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Kish / The pearl of the Persian Gulf

Kish is one of the most beautiful islands of the Persian Gulf located in the south of Iran. Because of its beautiful beaches, white and coral sands, this island is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

Geographically, Kish is located in the Persian Gulf among Lavan, Abu Musa islands, and Bandar Lengeh. The island has great unique nature, calm sandy beaches, and lucid seawater that cause you to see different kinds of aquatic animals in it. Good vegetation, freshness, and green lands of the island, especially in seven months of a year, create a great sightseeing landscape that persuades about 1 million people to visit the island annually.


Why do the Let’s Go Iran Team recommend you to travel to Kish?

Kish Island is one of the safest tourist cities in Iran with a very high level of public facilities in which there are not many crimes. This Island would be the best choice for those guests who would like to experience a trip in a unique and relaxing atmosphere. By traveling to this fascinating and spectacular island, You, dear guests can get rid of all the worries and anxieties of daily life.

Unlike other cities in Iran, you do not need a visa to enter Kish Island. The only thing you need to do is to choose your preferred date to trip to Kish, leave the rest to us.

For many of us, booking a hotel with good quality has always been one of the most important concerns during the trip. Whether for business, leisure, or 'bleisure', comfort during the night will be very important. Fortunately, there won’t be anything to worry about your accommodation in Kish. Because this charming island has the best accommodation facilities for all tourists with different tastes and budgets, so you can choose your favorite accommodation from among many types of them and enjoy your travel.

Thanks to the magnificent and attractive beaches in Kish, dear tourists will have the chance to enjoy watching the sunset on the beautiful beaches, each of which has its own features. Some beaches and clubs are provided especially for ladies and gentlemen to enjoy from the shore of the Persian Gulf and the pleasant sun.

By traveling to Kish, you can experience all kinds of creative, exciting, and attractive water and non-water entertainment from a variety of water parks to orchards, aquariums, dolphin parks, cruise ships, surfing, boating, paragliding, jet skiing, and more.

And the last one, if you are interested in shopping, the colorful island of Kish has the most famous, high quality, and best shopping centers where you will have the opportunity to buy whatever you need.


Kish weather

Kish Island is one of the southernmost points of Iran. Due to its location, there is practically no winter in this city. However, Kish summers are hot, and the humidity is high. Of course, the temperature is generally below 40 degrees, but due to the high humidity, the heat is felt more.

The best time to visit Kish:

Before traveling to Kish, it is better to know when the best time is to visit this beautiful Island.

Kish has relatively warm weather from late spring to summer and early autumn. Many travelers who are interested in the sea and the beautiful beaches of Kish choose to travel to this Island from late autumn to early spring because, in this period, Kish Island has a cool and lovely climate.


Travel to Kish by tour or in-person

Travel to Kish Island via tour is usually better and less expensive than a personal trip.

Kish tours usually include a round trip ticket, airport reception, and hotel accommodation with breakfast. There is a separate charge for tourism services, but some of the tours offer discounts on attractions, island tours, restaurants, dolphin parks, and more. Some of the other packages also include lunch and dinner. 

The cost of tours also varies at different times of the year.

The cheapest time to travel to this island is in the seasons when fewer people travel to the island. Therefore, from late spring to mid-autumn, the cost of traveling to Kish is lower. But as the temperature in Kish decreases, more travelers flock to the island, and so Kish plane ticket prices and Kish hotel reservation costs will also increase.


How to get to Kish? 

 Whenever you want to go on a trip, one of your main concerns is to choose a vehicle to travel. Before doing anything, you should finalize your decision about what kind of way you would prefer to trip.  The best and most comfortable way is to travel by air, so we recommend you to choose the plane because it causes you to save your money, time and energy.  There are several daily flights from Tehran, Shiraz, and other main cities in Iran to Kish. In addition to Iranian cities, there are also flights to Kish from Dubai and Muscat. Thanks to having different flights from many cities in Iran to Kish, you will have the chance to select an open-jaw itinerary if you are also interested in visiting other cities of Iran.  By attending an open-jaw itinerary, you can fly from Tehran to Kish and then go on to Shiraz from Kish. Your flight from Tehran to Kish takes about one hour and a half, and your flight time from Kish to Shiraz will be around 45 minutes. From the main cities like Tehran and Shiraz, different airlines of Iran Air, Mahan, Meraj, Qeshm Air, and Kish Air fly to Kish. Kish flight rate varies and depending on the time of your purchase. In addition to the main cities, there is at least one flight to Kish every day from the other cities of Isfahan, Mashhad, and Bandar Abbas.  

Kish hotels 

This beautiful and enchanting island is one of those popular destinations that are worth seeing at least once in your life. It does not matter what time of year you visit this island or how many times you have traveled there; Kish is an island full of wonders that will surprise you with its amazing sights. 

One of the important factors which make your trip more memorable will be your hotel in Kish, so you must be careful in choosing it according to your budget and taste.

There is a great variety of hotels in Kish, from cheap hotels to 5-star and luxury hotels.

How to choose a suitable hotel in Kish?

It depends on the goal of your trip to Kish. 

If you are looking for a journey full of peace, go to hotels like Toranj Hotel which, is far from the Kish business district and located on the sea.

If the purpose of your trip is to shop, book the hotels that are located right in the heart of the Kish Business Center. Shayan Hotel, Parmis, and Dariush are the flag bearers of these hotels.

But if you are a fan of water sports and recreation, choose hotels that are located at the edge of the Persian Gulf, like Marina park hotel.

Therefore, you need to know Kish hotel reservation depends entirely on the type of trip you are planning. So look for your favorite hotel very carefully. 

For more information, bookings, exact rates, and other hotel reservations, please contact the sales counter at Let’s Go Iran. Our professional experts will be available to book the best option for you. 

The best hotels in Kish:

  • Toranj Kish Hotel

Toranj Kish Hotel, which uses a unique design, was built on the waters of the Persian Gulf in 2015. The aerial view of the Torani Kish Hotel reminds you at first glance of the Maldives and Hawaii hotels. The hotel rooms on the water together form the role of the idol, which is very eye-catching. Of course, for those who prefer to stay on the beach, there is also a part of the hotel on the beach.

The rooms on the water all have glass windows on the floor so you can see the beauty of the water from the floor of your room. The interesting thing about this hotel is its complete compatibility with the environment and the ultimate effort not to harm the environment. This five-star luxury hotel has 100 bedrooms and with its special architecture and up-to-date facilities and pleasant views, it will create a memorable stay for you. 

  • Dariush Kish Hotel

Undoubtedly, Dariush Kish Hotel is one of the best and most famous hotels in Kish and Iran. Inspired by the architecture of Persepolis and ancient Iran, this five-star luxury hotel has 190 rooms on three floors, which opened in 2003. Dariush Kish Hotel, which is one of the island's attractions due to its special architecture, is located in the northeastern part of the island.

The facilities of this beautiful hotel include a blue complex, a private lake, sports fields, an amphitheater, and various restaurants and coffee shops. If you are one of the lovers and admirers of the rich and glorious history of our country, you will enjoy staying in Dariush Kish Hotel to the fullest.

  • Panorama Kish Hotel

Panorama Kish Hotel is one of the newest hotels on the island, which was put into operation in 1398. This newly built hotel has 267 rooms on 15 floors that provide modern amenities for travelers. Located on Rudaki Boulevard, Panorama Kish Hotel is in a great position compared to the island's shopping and sightseeing centers. You can use the special discounts for Nowruz 24 to book Panaruma Kish Hotel from the Accommodation 24 website.

  • Mirage Hotel Kish

Mirage Kish Hotel is a luxury and five-star hotel that was put into operation in 1397 on 8 floors with 178 rooms. This special and newly built hotel has very modern and luxurious amenities and has a very beautiful view of the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

One of the advantages of Mirage Kish Hotel is its proximity to the azure shores of the Persian Gulf, which has provided passengers with access to a variety of water recreation, including diving, boating, jet skiing, and more. Also, this hotel is very suitable for those travelers whose goal is to travel to Kish to buy from the island's markets. This hotel is very close to Maryam and Venus's markets.

There are many 4-star hotels in Kish.

One of the best is the Sorrento Maryam Hotel, designed in the Baroque European style. This hotel is the first hotel in Iran that is equipped with an intelligent building management system or BMS. One of its advantages is its proximity to the market.

The Goldis Hotel and the Espadana Hotel are two hotels close to Women's Beach.

Shayan Hotel is close to Maryam Shopping and Bowling Center. Kish International Conference Center is also close to this hotel.

Parisian Hotel and Parmida Hotel are also close to this center as well as Kish Business Center.


Kish attractions:

When it comes to traveling to Kish, Kish attractions come first. Kish Island has been known as a recreational destination for many years, and it has caused to create of many recreational facilities on this island. In the following, we will briefly discuss these entertainments.

Kish Island has numerous tourist attractions as well as historical places like Kariz underground, Harireh ancient city, Green Tree which is one the oldest trees of Iran, Greek Ship that is one of the ancient heritages of the island, Dolphin park, Bird park, Coral Reef, Hoor cottage and Safari. We suggest you go to clubs that are near the sea and the Grand recreational pier that is located in the east of the island. You can also enjoy marine recreations such as water skiing, underwater diving, Jetski, and Parasailing, and women can enjoy swimming in ladies pelage (women's beach).


  • Watching the sunrise and sunset of Kish

Walking on the white sands of the beach in Kish Island and seeing its unique and beautiful scenery around are among the unforgettable memories of the guests of this Island.

One of these famous and memorable sceneries is watching the sunset.

The sunset on the shore of the Greek ship creates a very beautiful view. Those who spend their time on this beach to enjoy watching the sunset do not miss the opportunity to take beautiful photos.

In the west of the island, a big ship has landed on the azure shores of Kish, known as the Greek ship. On one of the hot days of the summer of 1345, the locals of Kish Island suddenly saw this ship sank. After many years, the reason for the ship's sinking is still not known, but it is said that this happened due to the foggy weather and the lack of a lighthouse off the coast of Kish Island.

Most travelers and guests of the island have heard about the sunset of Kish and have spent at least one evening of their voyage with a Greek ship. But few people have heard about or experienced its unique sunrises.

We have an offer for you who want to experience a different day on Kish Island and have never seen the sunrise of Kish.

If you want to experience the most relaxing morning of your life, go to the beach one day before sunrise to see the sunrise of Kish.

  • Photography & Meditation

The most interesting and beautiful thing about the sunrise of Kish is that until the sun rises completely, thousands of unique colors can be seen in the sky and the sea.

If you are interested in photography, you can capture the unique moments of sunrise in the Persian Gulf.

Seeing the sunrise on the warm white sands of the beach with the voice of sea waves and seabirds gives you a very beautiful relaxation. Many people prefer to go to the beach in the early mornings to do meditation.

  • Yoga:

All of us in our life, because of stress and work pressures, feel the need to have some relaxation.

Travel is one of the activities that we can do to recovery ourselves.

Kish Island is a tourist destination full of positive energy and tranquility, and a pleasant place without any air pollutants in which we can do Yoga and forget everything for the moment.

  • Kish Nights

Kish Island has hundreds of water sports and recreational attractions.

In Kish Island, you can enjoy exciting and varied entertainment during all hours of the day, especially at Kish nights.

Kish nights have cool air with a pleasant breeze that gives you a chance to walk safely on the island or go around the island by motorbike or bicycle.

If you wouldn’t prefer to have walking or cycling, you can go to the special piers that are near the beaches of Kish and enjoy having delicious drinks or desserts in the cozy and nice cafés or restaurants.

Going to the Kish beaches at night to watch the stars is another popular pastime on Kish Island.

  • Cycling in Kish

Kish is one of the most suitable destinations for cycling. Because there is a cycling route all around the island. The length of this route is 75 km and it does not interfere with the road route. So even children can ride bicycles safely on this route.

Bicycle rental stations in Kish rent bicycles to applicants in several places, including Marjan Bazaar, Phase 2 Sadaf, and the Greek ship.

  • Diving in Kish and water sports

One of the main attractions of Kish is diving. Kish Island is a coral island and diving in its clear waters is very enjoyable. Although the corals have been damaged in recent years due to rising water temperatures and pollution, the colorful corals and fishes that live between them still attract a lot of people every day.

Do not worry if you do not know how to swim because the coach will help you and accompany you with the necessary.

Diving in Kish is possible in all seasons of the year. And recreational pier, Marjan pier, Damon pier, and Simorgh beach are among the places where you can go diving with the presence of a guide.

In Kish, in addition to diving, there are other water activities. These include water skiing, scuba diving, flyboarding, fishing, and kiteboarding.

  • Kish Deers

It is one of the most attractive places in Kish. Deers live freely in this park.

  • Safari tour

Safari is one of the relatively new pastimes in Kish. Pars Safari is located approximately in the center of the island, south of the Persian Gulf Highway. This complex alone includes several different types of entertainment including karting, trampoline, bungee shooting, paintball, camel riding, mini bowling, darts, and of course safaris that are done with long chassis cars and four-wheeled engines. The costs in this complex vary from 10 dollars to more depending on the type of entertainment you choose.

For example, its golden package, which is 25 dollars, includes a safari tour, a 90cc ATV motorcycle, a trampoline, a camel ride, and dinner at a desert restaurant with live music.

  • Cruise

Boats and yachts in Kish are some of the fascinating attractions of this island. Contrary to many people's beliefs, the cost of traveling with these ships is not very high, and there is a lot of variety.

For example, the fee of the Simorgh Kish Aquarium cruise ship is approximately 5 dollars per person, the cost of the Parrot Aquarium cruise ship is about 5 dollars, the cost of the Dena cruise ship is 7 dollars, and the cost of yachts in Kish is 10 dollars per person.

  • Visit groves

South of Iran is the land of palms. In Kish, beautiful groves are one of the attractions of this island. Especially if you go to the southwest of the island, where the Greek ship is located, the sunset grove of Kish creates spectacular scenery that is also a good place for photography. Bagh Behesht grove, green tree, and coral grove are other beautiful groves of Kish.

  • Kish Island Reservoir

If you go to the Green Tree grove, you will see a building with familiar Yazdi architecture and windmills. Although this reservoir has an old appearance, it has not been long since its construction. In 1372, this reservoir was built on the site of an ancient reservoir. However, because many surface water conduction routes have been destroyed over the years, the use of this building was practically limited to a tourist effect.


Kish restaurants

Kish has various restaurants and cafes. In terms of price, we can almost say that the cost of food in Kish is expensive. However, some cases do not impose a high cost on travelers. Some of these restaurants are musical. Including Shandiz Restaurant, Salood Restaurant, and Mahna Restaurant. On the other hand, a restaurant like Tutifrotti in the northeast of the island, where most of the shopping and entertainment centers are located, is a place where eating is not expensive.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Seafood is so common in Kish like other islands, but this island has its local foods such as Samakmashvi, Marghogh, Mohaamar or Berenj-e Shekari, Mazrubeh, Porridge, and Majbus Polo.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Kish that served different kinds of Iranian foods as well as international foods. For example Koohe Nour, Padideh, Amoo Akbar, Royal Star, Mirmohanna, Tutti Frutti, and Kish Nights restaurants. And if you are interested in eating fast food, a Super Star restaurant can be a good choice for you.

Beverages (Soft Drinks)

There are many cozy and nice cafes and restaurants on the beaches of Kish. And because of the hot weather in Kish Island, drinking cold drinks is desirable there. On all beaches of Kish, there are many cafe shops that you can go there to try delicious ice creams or drinks.

Some of the famous ones are Cactus cafe, MI Café, Nakhl-e Saheli cafe restaurant, and Milaje cafe.

Popular dishes of Kish Island

Samak Mashvi: Fish always plays an important role in providing food for people who live near the sea. Samak Mashvi is a fried fish for Kish Island that is cooked by the locals.

Mazroubeh: This food is a combination of fish that is prepared with a kind of vegetables and garlic and forms a delicious taste.

Margo or Marguq: This food is a special stew that is cooked by the people of this island.

What do we buy from Kish?

Kish souvenirs from handicrafts to dates and fish

Almost all cities of Iran have their souvenirs.

Kish Island as a tourist city, in addition to amazing attractions, has interesting and varied souvenirs as well.

In addition to south fish and seafood, chocolate and coffee are popular souvenirs of Kish that are sold less expensive than in other cities of Iran.

Kish handicrafts are so beautiful and unique. Locals use sequins, corals, oysters, scallops, and aquatic remnants to make handicrafts such as jewelry boxes, pendants, ornaments, mirrors, and sculptures. You will visit these artworks in the handicrafts and traditional arts workshop of Kish.

Kish Island has many shopping centers that most of them are located near each other, so you can visit them without wasting time. Pardis 1 and Pardis 2 shopping centers, Kish Trade center, Zeytoon shopping center, and Paniz mall are the best places for shopping on the island.

Kish Shopping Centers:

  • Kish Business Center: This shopping center is located on Ferdowsi Street. You can buy your needs from clothing to computer equipment. This shopping center has a coffee shop and a revolving restaurant.
  • Pardis Shopping Centers 1 and 2: In Pardis Square, there are shopping centers where you can get what you want from clothes, cosmetics and bags, and shoes. The Pardis shopping center has three coffee shops, a restaurant, and a traditional teahouse.
  • Zaiton Shopping Center: This shopping center is located on Sahel Boulevard next to Persian Hotel and near Kish Supermarket. Find all kinds of women's, men's, children's clothing, bags, and shoes at affordable prices.
  • Paniz Shopping Center: Paniz Bazaar is one of the cheapest shopping centers in Kish, which is famous for being cheaper than in other markets.
  • Maryam Shopping Center: Maryam Shopping Center is an open market that you can buy a variety of bags and shoes, clothes, and cosmetics at a low price.


Why do we recommend you to buy your Kish package from us?

We are proud to inform you that one of our branches is based in Kish.

Our team, as a receptive tour operator has access completely all the resources and entertainment of Kish. That is why we will assure you that you will experience a memorable and unique trip to Kish with us.

And as knowledge base business is our priority’s team, our Destination Research Team holds some tours to unique and remote attractions that are not being visited or known by even Iranians themselves. This way, on one hand, we make sure that these destinations are accessible and interesting and on the other hand our clients are able to see the best-unseen sights in Kish.

Recommendations before traveling to Kish:

  • Plan for your travel days because it helps you to make the most of your time in Kish.
  • Write a list of the items you need and collect them accordingly. Also, pay attention to the maximum permissible weight per person on your ticket. But it is highly recommended you to travel to Kish lightly as much as possible.
  • Before traveling to Kish, write down a list of entertainment and sightseeing places and markets in Kish that you would like to visit during your trip.
  • Having a city map can be useful for you.
  • Estimate your personal expenses during your trip.
  • Take a look at essential telephones, pharmacies, and clinics and write them down in a notebook. They may be necessary in times of need.
  • Be present at the airport up to two and a half hours before the flight. Kish flights from Tehran are currently operated from Terminals Two and Four of Mehrabad airport.
  • Before transferring to the airport, make sure you have all the documents for the Kish tour like a ticket, ID card, national card, and hotel voucher in your handbag or backpack.
  • As you know, swimming is one of the most important entertainment in Kish. For swimming, it is recommended to use certain places that are considered on the Beach of Kish Island (ladies beach and men beach). The coastal waters of Kish Island are free of dangerous sharks, and swimming in the sea is completely safe. Sharks that are sometimes seen on the shores of Kish feed on small fish and are not dangerous for swimmers.
  • The average price of public goods and services, including food, restaurants, fruit, transportation, and etc on Kish Island is higher than the average price in the country (Tehran and other cities). But the cost of clothes is about 10 to 20% cheaper than in other cities.

       There are two different types of restaurants on Kish Island; one is restaurants with live music, and the other is regular restaurants.

  • The price of food in restaurants with live music varies according to the quality of the band and its performance and is at least four times that of restaurants that only serve food. Because Kish is an island and most of the raw materials come to this island from other cities so the high prices are normal and you should not expect more affordable prices from restaurants.                                      


Kish Itinerary  in details:

First day: arrival day

Arrive at Kish, Transfer to Hotel.

Based on your arrival time, if you are not tired, you can stroll around this beautiful island, and also you will have the chance to have a wonderful morning or evening to relax at Kish's sandy beach, and eat something in its beautiful cafes.

If you would like and have energy, we will take you to a place where you can also enjoy this beautiful island by riding a bicycle along the sandy beaches.


The second day of the trip: have fun and excitement on the beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf

Kish Island has several beautiful beaches that have good recreation facilities. Among them, Marjan beach, Mir Mahna beach, Fisherman beach, and Simorgh beach can be mentioned. Of course, when choosing a beach, make sure the beach is close to where your hotel is.

Banana water sports, shuttle, diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, speedboat, and water skiing are exciting activities that you can experience on the beaches and Marine Recreation Complexes. In these entertainment complexes such as water parks, you do not need to carry money, and you can make purchases using electronic wristbands.

Also, on the beaches or complexes, places such as a coffee shop, massage parlor, swimming pool, toilets, and shower are provided for the welfare of tourists.

You can also experience recreational activities such as motorcycling, cycling, and electric scooters on the beaches.

For lunch, you will have many options to choose from traditional restaurants, food courts to fast food. You will eat at one of Kish's great restaurants while enjoying the local music.

The third day; Historical and recreational tour in Kish

One of the spectacular attractions in Kish is the underground city of Kariz. Kariz Kish Qanati is 2500 years old and is located on Mirmahna Boulevard near the Olympic Square. The approximate time to visit this attraction is about 2 hours.

This underground city has a roof decorated with coral, which has several corridors with elegant architecture and beautiful lighting.

After seeing the underground city of Kariz, you will go to the ancient city of Harirah. It is nearly 800 years old and was once home to a large population and is located on the seafront. In the ancient city of Harirah, you can visit the aristocratic house and the historic baths of this city, its mosque, and the old aqueducts date back to the Ilkhanid period.

For lunch, you can go to Foodland, which has modern food made of good quality material in a beautiful place. In addition to this, there are restaurants near the city of Harireh that you can choose for your second-day lunch after visiting.

In the afternoon, we have some suggestions for those who would like nature attractions.

First, you will go to Dolphin Park and then Bird Garden.

In Dolphin Park, which is visited by most tourists, you will watch the spectacular movements of playful dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. In addition to this attraction, you can visit the Bird Garden by train.

The approximate time to visit this attraction is about 4 hours, which is located on Jahan Street.

On the fourth & fifth day; Excursions and entertainment along with buying souvenirs

Ocean Water Park is one of the most popular amusement places in Kish.

Note that this place is closed on Sundays. And on other days it hosts men and women separately.

The time you need to be in this park is about 2 to 5 hours and the cost level of this park is in the luxury category.

In the afternoon, it is suggested to back to your hotel to rest for some hours, then go to Kish recreational pier for the night. This pier welcomes you day and night to spend time on the water with pedal boats, you can also experience jet skiing and scuba diving in the heart of the Persian Golf.

Departure Day:

Before your transfer to the airport, we will take you to the best shopping centers to buy souvenirs for your loved ones.


 Please be in touch with our super fast and professional team.

These tours are opera-table at any time.

You can tailor-make this itinerary, Simply let us know your preferences.

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  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon +508
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines +1
  • Samoa +685
  • San Marino +378
  • São Tomé and Príncipe +239
  • Saudi Arabia +966
  • Senegal +221
  • Serbia +381
  • Seychelles +248
  • Sierra Leone +232
  • Singapore +65
  • Sint Maarten +1
  • Slovakia +421
  • Slovenia +386
  • Solomon Islands +677
  • Somalia +252
  • South Africa +27
  • South Korea +82
  • South Sudan +211
  • Spain +34
  • Sri Lanka +94
  • Sudan +249
  • Suriname +597
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen +47
  • Swaziland +268
  • Sweden +46
  • Switzerland +41
  • Syria +963
  • Taiwan +886
  • Tajikistan +992
  • Tanzania +255
  • Thailand +66
  • Timor-Leste +670
  • Togo +228
  • Tokelau +690
  • Tonga +676
  • Trinidad and Tobago +1
  • Tunisia +216
  • Turkey +90
  • Turkmenistan +993
  • Turks and Caicos Islands +1
  • Tuvalu +688
  • U.S. Virgin Islands +1
  • Uganda +256
  • Ukraine +380
  • United Arab Emirates +971
  • United Kingdom +44
  • United States +1
  • Uruguay +598
  • Uzbekistan +998
  • Vanuatu +678
  • Vatican City +39
  • Venezuela +58
  • Vietnam +84
  • Wallis and Futuna +681
  • Western Sahara +212
  • Yemen +967
  • Zambia +260
  • Zimbabwe +263
  • Åland Islands +358
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Homestay tours in Iran Creative Tourism in Iran

Iran ski tours Travel to Iran with Kids

  • Tehran > Shiraz > Isfahan > Yazd Kashan

    12 Days

    The beautiful panoramic routes of the Iran Railway, combined on an extraordinary round trip. You can enjoy Iran comfortably by train. Discover different regions and cultures.

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Isfahan > Ramsar > Masooleh

    13 Days

    Amazing nature awaits you at the end of your trip. You will go through some of the most important hotspots before relaxing in mesmerizing nature at the end of the tour

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Isfahan > Kashan 

    9 Days

    The must-see route in Iran, visiting most of the major historical sites accompanied by professional and knowledgeable guides. 

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Esfahan > Yazd > Kerman Budget Iran Tour Map

    12 Days

    A good look at all the main historical cities plus Kerman. A budget-friendly route with lots of attraction

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Persepolise > Yazd > Esfehan

    8 Days

    In the below, we have arranged an itinerary for those who really like to experience a varied and special trip to get involved more in the people’s daily life and their culture in our beautiful country Iran.

    More Details
  • Tehran > Kashan > Niasar > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Yazd > Mehriz > Zeinodin > Meymand > Kerman > Mahan > Birjand > Mashhad > Shiraz

    25 Days

    A couple of handpicked historic villages for you to enjoy and get acquainted with their culture and traditions

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Abarkooh > Yazd > Isfahan > Kashanall inclusive vacation to iran map

    10 Days

    To help our customers book astonishing, getaways to the best all-inclusive packages at outlet rates. After some destination research, we have made this tour according to different tastes.

    More Details
  • Tehran > Ahvaz > Suse > Shiraz > Bavanat > Yazd > Esfahan > Golpaygan > Hamadan > Kermanshah

    17 Days

    A more through itinerary with emphasize on getting to know the history of Iran with a bit of nature to enjoy.

    More Details
  • 20 Days

    Some of the main reasons that Iranian carpets are more popular than the carpets of the other countries are their richness of color, variety of impressive artistic patterns, and quality of design. 

    More Details
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  • Thank for you organising our wonderful trip to Iran More Details
  • Thank you very much for letting us have a memorable stay with your nice family
    Thank you very much for letting us have a memorable stay with your nice family More Details
  • Our itinerary, Perfect. We did exactly what we wanted and spent what we thought was the perfect amount of time in each location
    Our itinerary, Perfect. We did exactly what we wanted and spent what we thought was the perfect amount of time in each location More Details
  • We enjoyed every part of the tour
    We enjoyed every part of the tour More Details
  • We are now back home in Los Angeles and we already miss Iran More Details
  • Ariya who is just a wonderful guide, gracious and endearing man. More Details
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