Iran Carpet Tour
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21 Days

Some of the main reasons that Iranian carpets are more popular than the carpets of the other countries are their richness of color, variety of impressive artistic patterns, and quality of design. 

Let’s Go Iran team has many professional experts in all cities in Iran. During your carpet tour in each city, our expert will accompany you, explain all information you need to know about the Iranian carpets, their history, and their style. 
We will take you to the places where you can find most of the carpet weaving centers, carpet workshops, and also the Carpet bazaar. It could be interesting when you stroll through the bazaars or carpet workshops because you will hear the insistent voices of carpet sellers who want to invite you to their stores for a closer look and give you some advice to help you to get to know a good Iranian carpet.


Now, please have a look at the itinerary, it is arranged specially for those who would like to get to know more about Iranian carpets. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have more questions regarding this package, we are always there for you. 


Day 1: Arrival Day

Today you will arrive at the international airport. Then you will be transferred to your hotel.  

After some hours of rest, you will eat a delicious breakfast with your guide who is waiting for you in the hotel lobby, and check your daily plan with him. 

Note: According to your arrival time and your guide’s opinion, you will have a light city tour of Tehran.

Overnight in Tehran

Day 2: Tehran

On the second day of your trip to Tehran, you will be visiting the Iran carpet museum and some carpet weaving workshops.
Iran Carpet Museum is one of the most famous museums in Tehran where exquisite carpets are kept. And then, your guide will take you to the place where is the center of carpet weaving shops in Tehran. There, you can see how people (Men and Women) make nice and beautiful carpets, and also you can ask them to allow you to weave carpet.
Note: Golestan palace and Jewelry museum could be other options for those who are not interested in visiting the workshop.

Day 3: Tehran-Hamadan

Hamadan is an ancient city with a long history dating back more than 2,500 years. Many years ago, this city was called Ekbatan and also was the capital of the Median Empire. 
Early in the morning, you will be driven to Hamadan and there you will see Bazaar. In Bazaar, there are many carpet shops, these shops have many different handmade carpets, and after that, you will be transferred to the hotel to rest. Overnight Hamadan. 

Day 4: Hamadan-Bijar-Sanandaj

The oldest carpets belong to Bijar city, and you can find the carpets of this city in carpet museums inside and outside of Iran. The most important feature of the Bijari carpets is their dense structure. That is why it is known as the iron rug. 27 colors are used in these kinds of carpets, but red, white and navy blue are the colors that are used more than other colors.
In the morning, you will again be driven to Bijar and after visiting the carpet manufacture and Kelims weaving workshop, you will go on to
Sanandaj to stay at night. 
Note: 3 hours is enough to see the workshop on carpets in Bijar.  

Day 5: Sanandaj-Kermanshah

In the morning, you will see Kelim and weavers in Sanandaj and after that, you will go on to Kermanshah to stay there overnight.
Note: Do not forget to ask your guide to take you to visit Sanandaj city. Sanandaj is a place where you can see some monuments of Muslims, Christians. Mosques, churches, and in some places fire temples around the city.
People speak Kordi. Their bathhouses are famous, although, in other cities, people do not use them.   

Day 6: Kermanshah

On this day, you will be at Kermanshah. Kermanshah is a city of great warm people, delicious cookies, unbelievable nature, and unforgettable Dande Kebab. People wear Kurdish clothes and they respect their culture and language. 
In this city, you can see dying and design workshops in the morning, after lunch, if you are not tired, you can see some sights like The Bostan and Bisetoun. Overnight in Kermanshah

Day 7: Kermanshah-Noorabad- Khoramabad

In Noorabad, people speak Lori which includes many original old Persian words. Their beautiful traditional dress is still worn by them. Noorabad is a beautiful and green town with much green nature and delicious traditional foods and drinks. Milk, Dough, Cheese, Cream, and other dairy products are available there.

Early in the morning, visit Gelim workshops in Noorabad, then drive to Khoramabad to sleep at night in a hotel there.

Note: You can see Falakolaflak in Khoramabad.

Day 8: Khoramabad- Shahrekord

In Chahar Mahale Bakhtiyari, you will see 2 workshops, one is a dying workshop and another is the carpet one. The distance between these 2 workshops is almost 2 hours and for visiting each workshop, almost 2 hours is enough

Overnight in Shahr-e Kord.

Note: If the time permits and you are not tired, your guide will arrange for you a high light tour in Shahr-e Kurd, Shahre Kord has picturesque and beautiful nature.

Day 9: Shahrekord-Shiraz

Early in the morning, you will be driven to Shiraz. In the afternoon, our professional expert on the carpet will come to your hotel and has a meeting with you, he will explain your plan in Shiraz regarding the carpet. Overnight Shiraz.

Note: You will be in Shiraz for 3 days. You will have special plans for visiting the Bazaar, Carpet workshop and also visiting one of the famous carpets manufacturers in Shiraz. There, you will meet some experts and they will explain everything you need to know regarding Iranian carpets and see special carpets. Besides visiting the mentioned places, there are many famous and worth visiting places in Shiraz you should see before leaving this city.

Day 10: Shiraz

In the morning, you will see Persepolis and Necropolis. In the afternoon, you will go to Vakil Bazar to see its carpet's part and talk to carpet sellers and see their collation. Overnight Shiraz. 

Day 11: Shiraz

In the morning, you will be driven to the north of Shiraz to see Nomad's carpets. The distance is almost 2 hours and 4 hours is enough to see them.

Note: Nomads are Qashqaee and Lor. The place is near Abade. It is really beautiful and green, so those who do not like the plan can enjoy nature.

Day 12: Shiraz

In the morning, you will see some workshops of Gabbe and Carpet in the style of modern and traditional, dying workshop, design, and gallery of them in share Sanati in Shiraz. Overnight Shiraz.  

Day 13: Shiraz-Sarvestan-Kerman

Drive to Kerman and stay there overnight. It takes almost 7 hours, for lunch you will have a stop to eat at a traditional restaurant on your way. After almost 2 hours, you can go on to Kerman and rest at the hotel in Kerman.

Note: Sarvestan is famous for Dough, which is a popular drink in Iran. The best-qualified Dough is made in this town. Pistachio and olive are planted here, so you can see gardens within and around this town.

Day 14: Kerman

Visiting Ganjali khan complex including Carpets, design, and handicrafts. And also a gallery. Overnight Kerman. 

Day 15: Kerman-Yazd

Early morning, drive to Yazd and on your way, you can see Mahan and Rayen. These small lovely cities are located on your way. In Rayen, you will see Arg and in Mahan Shazde Garden and Shah Nematolah Vali. Overnight Yazd.

Day 16: Yazd

Today, you will see workshops on silk carpets and cloth, dying workshops. Depending on your time, you will be back at your hotel. Overnight, Yazd. 

Note: You can see other sights like Tower of Silence, Jame Mosque, Amirchakhmaq in the morning if you are interested in visiting and getting to know more about the history of Yazd. 

Day 17: Yazd-Meybod-Esfahan

Early in the morning, you will be driven to Esfahan and you will see Maybod (visit the fortress and Carawansaria) Nain (mosque). Overnight Isfahan

Day 18: Esfahan

On the first day in Isfahan, you will have a full day tour in Esfahan to see: Imam Square, mosques, bazaar, and Aliqapou. After a traditional lunch in a restaurant, you will see Khajou and Siosepol bridges. Overnight Esfahan. 

Day 19: Esfahan

On the second day of your trip to Esfahan, you will go to Jolfa (the Armenian quarter), you will see Armenian carpets and owners there. And then go to the Art Academy of Esfahan to visit one of the 3 best producers of the province and their collection of old and modern carpets. Overnight Esfahan. 

Note: You will have the chance to see some other sights like Pigeon house, Sharbat Khane to drink some traditional drinks like Nastaran juice, Golab juice, or other things. 

Day 20: Esfahan- Kashan

Today, you will visit Kashan where you can find the most famous products such as silk, carpets, velvet, rose water, and potteries.
Early in the morning, you will be driven to Kashan to see: Fin Garden and Boroujerdi House. Overnight in Kashan 

Day 21: Kashan-Tehran Airport

Transfer directly to the international airport of Tehran to fly back to your country.

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