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Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Esfehan

8 Days

Iran is one of the safest places in the world for solo female travelers. With its no-alcohol policy, although a bit odd, you would experience safety in your travel like never before. 

It is interesting for you to know that we are 70 women who work in Gardeshgaran in three branches. We feel that if you want to travel to Iran as a woman, choosing us shouldn't be the worst choice.

We had many tours including only women, so we have enough experience to arrange tours, especially for women. 

Day 1 & 2 in Tehran

( one night, a half-day tour & a full-day tour)



Today, you will arrive in Iran from Tehran Intl airport. 

Based on your arrival time in the morning or the evening, you will stay in the capital Tehran for a night. So you will have a half-day tour on the first day, and also have a full-day tour on the second day before your domestic flight to Shiraz.

The guide is already waiting to see you in front of the gate with a sign including our company’s name at the international airport.  

What to do or see in Tehran:

1. Bazaar

2. Golestan Palace

And our special options: 

Spa Time provides a complete experience for those seeking an escape from the pressures of daily life.

Shopping time


What to eat? Where to eat?

Despite other cities in Iran, Tehran doesn't have any special local food. Different kinds of foods are common in Tehran, you can eat them in famous restaurants in the city.

The cheesecake factory

Address Food Hall



On the evening of the day 2, you will have a flight to Shiraz

( Two night & one full day tour)



You're going to visit the city of warmhearted people, great poems, beautiful gardens and fruits. A lot of vineyards are around and inside this city made the city famous for its red wine before the revolution.

Where to go and visit Shiraz?

Nasirolmolk Mosque

It is a 1000-color mosque in Iran, and where you will change your idea about colors. You are surrounded by different colors there and feel you are flying over a big rainbow. 

Vakil complex including

We suggest you go to the Sharzeh traditional restaurant after visiting the vakil complex (Bath, Bazar, and Mosque) for lunch or dinner and enjoy delicious food with live music. You can find great kinds of Kebabs there.

Hafez tomb

The pleasant atmosphere of this tomb can bring you peace and create happy hours. Iranians believe Hafez's poems can tell them what is going to happen to them in the future. 

Eram Garden


Let's Go Iran have some special suggestions for you in Shiraz: 

Option 1: Culinary tour in Shiraz

After finishing your city tour of Shiraz, your culinary tour starts: As we are from Shiraz, we can hold a culinary tour free of charge for people who are interested in cooking.

On this day, we will be your host in a traditional home for a culinary tour. Before start cooking, we will go shopping together and buy the ingredients.

Then we start cooking together and spend some time at home with the family and friends. We will cook Kalam Polo, which is a traditional Shirazes food that includes mixed rice, cabbage, and some herbs with meatballs.

For dessert, you will eat Faloodeh Shirazi which is made of noodles, this kind of dessert eat usually with lemon juice or rose water. 


Option 2: Beauty Time

We can arrange a visit for you and others in your group if you are a beauty lover and also you would like to discover a variety of beauty care services besides enjoying an amazing local experience. This way, not only will you be able to be among local women in a truly authentic way to see how they try different kinds of services to make themselves more beautiful but also you will have an opportunity to experience high-quality products in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

There are different packages with affordable fees based on what you need regarding your skin, hair, or nail care. What is your idea about this activity?

Option 3: Shopping Time

If you want to buy a special souvenir of Shiraz, you should go to Vakil Bazaar where you can find different kinds of famous handicrafts of Shiraz like the rug, Khatam, Carved wood, Silver, Kilim and Gabbeh, and Saffron.

To buy the rug, our professional expert will help you find the best rugs with good quality and at the best prices.

And there are modern shopping malls such as Negin, Hamon, and Soltanieh Mall in which you can find famous brands.  

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz has many nice hotels with different categories for people with different budgets.

Grand hotel

Zandieh hotel

Elyzee, and Karimkhan hotel:

These days, some of our clients like to stay in hotels which have a traditional style, many traditional hotels can be the best choice for those who are interested in staying in this kind of traditional place. 


On the morning of day 4, you will be driven toward Yazd. On the way, you will visit Persepolis.

( Two nights, one full-day tour )



Persepolis is one of the historical and ancient cities in Iran and was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire for many years. There is a magnificent palace in this city which is named Persepolis and was built during the reign of Darius I, Artaxerxes I, and Xerxes I. Persepolis or Parseh is 10 kilometers North of Marvdasht and 57 kilometers from Shiraz.


Today, the Zoroastrian city is welcoming you. The city of friendly people, old contractures, delicious sweets, and great Qanats. As this city is a desert city, people in the past had to conserve water and keep it eatable and clean. That is why they made many Qanat, where they could keep water.

Our special options:

Carpet workshop: on this day you will see workshops on silk carpets and cloth, dying workshop. We can show you some workshops running by women who make traditional weaving and coloring. As you know Iran is famous for its carpet and is powerful in this industry. You will see how carpets are made and designed and colored.

Overnight stay in the desert: We do recommend you to stay one night in the desert, it could be an unforgettable experience for you.

Shopping Time:

Yazd like other cities of Iran has both traditional Bazaars and modern shopping centers, but we recommend you as a tourist to go to traditional Bazaars because when you go to such Bazaars, you can enjoy the great architecture of them as well as buy famous souvenirs of the city that are handicrafts like Termeh, copper dishes, gold, and silver. Qottab and Baklava are the most popular souvenirs of Yazd and you can buy the best kind of them from the Haj Khalifeh store. If you like to go to modern shopping centers, Setareh and Aria malls can be good choices.


On day 6, you will go on toward Isfahan.

( Two nights, a half-day & a full-day tour)



You will have a short stop on the way to visit Meybod and Naein villages. Visit pigeon tower, Narin castle, and visit cotton weaving workshop and Jame mosque in Naein. 

What to do or see in Isfahan?

Most of Isfahan's historical sites date back to the Safavid Era and they are situated near the Zayanderud River.
Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah (Imam) Mosque, Vank Cathedral, Menar Jonban, Chehel Sotoun (forty columns), Hasht Behesht Palace, Allahverdi Khan bridge, Four gardens, Fire temple, Takht-e Foulad Old Cemetery, Isfahan's Historical Bazaar, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, The Bird Garden, Khaju Bridge, Shahrestan Bridge, si-o-Seh Pol (thirty-three Bridge) are among the attractions and historical sites in Isfahan.


Our special options in Isfahan:

  1. Carpet Workshop
  1. Picnic in Hasht Behesht or Nazhvan
  1. Culinary tour
  1. Shopping Time


Isfahan city tour before leaving Isfahan:

On day 8, you are going to be among people more and get familiar with their culture and lifestyle. As this city is one of the Armenian houses in Iran, you are going to see the Jolfa Neighbor and see how Muslims and Christians are dealing with each other, live together, and communicate very well. After lunch, you will be driven to Tehran.

Day 9 Fly back to your country

Depart day

Transfer to Tehran Intl by taxi or your driver to fly back to your country out and leave your hotel 5 hours before your departure flight. If there is any unpredictable happen such as traffic or car breakdown, you will have enough time to get to the airport.

Get a quote and a custom plan

  • Iran is super safe and clean and also pretty cheap if you ask us ;)

  • Please be in touch with our super fast and professional team. we are really quick to answer.

  • We can tailor-make this itinerary for a deeper experience based on your preferences.

Style of accommodation
Gender (for single travelers)
Add engaging experiences with locals to your trip...
Yes, show me.
Pottery Workshop
Ghalamkari in Isfahan
Woodworking in Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
Cooking Beriooni and yogurt stew in Isfahan
Zoroastrian cooking experience in Yazd
Experience local life in Ardakan, Yazd
Experience local Qashqai life in Fars
Experience local life in Varzaneh desert
Walking experience in Derak
Experience of listening to Gilaki music in Gilan
Shopping in the market and cooking seafood in Gilan
Experience of picking and drying tea in North of Iran
Rice paddies and rice harvesting in North of Iran
Local life and coastal cooking experience In Qeshm
Overnight stay in Qeshm Geopark



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