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We want to mention the most beautiful mountains in Iran, the high mountains that have been the support of cities and people for many years; From high and snow-covered peaks, if the mountaineers don't pass by them, their silence is only broken by the sound of snow and rain.

1 - Damavand mountain

Few mountains like Damavand play a prominent role in Iranian literature and legends. Damavand is the place where Arash Kamangir stood and put all his life and energy into an arrow to mark the border between Iran and Turan. Damavand is the same mountain where Fereydon took Zahhak and imprisoned him forever. Damavand is a mountain that appears in photos and posters to be a symbol of Iran and Iranians. This magnificent mountain is located in Mazandaran province, Amol city.

In the past, you could see the beautiful Damavand from everywhere in Tehran. But since the towers and apartments have risen from every corner of the city, the way to see Damavand has been closed. However, you can see Damavand from many parts of Tehran, Varamin and Qom.
Damavand peak is the highest volcanic peak in Iran and of course the Middle East and is considered a semi-active volcano. The diameter of Damavand volcano crater is 400 meters and its surface is covered with frozen water. This mountain is located in the center of the Alborz mountain range in Central Alborz region.

Damavand has a long life. The age of this mountain is estimated to be at least 38 thousand 500 years. The height of the mountain is 5,610 meters and it is located in the south of the Caspian Sea. Let us also say that July 13 is called the national day of Damavand. Damavand peak has been registered in the list of natural monuments of Iran and its image has been printed on the back of banknotes several times in the last hundred years.
Damavand peak is also popular among mountaineers. You can climb this peak from four routes, the north face, which is the most difficult route, the northeast face, the west face, and the south face, which is considered the easiest path. The ice waterfall is located on the same path, a waterfall that can only melt a part of its ice for an hour in the very hot summer afternoon. Damavand ice waterfall is unique in the world.
Address: Amol, Larijan district

2 - Sablan mountain

Do not doubt that one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran is right here. Sablan is a sacred mountain that has great value and importance especially among local people. Sablan, or as it is called in Turkish, Savalan, is the third highest peak of Iran, which is located in Ardibel province. This volcanic mountain is semi-active and it appears between Ardabil and Meshkinshahr, 25 km southeast of Meshkinshahr and 35 km west of Ardabil.

Sablan has three famous peaks, the biggest of which is Sultan Savalan and the other two peaks are Haram and Kasra. The stone slab that is in the shape of an eagle and is placed towards the east is the symbol of Savalan. This stone eagle is located in the west of Sultan Savalan peak.
But if we leave the symbol of Mount Sablan, it is mentioned in old writings that this mountain was the place of worship and the sending of Zoroast the prophet. Some people believe that Zoroaster's tomb is next to the lake at Sablan peak.

The lake above the peak is one of the attractions of Mount Sablan, not only because of the possibility of Zoroaster's tomb, but also because of its natural beauty. Those who make it to the top of Sablan face a spectacular lake that is about 25 meters below the rim of the Sablan volcanic cone. It seems that the volcanic cone is like a mother holding the lake in her arms. The water of this lake is filled with snowfall and is frozen most of the year.
The high amount of snowfall is another attraction of this mountain, because it has made it a popular ski resort, namely the Alvarez ski resort.

Many climbers climb Sablan peak and there are three climbing routes. First, the northeast route, which has more demand and starts from the south of Lahrud city. The second is the western route that leads from the Qaragol lake, and finally the southern route that has no shelter. Alvarez ski resort is located on the same route. If you are not a skier, you can use its hot spring. Mount Sablan is registered in the list of national natural monuments.
Address: Ardabil, Lahrud, Shabil hot spring route

3 - Dana Mountain

Bam Zagros is nowhere except Mount Dana, which borders the three provinces of Isfahan, Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh, and Boyer Ahmad. Dena is the highest and, of course, the largest fold in the Zagros mountain range, which professional mountaineers call the Iranian Alps.

The height of Dana Peak is 4,448 meters. This mountain range has 49 peaks and Qash Mastan or Bijan 3 is the highest. The peaks of Morgal, Qezal Qala and Burj Asmani or Bijan 2 are other important peaks of this mountain range. Gol Farhad is the shortest peak of the Dana mountain range, which is 4,400 meters high.

The closest city to Dana mountain is Sisakhet, which is the center of Dana city. Parts of the Dana mountain range have been declared protected areas, starting from the north of Siskhet. Hunting is prohibited in this area and a permit is required even to enter it.

Dena is proud of its thousand-year-old oaks, but there are also various other herbaceous and shrub species in it, such as Arjan, Goon, and mountain cypress. Dari partridge, brown bear, leopard, wild pig, forest squirrel, weasel, palas cat, lynx, Iranian yellow deer and goat are among the animals of this area. Dena Protected Area has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Dena Mountain has many springs and rivers, which are not surprising despite heavy snowfall, such as Mishi and Spade springs.
Address: Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Siskhet

4 - Sahand Mountain

It is not without reason that Mount Sahand is known as the bride of Iran's mountains, Sahand is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran. Due to the climatic conditions of the region, the mountain slope is very green and clean.

There are several springs on the slopes of the mountain and the view of the peak is very beautiful. Mount Sahand is located in the south of Tabriz and north of Maragheh

It is more than 3 thousand meters.

Mount Sahand is a volcano that has been quiet for years. Sahand and Jan are two peaks next to each other in the Sahand mountain range and are seen covered in snow most months of the year.

The presence of native and migratory birds, the springs of Garkh Balaghi, Gomush Balaghi, Goran Balaghi and Pari, as well as gardens and pastures, attract the attention of tourists and mountaineers.
Address: East Azarbaijan Province, Maragheh

5 - Martian mountains

Don't be fooled by its name; You are not going to travel to space. Martian mountains are located nearby in Chabahar. It is enough to drive about 40 km on the Chabahar road to Bandar Gowater to see the Martian mountains on the left side of the road. They keep up with you on the side of the road. This is undoubtedly one of the strangest and most beautiful mountains in Iran.

The landscape of the Martian mountains is just like the pictures you have seen from Mars, not very high mountains, white and gray with many grooves. These mountains are unique not only in Iran but also in the world.
The view of the Chabahar Martian Mountains becomes more beautiful when you turn your head and see the Oman Sea on the right side of the road. Martians have been so exposed to erosion that no plants have grown on them. For this reason, they are classified as a bad boom. If you want to test your climbing skills, be sure to bring rock climbing equipment.

Interestingly, fish, oyster and whale fossils can be found in the Martian mountains. Researchers speculate that these mountains were under the sea of ​​Oman or that the tides of the sea reached this area.
Also know that the sky of the Martian mountains is very clear and you can watch 14 constellations at the same time in this area. You can go to the nearby tourist complex, stay overnight and watch the sky.
Address: Sistan and Baluchistan province, 40 km of Chabahar-Gwatar road

6 - Zardkoh

Zardkoh is another mountain of the Zagros mountain range and it is considered the highest after Dana. Its height is about 4,200 meters. Zardkoh continues from the west of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province to the east and northeast of Khuzestan province. The prominent feature of Zardkoh Bakhtiari is having natural water reserves. The source of two rivers Karun and Zayandehroud are in these slopes.

This mountain is located between two rivers, Kohrang and Bazeft. Chal Mishan, Ilbeg, Porsonan and Khorsan glaciers are important glaciers of this mountain range. It is very spectacular here and deep valleys and passages have been formed in it.

Zardkoh has many peaks and Klonchin is the highest peak of this mountain range. The southern slope of the mountain is very steep and climbing it is not easy. Most climbers prefer the northern slope to climb the peak. It is enough to go to Chalgerd city, 88 km from Shahrekord, and climb to the northern slope of Zardkoh from there.
Address: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Kohrang

7 - Mount Binaloud

Another one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran is the Binaloud mountain range, which is located in the north of Neishabur. Binaloud separates Mashhad and Neishabur. The height of this mountain is about 3,211 meters and it is known as the roof of Khorasan. Its length is 130 km and it reaches the southwest of Qochan.

The highest peak of this mountain range is Shirbad. You will find this peak in the northeast of Neishabur. The easiest way to climb to Binalud is Yal Garde. Of course, this route is not safe in winter and is considered a place for avalanches. But in summers, it is a popular route among mountaineers. On the other hand, the path of the needles is a technical way to climb, which takes 33 hours to reach the peak. It is long and technical.
Address: Khorasan Razavi, Neishabur



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