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Tochal Hotel - Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal ski resort is the closest resort to Tehran with unique views. Because of these unique qualities, we constructed a hotel so that we can serve the interested people from Iran and abroad.

Details: Tochal Hotel - Tochal Ski Resort

Shemshak Hotel | Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Tourism Hotel in Tehran is located among the soaring mountains of Central Alborz. This hotel is ready to serve with two floors and 17 rooms with equipped facilities.

Details: Shemshak Hotel | Shemshak Ski Resort

Safaieh Hotel Yazd

Safaieh a masterpiece of modern architecture and traditional hotel combined with unique features. The hotel has built-in two parts, modern and traditional Garden Hotel with all the facilities provided for guests.

Details: Parsian Safaieh Hotel Yazd

Mehr Traditional Hotel Yazd

UNESCO award winner hotel located in the heart of the historic quarter of Yazd. The traditional Mehr Hotel in Yazd is close to historical and cultural monuments such as the Grand Mosque, Bazaar, Yazd Water Museum, Hammam and Bazaar Khan, Iskandro Prison, Amirchakhmaq Complex.

Details: Mehr Traditional Hotel Yazd

Dad International Hotel Yazd

The hotel is in the historic center of the city of Yazd with three thousand years old and is in the vicinity of historical monuments like the Zoroastrian fire temple and Amir Chakhmaq. The hotel building dates back to 1307. The use of a swimming pool, sauna, and spa is free for travelers.

Details: Dad International Hotel Yazd

Yazd Tourism Guesthouse Yazd

This excellent three-star hotel located in the center of the city, in terms of access to shopping centers, sightseeing and history of this beautiful city this hotel is convenient.

Details: Yazd Tourism Guesthouse Yazd

Laleh International Hotel Yazd

Laleh Hotel in Yazd is one of the best accommodations you can find in the city of windmills. If you want to stay in a hotel that has both a traditional color and smell and has amenities, do not hesitate to choose and book Laleh Hotel in Yazd. The building and atmosphere of the hotel is traditional and remnants of the Qajar period (Golshan historical house).

Details: Laleh International Hotel Yazd

The hotel besides being a hotel is a historic building with beautiful traditional architecture that provides all necessary facilities for a pleasant stay in the city of Yazd while maintaining its heritage.

Details: Moshir Hotel Garden Yazd

Carvan Hotel Yazd

The hotel is in the city center has 32 rooms. The hotel is very small distance to Yazd tourist attractions. Garden restaurant with Iranian and foreign cuisines is at your service.


Details: Carvan Hotel Yazd

Fahadan Hotel Yazd

Fahadan hotel is located in the historic building known as the Tehrani's House that has been constructed in the Qajar period, about 250 years before. The hotel is the first hotel Museum of Iran.

Details: Fahadan Hotel Yazd

Parsian - Azadi Hotel Yazd

Parsian Azadi Hotel is located in a large garden within 10 minutes from the city center and close to the tourist attractions of Yazd.

Details: Parsian - Azadi Hotel Yazd

Tehrani Hotel Yazd

The two-storey hotel was put into operation in 2002 and has 45 rooms and 114 beds with calm and tranquil environment for our passengers.

Details: Tehrani Hotel Yazd

Silkroad Hotel Yazd

The hotel is located in an old residential area in Yazd as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 100 meters from the Grand Mosque with its splendid minarets. The hotel has amazing views over the rooftops of adobe houses and wind towers.

Details: Silkroad Hotel Yazd

33 suites. distance to city center 10 minutes, distance to the airport 5 minutes. 

Details: Caravan Hotel Yazd

Moshir-al-mamalek Bazaar, Mosala St. Emamzade Jafar Boulvard/Yazd-Iran.

Details: Yazd Moshir Hotel




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