Interesting facts about Iran

Interesting facts about Iran

Isfahan is one of the top tourist destinations and one of the largest historical cities in Iran. This city with its attractions such as Naghsh Jahan historical square, Sivaseh bridge, old mosques, etc., is always of interest to domestic and foreign tourists.

Details: Interesting facts about Isfahan

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the metropolises of the country that has developed since the Qajar period and has become one of the most developed cities in the region.

Details: Interesting facts about Tehran

Kerman, as one of the metropolises of Iran, is a region full of human and natural tourist attractions. In this article, get acquainted with the interesting facts and points of Kerman.

Details: Interesting facts about Kerman

Shiraz is a city of secrets and in the spring and the month of May, it literally becomes a paradise that is filled with the fragrance of spring orange in every breath of existence. Shiraz is a city of poetry and the atmosphere of Hafez and Saadi's poems is complex in every aspect.

Details: Interesting facts about Shiraz

Mashhad is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran. The tomb of Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) shines like a shining jewel in the heart of this city and has caused the prosperity of Mashhad tourism industry.

Details: Interesting facts about Mashhad

Tabriz is one of the metropolises of Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan province. Tabriz is the largest city in the northwest region and the administrative, industrial, commercial, military, communication, commercial and cultural hub of this region of the country. Get acquainted with the facts of this beautiful city.

Details: Interesting facts about Tabriz

Ahvaz, as the capital of Khuzestan province, is one of the most important cities in Iran. Follow this article to get acquainted with interesting facts and points about this city.

Details: Interesting facts about Ahwaz

The city of Rasht, due to its natural and historical attractions, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran. Rasht city is the center of Rasht city and Gilan province. The city is also known as the city of silver rains due to its annual rainfall.

Details: Interesting facts about Rasht

Yazd is always mentioned as a symbol of endurance in the heart of the desert. An area that is also very old historically. The city of windmills and aqueducts or the city of bricks; It does not matter what title you choose for Yazd. Yazd is always one of the most important tourist destinations for those interested in the desert.

Details: Interesting facts about Yazd

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran and is located in the Persian Gulf. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about Qeshm.

Details: Interesting facts about Qeshm Island




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  • Relaxing in mesmerizing nature of Iran in the summertime and enjoying the beautiful weather in Yilaq which means a place where you live in the summer.

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  • Going in-depth in Iran, visiting all the main hot spots plus visits to Hamedan, Ali Sadr cave, Qazvin, and finally the hot springs and the amazing nature of Sarein

    Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Hamedan > Qazvin > Anzali > Sarein

    14 to 18 Days
    1100$ to 2200$

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  • A quick visit to two main cities of old Iran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, quickly but magnificently. Both the cities have international airports for more flexibility. 

    Isfahan > Shiraz

    2 to 4 Days
    180$ to 390$

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  • The must-see route in Iran, we will visit most of the major historical sites. Best tour to get if this is your first time traveling to Iran.

    Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Esfahan

    6 to 12 Days
    480$ to 1100$

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  • A short trip through the three major touristic cities of Iran to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the country. You can fly between the cities with lots of daily flights, also great quality private cars, trains, and buses available.

    Tehran >  plane Shiraz car Isfahan

    4 to 6 Days
    380$ to 590$

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  • Tehran > Ahvaz > Suse > Shiraz > Bavanat > Yazd > Esfahan > Golpaygan > Hamadan > Kermanshah

    17 Days

    A more thorough itinerary with emphasis on getting to know the history of Iran with a bit of nature to enjoy.

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