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Kish Island
Iran's version of Paradise
Jewel of Persian Gulf they say
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Beautiful Kish Island / The pearl of the Persian Gulf

This beautiful coral island is one of the safest cities in the world. Experience a trip in a unique and relaxing atmosphere. By traveling to this fascinating and spectacular island,  get rid of all the worries and anxieties of daily life.

Kish is one of the most beautiful islands of the Persian Gulf located in the south of Iran. Because of its beautiful beaches, and white and coral sands, this island is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

The island has great unique nature, singing birds, wandering dearscalm sandy beaches, and lucid seawater with different kinds of aquatic creatures all around.

Kish Island has some unique feature that makes it one of a kind in the world:

It is one of the cleanest and safest places you would see in your lifetime we promise.

There is no traffic light on the island. Whether you're walking or cycling you would be treated like royalty here.

There's no air pollution whatsoever. Car horns are prohibited throughout the island, therefore with the great population of birds everywhere, it feels like paradise.

Kish is Visa Free

Kish island is a Freezone region island this also applies to needing a visa to travel there. Unlike other cities in Iran, you do not need a visa to enter Kish Island. 

Kish Island has numerous natural attractions as well as historical places like Kariz underground and Harireh ancient city

What todo in Kish Island

  • Watching the sunrise and sunset in Kish
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Cycling in Kish
  • Diving in Kish and water sports

In Kish, in addition to diving, there are other water activities. These include water skiing, scuba diving, flyboarding, fishing, and kiteboarding.


  • Kish Deers

Deers live freely on this island so there is a great possibility that you encounter a couple of them on the way or during bicycling.

The best time to visit Kish:

Kish Island is one of the southernmost points of Iran. Due to its location, there is practically no winter in this city. However, Kish summers are hot, and the humidity is high. Of course, the temperature is generally below 40 degrees, let's say it feels like Thailand though a bit more restricted we know 😅


Kish hotels 

The Best Hotels in Kish:
  • Toranj Kish Hotel

Toranj Kish Hotel, which uses a unique design, was built on the waters of the Persian Gulf in 2015. The aerial view of the Torani Kish Hotel reminds you at first glance of the Maldives and Hawaii hotels. The hotel rooms on the water together form the role of the idol, which is very eye-catching. Of course, for those who prefer to stay on the beach, there is also a part of the hotel on the beach.

  • Dariush Kish Hotel

Undoubtedly, Dariush Kish Hotel is one of the best and most famous hotels in Kish and Iran. Inspired by the architecture of Persepolis and ancient Iran, this five-star luxury hotel has 190 rooms on three floors and opened in 2003. Dariush Kish Hotel, which is one of the island's attractions due to its special architecture, is located in the northeastern part of the island.

  • Panorama Kish Hotel

Panorama Kish Hotel is one of the newest hotels on the island, which was put into operation in 1398. This newly built hotel has 267 rooms on 15 floors that provide modern amenities for travelers.

  • Mirage Hotel Kish

Mirage Kish Hotel is a luxury and five-star hotel that was put into operation in 1397 on 8 floors with 178 rooms. This special and newly built hotel has very modern and luxurious amenities and has a very beautiful view of the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

Our Suggested Kish Itinerary  in detail:

First day: arrival day

Arrive at Kish, Transfer to Hotel.

Based on your arrival time, if you are not tired, you can stroll around this beautiful island, and also you will have the chance to have a wonderful morning or evening to relax at Kish's sandy beach, and eat something in its beautiful cafes.

If you would like and have energy, we will take you to a place where you can also enjoy this beautiful island by riding a bicycle along the sandy beaches.

On the second day of the trip

Kish Island has several beautiful beaches that have good recreation facilities. Among them, Marjan beach, Mir Mahna beach, Fisherman beach, and Simorgh beach can be mentioned. Of course, when choosing a beach, make sure the beach is close to where your hotel is.

Banana water sports, shuttle, diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, speedboat, and water skiing are exciting activities that you can experience on the beaches and Marine Recreation Complexes. In these entertainment complexes such as water parks, you do not need to carry money, and you can make purchases using electronic wristbands.

Also, on the beaches or complexes, places such as a coffee shop, massage parlor, swimming pool, toilets, and showers are provided for the welfare of tourists.

You can also experience recreational activities such as motorcycling, cycling, and electric scooters on the beaches.

For lunch, you will have many options to choose from traditional restaurants, and food courts to fast food. You will eat at one of Kish's great restaurants while enjoying the local music.

On the third day; a Historical and recreational tour in Kish

One of the spectacular attractions in Kish is the underground city of Kariz. Kariz Kish Qanati is 2500 years old and is located on Mirmahna Boulevard near the Olympic Square. The approximate time to visit this attraction is about 2 hours.

This underground city has a roof decorated with coral, has several corridors with elegant architecture and beautiful lighting.

After seeing the underground city of Kariz, you will go to the ancient city of Harirah. It is nearly 800 years old and was once home to a large population and is located on the seafront. In the ancient city of Harirah, you can visit the aristocratic house and the historic baths of this city, its mosque, and the old aqueducts date back to the Ilkhanid period.

For lunch, you can go to Foodland, which has modern food made of good quality material in a beautiful place. In addition to this, there are restaurants near the city of Harireh that you can choose for your second-day lunch after visiting.

In the afternoon, we have some suggestions for those who would like nature attractions.

First, you will go to Dolphin Park and then Bird Garden.

In Dolphin Park, which is visited by most tourists, you will watch the spectacular movements of playful dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. In addition to this attraction, you can visit the Bird Garden by train.

The approximate time to visit this attraction is about 4 hours, which is located on Jahan Street.

On the fourth & fifth days; Excursions and entertainment along with buying souvenirs

Ocean Water Park is one of the most popular amusement places in Kish.

Note that this place is closed on Sundays. And on other days it hosts men and women separately.

The time you need to be in this park is about 2 to 5 hours and the cost level of this park is in the luxury category.

In the afternoon, it is suggested to back to your hotel to rest for some hours, then go to Kish recreational pier for the night. This pier welcomes you day and night to spend time on the water with pedal boats, you can also experience jet skiing and scuba diving in the heart of the Persian Golf.

Departure Day:

Before your transfer to the airport, we will take you to the best shopping centers to buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

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