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Shiraz is a city of secrets and in the spring and the month of May, it literally becomes a paradise that is filled with the fragrance of spring orange in every breath of existence. Shiraz is a city of poetry and the atmosphere of Hafez and Saadi's poems is complex in every aspect.

Shiraz is one of the old cities of Iran and it can be considered one of the top tourist cities of our beloved country Iran. Shiraz is full of historical, natural, and literary attractions and has something for every taste. The people of this city are also hospitable and welcome tourists with open arms. If you are also interested in the city of mystery and poetry, follow this article to learn more about its interesting facts.

1. Shiraz is the third city in Iran after Tabriz and Tehran that its municipality was established (in 1296).

2. The name of Shiraz has been registered in history books as "Tirazis", "Shirazi's" and "Shiraz".

3. Shiraz, which hosts Shah Cheragh, the brother of Imam Reza (AS), has been named the third shrine of the Ahl al-Bayt in Iran.

4. Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Nicosia, Cyprus, Chongqing, China, and Weimar, Germany are the sister cities of Shiraz.

5. Shiraz is one of the cultural capitals of Iran, which was decorated with this title in previous periods.

6. Shiraz was the capital of Al-Buwayh, Atabakan Fars, Al-Inju, Al-Muzaffar, and Zandian governments in different periods. During the Achaemenid period, Persepolis and Pasargadae, which are located near present-day Shiraz, were the capital of the government.

7. In the past, Shiraz mentioned various titles and titles, including the Kingdom of Suleiman, King Suleiman, Dar al-Mulk, Dar al-Alam, and Dar al-Fadl.

8. Shiraz was nominated for the title of the second literary city in the world in UNESCO, but due to the incompetence of the officials and their lack of follow-up and attention, the title went to Melbourne, Australia.

9. According to traditional myths and narrations, the name Shiraz is derived from the name of the third son of the Jahanshah, namely "Tahmurth".

10. When Shiraz became the capital of the Al-Buwayh dynasty in the 4th and 5th centuries AH, mosques, palaces, libraries, and water supply canals were built on the Ker River.

11. Shiraz University is one of the top 10 universities in the country (ranked third among Iranian universities).

12. Shiraz is the first city in Iran where the inner-city bus company was activated.

13. Shiraz is famous for the city of poetry, gardens, flowers, and nightingales.

14. From the past until now, "Bagh" had a special place in Iranian culture, and Shiraz has been famous for having many beautiful gardens, which today are mostly located in the northwest of it and the areas of Qasrdasht, Kishan, Chamran, and Ma'aliabad.

15. The most famous gardens of Shiraz are Eram Garden, Afifabad Garden, Delgosha Garden, and Jahannama Garden.

16. Between 1347 and 1357, Shiraz Art Festival was held in Shiraz, which in its time was one of the largest cultural events in the world. In this celebration, the greatest traditional and modern artists of Iran and the world in different fields of art gathered together and exhibited their art.

17. Shiraz International Exhibition is the largest exhibition center in the south of the country.

18. After Tehran, Shiraz was the second city in Iran to have an international airport.

19. The middle day of spring, that is, May 6, is named in the calendar of Shiraz day according to the approval of Shiraz City Council and the approval of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

20. Fars Province TV is the first 24-hour local network in Iran.

21. Iran's second-largest international ski slope is the Poladkof Sports and Recreation Complex, located 80 km north of Shiraz.



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