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Private Tailor-made tours designed to your
interests, taste, and budget
Enjoy history, culture, and nature, live with locals, and taste their food.

Tours to Iran by local experts

Let’s talk ideas. You bring yours, we’ll bring ours. You know what you want we know how to make it happen.

Whether you want to stay in traditional or boutique or luxurious accommodation, have a passion for history, culture, locals' life, nature, or adventure. or you're planning a trip for a special occasion like a honeymoon, we can create a flexible itinerary to match your interests and tastes.

Lots of extra activities

Get familiar with local life and also leave something behind to remember you by. Activities Like visiting some charities, joining kids in a school, planting a tree, learning how to weave carpets or cook Persian food or learning to play a Persian music instrument, and enjoying a sports event like a football match which is incredibly popular in Iran, also attending a concert would be a great social experience.

Trying to be the difference between good and outstanding

Iran is a versatile country suited for a tailored journey to better suit your taste, please be in touch. We are proud of our customer service, hoping to have a chance to show a bit of Persian hospitality to the World.


Our most popular itineraries touring Iran

The tours on our website are here to give you ideas about what's possible when you travel to Iran. Treat them simply as inspiration. 


Must see Tour of Iran for 8 Days

The must-see route in Iran, we will visit most of the major historical sites. Best tour to get if this is your first time traveling to Iran.

Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Esfahan

Details: Must see tour of Iran (6 to 12 Days)

Iran in Depth Tour for 16 Days

Going in-depth in Iran, visiting all the main hot spots plus visits to Hamedan, Ali Sadr cave, Qazvin, and finally the hot springs and the amazing nature of Sarein

Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Hamedan > Qazvin > Anzali > Sarein

Details: Iran in Depth Tour for (12 to 20 Days)

North of Iran tour

Relaxing in mesmerizing nature of Iran in the summertime and enjoying the beautiful weather in Yilaq which means a place where you live in the summer.

Details: North of Iran tour

Glimpse of Iran's rural life Tour

Tehran > Shiraz > Javarg Village > Sepidan > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Kashan glimpse of iran s rural life tour map

7 Days

In this tour, you can get familiar with two different cultures at the same time, simple rural life next to nomadic life in Sepidan.

Details: Iran's rural life Tour

Iran Nomad Tour in Bavanat and Sepidan 14 Days

Tehran > Abyaneh > Esfahan > Yazd > Bavanat > Shiraz > Sepidan

14 Days   

Stay with locals, do what they do, eat what they eat, and sleep where they sleep. It's like getting back in time. People are peaceful and easygoing.

Details: Iran Nomad Tour in Sepidan

Best of Iran Tour in 28 days

Tehran > Hamedan > Kermanshah > Shushtar > Ahvaz > Shiraz > Sepidan > Kerman > Yazd > Nain > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Kashan

28 Days

Travel Iran off the beaten path in a month. A great combination of history and culture with nature. Iran has lots of attractions to offer and in this expansive itinerary, you would experience a great selection of them.


Details: Best of Iran in a Month

Escorted Tour of Iran | Guided Tours in Iran

Tehran > Shiraz > Esfahan > Yazd > Kerman

12 Days  

All of our tours could arrange as a fully guided , escorted tours that could be customized as much as you need it to be. Out tour director will takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour

Details: Guided Tours in Iran | Escorted Tour of Iran

Honeymoon in Iran | Kish Island where the time stands still

Kish >  plane > Shiraz > car > Isfahan

7 Days

Kish is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Iran, and this beautiful island has plenty of attractions for travel and tourism to enjoy. Especially, for the new brides and grooms, the honeymoon tour of Kish Island would be a fantastic choice. Romantic kish island where the time stands still, in a good way ;)

Details: Iran Honeymoon Tour Package

Caspian Sea Tour | North of Iran Nature Tour

Tehran > Ramsar > Masooleh > Sarein > Ardabil

Greenness at its best, take a tour of amazing nature in the North of Iran. Visiting local villages and enjoying the traditional life from the inside. Spending time with locals while enjoying the weather and scenery.

Details: Caspian Sea Tour

Short Tour of Iran

A short trip through the three major touristic cities of Iran to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the country. You can fly between the cities with lots of daily flights, also great quality private cars, trains, and buses available.

Tehran >  plane Shiraz car Isfahan

Details: Short Tour of Iran (4 to 6 Days)

Complete tour of Iran in 36 Days | Touring all over Iran

Tehran > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Yazd > Kerman > Shiraz > Yasuj > Ahvaz > Susa > Kermanshah > Hamedan > Zanjan > Tabriz > Orumiyeh > Sarien > Anzali > Masuleh > Qazvin

A Complete tour of Iran covering all the major cities and attractions to get a full understanding of all aspects of the country.

Details: Complete tour of Iran in 20 to 36 Days

Experience Iran's Traditional Life , Stay with locals

Tehran > Shiraz > Sepidan > Abarkooh > Yazd > Isfahan > Kashan  

12 to 16 Days

You can see locals picking fruits, milking sheep, baking traditional bread, or even better joining them in their daily activities.

Details: Experience Iran's Traditional Life , Stay with locals

Quick Tour of Iran | Quickly but Magnificently

A quick visit to two main cities of old Iran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, quickly but magnificently. Both the cities have international airports for more flexibility. 

Isfahan > Shiraz

Details: Quick Tour of Iran (2 to 4 Days)

Budget Iran Tour in 12 Days

Tehran > Shiraz > Esfahan > Yazd > Kerman Budget Iran Tour Map

A good look at all the main historical cities plus Kerman. A budget-friendly route with lots of attraction

Details: Budget Iran Tour

Fars which is called "Small Iran" is a four-season province that has different climates and various species of plant and animal. Sepidan is one of the most unique parts of Fars province. Sepidan county is located in the western north of Shiraz in Fars province and Ardakan is the capital of the county. Sepidan is a cold county with a lot of apple and walnut trees, rivers, various ponds and waterfall. In winter the county is covered by heavy snow ,and it has a cool pleasant summer,too.

Details: Sepidan County Tour

Thanks to the short distance between Dubai and Iranian cities especially, the free zones of Kish & Qeshm, our Team, one of the most trusted and experienced agencies in tourism in Iran, is proud to make the best possible itinerary based on your time, budget, likes, etc. 

Details: Travel to Iran from Dubai | Travel to Iran from Dubai, UAE

Persia Tours | Tour of Persia

Tehran > Shiraz > Yazd > Isfahan > Kashan

The Persian Empire is the name given to a series of dynasties centered in modern-day Iran that spanned several centuries—from the sixth century B.C. to the twentieth century A.D.

Details: Persia Tours | Tour of Persia

Private Plane in Iran

It has been always letsgoiran's pleasure to be the pioneer in special tours and services to show our real Iran from special and various tourists' point of view. After many culinary, medical, eco and other kinds of tours, this time we have operated a tour for an eager and successful pilot who started his trip around the world from Iran with his wife and his own airplane.

Details: Private Plane in Iran

Tour Iran for the second time

Tehran > Qazvin > Zanjan > Tabriz > Ardebil > Anzali > Masuleh

13 Days  

If this is your second time coming to Iran or you'd rather take an uncommon route for your journey please take a look at this itinerary

Details: Tour Iran for the second time

Iran Historic Villages Travel Tour

Tehran > Kashan > Niasar > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Yazd > Mehriz > Zeinodin > Meymand > Kerman > Mahan > Birjand > Mashhad > Shiraz

25 Days

A couple of handpicked historic villages for you to enjoy and get acquainted with their culture and traditions. It's like getting back in time.

Details: Iran Historic Villages Tour


Iran Travel FAQ

Is it safe to travel to Iran now?

In general, Iran is much safer than many from the West might believe. Most people are genuinely friendly and interested to know about you and your country, so leave aside your preconceptions and come with an open mind.

Iran is still a relatively low-crime country, although thefts and muggings have been on the increase in recent years. Keep your wits about you, and take the usual precautions against pickpockets in crowded bazaars and buses, for sure much safer than any other touristic city.

Ignore the media hype, your chances of facing anti-Western sentiment as a traveler are none. Even hardline Iranians make a clear distinction between the Western governments they distrust and individual travelers who visit their country.

Is it possible to use a credit card in Iran?

No. It is not possible. Because of the sanction against Iranian banks, you are not able to use a credit card in Iran so you need to bring cash with you. Alight there are some new solutions for you to open an account and have a local card.

When is the best time to visit Iran?

March, April, and May are in the peak season of the year. Persian New Year starts on March 21st, or 22nd. There are many travelers not just from Iran but also from all over the world who are eager to see Persian ceremonies and the like.
For those who like to have a more relaxing time and to stay in cozy places and a more affordable fee, quiet sights, more relaxing time, and less hustle and bustle visits, we do recommend June, July, and August.

Is there any limitation on travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

No, do not worry at all. There is no limitation for unmarried couples to travel to Iran. They can stay at the hotel in the same room without any problem because the hotel won’t ask about your relationship.

What to wear in Iran?

Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress code is necessary for Iran. However, these rules are not observed very strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners. You must not worry about maintaining your hijab since in times you have forgotten about it, the maximum penalty will be a request (usually in a kind way) to make it correct.

Is there Internet access in Iran?

Internet access is pretty good with lots of coverage everywhere and for sure cheap. All the hotels, restaurants, and cafes+ in Iran have WIFI so you can access the Internet when you are at your hotel in all cities.

Additionally, Let’s go Iran will give you an Iranian sim card upon your arrival. This way, you will have Internet access in the streets during your tour. If your data is finished, you can ask your guide to help you to recharge it.

Please keep in mind a point regarding the social Apps (Media) in Iran: You can use What's app, Linkedin, and Instagram in Iran easily and without any restrictions. BUT Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter are blocked in Iran. To use them, you need to install apps to bypass the filtering.

What are the extra costs you need to pay during your trip to Iran?

The entrance fee is approximately 1 to 10 US$ per person for each site. Some sites are less expensive and some sites are more expensive.


A very good traditional meal in a good restaurant is almost 7 US$ per person,


You are able to bring your money in Euro or Dollars and exchange your money in the reliable exchange offices in main cities, and at the airports.


Please notice that it is not necessary to pay tips to the persons who meet during your trip in Iran, but if you are interested to pay tips to them, you can pay 10 US$ per day

What can I buy as a souvenir in Iran? Can I buy souvenirs like Persian rugs in Iran?

Because of the rich culture of Iran, you can find various handicrafts there. You will have many options to choose as a souvenir in each city in Iran such as Iranian rugs, saffron, pistachios, and handmade crafts.



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