Iran Tour for second time
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Tehran > Qazvin > Zanjan > Tabriz > Ardebil > Anzali > Masuleh

13 Days  

If this is your second time coming to Iran or you'd rather take an uncommon route for your journey please take a look at this itinerary

Day 1: Tehran

You will arrive in Tehran, welcomed by your guide, and transfer to your hotel, check-in, and rest. Late morning: You will have a city tour of Tehran to visit its highlights such as Golestan palace, National and Jewelry Museum. Your day will finish spending some minutes in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.
Night: Tehran

Highlights: Golestan Palace, National Museum, and the Grand Bazaar 

The time required to do this tour: 5 hours

Day 2: Tehran- Qazvin

In the early morning, you will be driven toward Qazvin. As soon as you arrive, you will walk in the capital city of Qazvin to visit the Safavid Chehelsotoon and Ali Qapo palace. Then go on to visit Jame mosque, water cistern, Qasr Hammam, Chahar Anbia shrine, and Hamdellah Mostofi tomb.
Night: Qazvin

Highlights: the Safavid Chehelsotoon and Ali Qapo palace, and Jame mosque 

The time required to do this tour: 5 hours

Day 3: Qazvin-Alamout castle-Qazvin

On the second day of Qazvin, you will have an excursion to the Alamut mountains and visit Hassan Sabbah's Alamut castle. Then visit Evan lake and scenic Gazarkhan village.
Night: Qazvin

Highlights: Hassan Sabbah's Alamut castle

The time required to do this tour: 8 hours

Day 4: Qazvin-Zanjan

You will be driven to Sultanieh town to visit this registered world heritage (Gonbad-e Sultanieh) then go on to visit Chalbi Ughloo tomb and Khanghate.
Night: Zanjan

Highlights: Gonbad-e Sultanieh

The time required to do this tour: 4 hours

Day 5: Zanjan-Tabriz

On this day, you will be driven to Tabriz, as soon as you arrive there, after eating a portion of delicious food, start visiting highlights of this city such as Azerbaijan museum, Shahriar tomb, Kabood mosque, Scales museum, and historic house, your day will finish exploring Tabriz Bazaar and Ilgoli mansion and park.
Night: Tabriz

Highlights: Azerbaijan museum, Shahriar tomb, and Kabood mosque

The time required to do this tour: 5 hours

Day 6: Tabriz-Kandovan-Tabriz

On the second day of Tabriz, after eating breakfast and have a half-day tour of Tabriz, you will have an excursion to Kandovan and walk in this volcanic village. Then drive back to Tabriz.
Night: Tabriz

Highlights: Kandovan village

The time required to do this tour: 5 hours

Day 7: Tabriz-Jolfa-Tabriz

Have a full day tour in Jolfa to visit Jolfa Saint Stepanoos church, Kordasht historic complex, and Hammam and Asiab Kharabe.
Night: Ardebil

Highlights: Jolfa Saint Stepanoos church

The time required to do this tour: 8 hours

Day 8: Tabriz-Ardebil

Drive toward Ardebil to visit its highlights such as Sheikh Safi tomb, Ardabil museum of anthropology. Then go on to visit Safavid bridges around Ardabil and Shoorabil lake. Your city tour of Ardebil will finish spending some minutes in Ardebil Bazaar.
Night: Ardebil

Highlights: Sheikh Safi tomb, Ardabil museum of anthropology, and Ardebil Bazaar

The time required to do this tour: 4 hours

Day 9: Ardebil-Serein

Drive to Serein and stay and relax in SPAs (the natural hot water spa) in Serein.
Night: Serein

Highlights: the natural hot water spa

The time required to do this tour: based on your guide's opinion and your energy level.

Day 10: Serein- Anzali

Drive to the Caspian Sea to visit one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world near Anzali.
Night: Anzali

Highlights: the most beautiful lagoons in the world

The time required to do this tour: based on your guide's opinion and your energy level.

Day 11: Anzali-Masuleh

Drive to the village of Masuleh and its beautiful nature, overnight Masuleh.

Highlights: Masuleh's nature

The time required to do this tour: 

Day 12: Masuleh-Tehran

In the morning, after some hours spending in Masuleh, you will go on to Tehran.
Night: Tehran

Highlights: Masoule

The time required to do this tour: based on your guide's opinion and your energy level.

Day 13: Tehran-Depart

Transfer to the airport and departure to your country.


The best time to do this tour: 

March, April, and May are in the peak season of the year. It is mild, clear weather in most of Iran.
Many travelers not just from Iran, but also from all over the world are eager to travel to Iran. For those who like to have a more relaxing time and stay in cozy places, we do not suggest this time, especially at the beginning of the New Year. For those who would prefer to see more people and crowded places, this is the best time of the year, BUT they need to be more flexible with the hotels and rooms. As it is the peak season, many hotels are already booked, so that is why we need our clients either to be more flexible or to confirm the tour sooner so that we can book the rooms they have asked for.
For those who seek a more affordable fee, quiet sights, more relaxing time, and less hustle and bustle visits, we do recommend June, July, and August. 
As these months are in the low season, we can have special offers for them of the same quality.  
We do not suggest that you travel to Iran in the north & west of Iran in the winter because it is too cold. 


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Pottery Workshop
Ghalamkari in Isfahan
Woodworking in Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
Cooking Beriooni and yogurt stew in Isfahan
Zoroastrian cooking experience in Yazd
Experience local life in Ardakan, Yazd
Experience local Qashqai life in Fars
Experience local life in Varzaneh desert
Walking experience in Derak
Experience of listening to Gilaki music in Gilan
Shopping in the market and cooking seafood in Gilan
Experience of picking and drying tea in North of Iran
Rice paddies and rice harvesting in North of Iran
Local life and coastal cooking experience In Qeshm
Overnight stay in Qeshm Geopark





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