted before. Also, Very versatile because Iran is a versatile country.

Iran is Much Safer
than People Think

Unlike what the media is trying to portray, Iran is among the safest countries for travelers and it is not just an empty claim. Almost any tourist who travels to Iran is astonished by the safety of this country.

Best of Iran

We want to mention the most beautiful mountains in Iran, the high mountains that have been the support of cities and people for many years; From high and snow-covered peaks, if the mountaineers don't pass by them, their silence is only broken by the sound of snow and rain.

Details: 7 of the most beautiful mountains in Iran

With a world of wonders, Iran's caves have become the most important places to visit in Iran. The astonishing beauty of these caves has caused many domestic and foreign tourists and cavers to travel to different cities of Iran every year to visit these spectacular places.

Details: 14 biggest caves in Iran

In this article, you are going to know the most beautiful forests of Iran. Although Iran is known as a hot, dry and desert country, it is not like there are no green forests with tall trees. It is interesting to know that there are three million and four hundred thousand hectares of forests in the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range and the coastal cities of the Caspian Sea, and the extent of forests in other parts of the country reaches three million hectares.

Details: 10 Most beautiful forests of Iran

Get to know the most attractive deserts of Iran

The desert, with all its strange features, has many fans. A different ecosystem, beautiful nights, flowing sands and special landscapes attract many people to the deserts of our country. Iran has many deserts that can be a good weekend destination. Especially in winter days, whose mild weather can remind you of spring and summer. How familiar are you with the deserts of Iran? In this article, we introduce the most beautiful deserts of Iran.

The master of Malik Sokhon, Saadi, said centuries ago: "To follow the Bedouin path is to leave the void." Of course, I think that climbing the desert these days is more than simply better than sitting in vain!

The silence and peace of the desert, its special and different ecosystem and the beautiful night sky of the desert, which shows the viewer the best image of the edge of the Milky Way galaxy without the light pollution of the cities, are among the reasons that attract desert lovers to this natural environment.

A large percentage of our country is desert. Deserts, each of which has different and interesting characteristics.
From the central regions to the east and southeast of Iran, it is occupied by the desert, and thanks to this gift, there are many choices for those interested in desert trekking.

In the following, the best deserts of Iran for tourism will be introduced.

1 . Shahdad desert

One of the most famous Iranian natural attractions in the world are the Kulots located in the Shahdad desert.
Clots are U-shaped ridges in the desert that are formed by wind erosion. Shahdad desert, with its unique klots, has become one of the most amazing desert regions in the world.
The next interesting thing about Shahdad desert is that this area is known as the hottest place on earth. In fact, the highest temperature recorded by NASA satellites was related to the temperature of Shahdad desert.
In the last few years, National Geographic magazine has assigned Shahdad desert as the fourth natural tourist attraction in the world. This issue has caused this beautiful desert to welcome a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists every year.

How to get to Shahdad desert?
To travel the 90 km Shahdad road, you must pass the old Kerman-Bam road. From this road, drive towards Sirach road and enter Shahdad road.

2. Maranjab desert

If off-roading is at the top of your list of desert activities, Maranjab desert is probably the best choice for you. This tourist-friendly desert area, which is full of desert climbing tours on holidays, is one of the most well-known deserts in Iran.
The beauty of Maranjab desert is the existence of Maranjab caravanserai. Despite this cabin, no one has to worry about staying overnight in this desert and can simply spend the night in this beautiful desert.
How to reach Maranjab desert?
Bring yourself to Isfahan province and Aran and Bidgol city. Drive from Army Blvd towards Maranjab road and after 45 km you will reach Maranjab desert and caravanserai.

3. Mesr desert

If you love smooth and warm sand, the best choice for you is the Mesr desert. The landscapes of the Mesr desert are so beautiful and breathtaking that no photo can express all its beauty. This beauty and charm has made the Mesr desert one of the most popular desert trekking destinations in Iran.

How to get to the Mesr desert?
Go from Isfahan province to Jandaq city. 45 km from Jandaq city, you will reach Egypt and you will find the desert easily.

4. Desert National Park

One of the most important desert areas of Iran is Kavir National Park. The importance of the desert national park is in the diversity of animal species. One of the most important animal species that lives in the desert national park is the Asian cheetah. Of course, apart from the Asiatic cheetah, the desert national park is also home to leopards, jackals, sand cats, lynxes, and rams. For this reason, this protected area is one of the favorite places of environmental activists and animal lovers.
Of course, the desert national park has many natural attractions, apart from the variety of animal species. Among these natural attractions, we can mention the salt lake. Another important point about the desert national park is its proximity to the capital. This national park is located in Semnan province, about a hundred kilometers from Tehran.
How to get to the desert national park?
In Semnan province, go to Pishwa from Varamin city. Drive from the side of Peshwa village to the sandy road of Qalae Boland. After the Mobarakieh ranger post, you will reach the entrance of Kavir National Park.

5. Desert of Darak

Undoubtedly, Darakdesert is one of the most beautiful desert places in Iran. Derek is located in the beautiful province of Sistan and Baluchestan and at the meeting point of the desert and the sea in Chabahar city.

The intersection of the desert and the sea. Think about it! Isn't it attractive? In this sense, Darakdesert can be considered as one of the most unique deserts in Iran. A beautiful area that, despite its charm, has not received much attention. Of course, not allowing tourists and travelers to visit this beautiful desert has had a great benefit for the region; Derek beach is known as the cleanest beach in Iran!

How to get to DarakDesert?
To reach Darakdesert, it is enough to move from Konarak city in Sistan and Belupistan provinces to Makran beaches. On your way, you can easily find the Derek Desert.

Read more: Derek village; Where the desert and the sea meet

6. Metinabad desert camp

If you are not a professional desert trekker and you don't like to deal with the dangers of being alone and camping in the desert, I suggest you set your destination towards Metinabad Desert Camp. This desert eco-camp is one of the most spectacular desert trekking destinations. In fact, it can be said that Metinabad Desert Ecocamp is a recreation complex in the heart of the desert, which is completely compatible with the desert ecosystem and the culture of the desert people.

Traditional rooms and good facilities are important features of this ecocamp. I recommend that if you are going to go desert trekking with your family, you should put this ecocamp on your overnight stay list.

How to get to Metinabad desert ecocamp?
At the 55th kilometer of the Kashan-Isfahan road, you have to pass Badroud, Khalidabad and Dehabad to reach Metinabad.

7. Zardgah Desert

A green desert with palm trees and beautiful rural structures. This is all the description I can give you of Zardgah desert.
Zardgah is actually the name of a desert village located in South Khorasan province. Not so long ago, this village was full of inhabitants, but in recent years, due to bad weather conditions and unfavorable conditions, most of the inhabitants of this village have moved to nearby provinces, and only two families live in Zardgah.
Zardgah is one of the greenest deserts in Iran. The positive feature of Zardgah desert is the presence of water and electricity. Also, the structures left in the village will be attractive for those who are interested in the native and local architectures of Iran.
How to get to Zardgah desert?
Zardgah desert is located near Dihok and 180 km from Tabas city in South Khorasan.

8. Reagan Desert

Regan Desert is famous for its unique color of ridges and high sand dunes. This desert is located in the southern edge of Kerman province. One of the characteristics of Reagan desert is the bright color of the desert and the soil of this desert compared to other deserts of Iran, which has geological reasons.
Mesquite forests are located on the edge of Regan desert. The existence of this natural green cover has made the fauna of the Reagan desert dynamic and diverse. The sharp-tailed lizard is the most famous animal of the Reagan Desert. Fox and sand cat, agama and gecko and hubre are other famous animals of Reagan desert.
How to get to Reagan Desert?
Drive from Bam city to the new citadel. Pass through Narmashir and choose Iranheshar road from the intersection of your route. After traveling for 50 kilometers, you will reach Mohammadabad Regan.

9. Zamanabad desert

Zamanabad desert is located in Shahrood city. The important feature of Zamanabad desert is its historical attractions. This desert, while having the natural beauty that is characteristic of all the deserts of Iran, has interesting historical monuments that you can visit. Pir Zamanabad Imamzadeh, Jerjis Nabi Shrine, Hesarabad Castle, Sangi Asb Castle, Hirmi Dam and the buried village of Khar are some of the most important attractions of this desert.

How to reach Zamanabad desert?
From Shahrood, move towards Sabzevar. After arriving in Miami, head towards Biarjmand. After traveling for 130 km, you will reach Zamanabad.

Tips to keep in mind for desert travel:

Never go to desert areas without a guide. Despite its beauty, the desert has a very rough and difficult nature, and without a guide, you will definitely encounter serious problems.

Try to travel on known tracks and roads in the desert. Trying unknown and unfamiliar paths may cause you to get lost and cost your life.

Have a compass, GPS and map with you. Finding a way in the desert is a difficult task and not everyone can handle it.
In every season of the year, watch out for the animals and reptiles that live in the desert. Try not to camp in the desert without proper and safe equipment.

The best nature visitors are those who leave no trace of their presence in nature.

Remember that the nature of the desert is very sensitive and fragile, and even the location of your car's wheels can have a negative impact on the desert ecosystem. Deal with the kind nature of the desert.

The best museums in Iran; Know the top 10 museums in Iran

Iran is the cradle of world history and civilization. Probably, this sentence has become too clichéd and repetitive. But clichéd sentences are not necessarily far from reality. The fact is that Iran is a paradise for historians and history lovers. This fact has caused the creation of many museums in our country. Are you familiar with the best museums in Iran?

Details: Top 10 museums in Iran

What are the best road trips in Iran?

Road trips in Iran do not end with Chalus Road and Hiran Pass, and in our beloved country of Iran, there are thousands of colorful and beautiful roads that will take you to the unique and green destinations of the country. In the meantime, some road routes have a unique view and perspective, which has made people go to these roads regardless of their destination and enjoy the feeling of breathing in the heart of nature. In this article, we will introduce you to the best roads in Iran in terms of landscape and beauty, so stay with us.

Details: 18 best road trips in Iran

The best architectural masterpieces of Iran

Iran is full of beautiful and attractive cultural, historical and natural sights. In every city and village of Iran, you can see many attractions, among which the architectural masterpieces of Iran have a special place, and visiting each of them can be a special and different experience. These works are left over from the glorious history of Iran, which have been left over from different eras. Join us as we explore some of these magnificent buildings.

Details: 6 Architectural masterpieces of Iran

Get to know 10 historical Iranian baths

In the past, public baths like these 10 historical baths were not only a place for washing, they were also a kind of public place for some family and local gatherings, such as wedding and groom baths. In contrast to joys and celebrations, baths in history have sometimes been places of execution and assassination, the murder of Amir Kabir in Fin Kashan bath being one of the most important.

Details: 10 historical Iranian baths



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