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Let’s Go Iran team has good news for Hong Kong citizens who would like to travel to Iran. The MFA has announced that people who are from Hong Kong do not need to get a visa to enter Iran. They are able to travel to Iran and stay for at most 21 days for business or leisure without getting a visa. The only document they need to bring with them when they want to travel to Iran is a valid passport.

Due to the geographical location of our country, you may be familiar with the of taste lots of various traditional foods favored by Iranian spices, so I suggest that you try a culinary tour to add some spice to your trip to Iran.

Let's Go Iran offers you to have a family dinner in a local house where you can experience friendly moments to eat with a local family.

On this day, you will be invited by a nice Iranian family to join them for dinner and see the daily life of Iranians.

But if the time and your itinerary allow us, we are also able to arrange a half-day culinary tour. This way, not only will you have the opportunity to dine with the family, but you will also enjoy home-cooked Persian food and learn about different tastes and spices used in Iranian dishes. Additionally, you will have the chance to get familiar with anything you would like to know about their Iranian cuisine, lifestyle.


We have had many clients who are your countrymen and traveled to Iran by Let’s Go Iran before. That is why our professional and experienced team is familiar enough with your tastes and interests. So we have tried to make a special itinerary including worth visiting cites and sites of Iran. But I need to tell you that this is not the only possible itinerary you can choose. Our team can make another special itinerary for your trip to Iran according to your needs.


 Itinerary in details: 

Tehran, a great combination of tradition and modernity

Tehran is the biggest city in Iran and it is the capital of this country. Tehran is the 25th overpopulated city in the world that from the north leads to the mountainous areas and from the south leads to a desert area, so the climate of the city is different from its northern parts. North of the city has cool and dry weather and south of it has hot and dry weather. The structure of the city is a great combination of tradition and modernity.

Tehran has old monuments, splendid mosques, magnificent buildings, great parks, and also modern buildings. Although Tehran is not known as a historical city, it has a lot of attractions that are worth seeing.

Day 1: Tehran:

Arrival in Tehran, transfer to hotel, overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran - Shiraz:

Full day city tour of Tehran to visit the Archaeological Museum, Golestan Palace, and Bazaar; then go on to the airport and fly to Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz


Shiraz, a city of lovers

Shiraz which is known as a city of lovers is a land full of worth seeing things. It is believed that Shiraz is the most beautiful tourist city in Iran. Shiraz is also one of the biggest cities in Iran. It is the provincial center of Fars province and is located in the Zagros mountainous region with a mild climate.

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran and many titles are assigned to it, for example, "city of lovers" and it is due to the matter that Shiraz is the hometown of great poets like Hafez and Saadi. The city also has many historical and natural attractions that you will become interested in them. The people of Shiraz are really warmhearted. Traveling to Shiraz can be one of your most memorable trips.


Day 3: Shiraz-Maharlu-Shiraz:

In the morning drive to Maharlu, This Lake with an area of 600 sq. km. is located 27 km. southeast of Shiraz. The lake water is used for the extraction of normal salt. It is considered suitable and valuable habitat for migratory birds and wild animals. After you come back to Shiraz, you will go to visit Nasir-Molk Mosque, Vakil complex: Vakil mosque, Bathhouse, bazaar. In the evening, your day will finish visiting the tombs of poets Hafez. Overnight Shiraz.

Day 4: Shiraz-Sepidan-Shiraz:

Drive to Sepidan. Visit the various gardens. Also, you can see Nomadic life with their cattle, sheep, goat, etc. leaving for the surrounding springs and waterfall and enjoying a light trek through the mountain. An interesting part is that there are several villages in this green area, which will be passed during our adventure through this forest to become familiar with their local customs and traditions Eat lunch in rural houses. Overnight Shiraz.



Abarkouh is located 154 km southwest of Yazd city, in Yazd province. This small town has been considered for a long time due to its location near the Silk Road. This beautiful and historical city has warm-hearted and hospitable people. There are also countless historical monuments in Abarkooh that can create a memorable travel experience for travelers.

It has hot weather in summer due to its location in the desert, but in other seasons, the weather of Abarkooh is mild and pleasant.

Day 5: Shiraz-Abarkooh:

In the morning drive to Abarkooh. In route visit Persepolis, Necropolis, Naghshe Rajab, Pasargadae (optional), then depart to visit the old cypress tree, Aghazade house, Mostofi house in Abarkooh. Overnight sleep in Sarve Abarkooh traditional house inside of a garden.

The residence takes one to the atmosphere of the village and its simplicity. One could be a moment away from the glamor of the world and its worries and add happy hours to live.

The resort has a flowing, potable water pool that is supplied with aqueduct and wells.


Yazd, the Zoroastrian city

Yazd, the Zoroastrian city is welcoming you. The city of friendly people, old constructions, delicious sweets, and great Qanats. As this city is a desert city, people in the past had to conserve water and keep it eatable and clean. That is why they made many Qanat, where they could keep water, in Yazd. Since the city is located in the desert region, it has a dry and hot climate. Yazd can be considered as a two-season city; a long hot season (from March until September) and a short cold season (from October until February).


Day 6: Abarkuh-Yazd:

In the morning drive to Yazd. Full-day city tour in Yazd. Visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and the Fire Temple, the Zoroastrian museum, Mir-Chakhmaq Mosques. In the evening visit Bazaar and then Dowlat Abad Garden. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 7: Yazd:

Half-day tour of Yazd to visit Jame Mosque. Water Museum, Alexander prison. Then have an excursion to dessert. The local people have established adorable camps in the heart of desserts. One of these camps is the Shabahang camp located near Yazd. There, you enjoy watching a sunset, walking on the Sandhill, having a night gathering around the fire, and drinking a cup of tea that is made on the fire. Listening to traditional music, etc.


Isfahan, half (of) the world

Isfahan (Sepahan), the capital of Isfahan province. Isfahan's climate is semi-arid and mild and the average temperature in this city is about 16C and the average annual rainfall is about 13 ml.

This city has welcomed many tourists from Islamic countries and many other visitors from different parts of the world. Isfahan is famous for its handicrafts such as etch, inlay, and cashmere. If you are looking for souvenirs from Isfahan, you can buy them around Naqsh-e Jahan Square or at the old Isfahan bazaar.


Day 8: Yazd-Esfahan:

In the morning drive to Isfahan via Nain to visit its beautiful Jame Mosque, Kabootarkhane, and weaving night visit the Sio-se-Pol and Khajou bridges next to the Zayandeh River. Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 9: Esfahan:

City tour of Isfahan to visit the biggest square after Tiananmen Square in the world that is Imam Square, Consist of Ali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques, Bazaar. And then visit Chehel Sotun Palace. Overnight Isfahan.


Abyaneh, The astonishing red village

The famous and spectacular village of Abyaneh is located in the central part of Natanz, Isfahan province, 80 km from Kashan. This village is one of the highest residential areas in Iran.

This beautiful and ancient village, which was called Viona in the past, is traditional in terms of architecture and has a one-handed texture on a sloping surface and houses with red colors and flat roofs.

Day 10: Esfahan-Abyaneh:

Full day city tour of Isfahan to visit Vank Cathedral in Jolfa area, Hasht Behesht Palace, Friday Mosque then drive to Abyaneh in the afternoon to visit this old village where looks red because the builders use red soil for construction. There are lots of old men and women that all wear the same local clothes. Overnight Abyaneh.


Kashan, city of flower and Rosewater

Kashan is a city of Isfahan province and it is one of the historical cities of Iran. The city is located 220km from Tehran, between Karkas Mountains and the central Iranian Plateau. Kashan has a warm and dry climate. Tepe Sialk (Sialk hill), which is the oldest place of residence in Iran, is located in Kashan. Archeologists think that Kashan is more than 15000 years old and it is related to the Paleolithic era. Kashan has a lot of attractions for tourists. Walking in old alleys of the city is like real history.


Day 11: Abyane- Kashan:

Early in the morning drive to Kashan to visit Nush Abad, Tabatabaie Houses, Fin Garden, and Aghabozorg Mosque. Overnight Kashan.

Day 12: Depart (200 km Drive):

Two-hour drive to be transferred to Imam Khomeini International airport for your return flight. On-site hotels available for your comfort, just in case you need to rest before your departure.


And our especial options are: 


Cooking class:

Our company is based in Shiraz, we hold a culinary tour free of charge for people who are interested in culinary. On this day, my family and I will be your host in our home for the culinary tour. We start cooking together and spend some time at my home with my family and my friends.

The food we will be cooking will be traditional and chosen according to your interest and your loved ones.

Overnight stay in the desert:

We do recommend you to stay one night in the desert, it could be an unforgettable experience for you if you are ok with sleeping in the mattress and not having a private bathroom.

Carpet Workshop

We can show you some workshops running by both men and women who make traditional weaving and coloring. As you know Iran is famous for its carpet and is powerful in this industry. You will see how carpets are made and designed and colored.

Picnic in Hasht Behesht or Nazhvan

You will go to the picnic in the mid-day, you are going to go to a beautiful park called Hasht Behesht or Najvoon. You will be among many Iranian families who are spending their weekends with their children. You can experience the real weekend time in Iran and will have some tea, fruits, and snack. After a lovely lunch together, you will have a walk around the park and then you will have more free time to visit a unique place called Pigeon house where you will see a lot of birds coming to you to be fed. You can take some pictures.

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  • We can tailor-make this itinerary for a deeper experience based on your preferences.

Style of accommodation
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Add engaging experiences with locals to your trip...
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Pottery Workshop
Ghalamkari in Isfahan
Woodworking in Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
Cooking Beriooni and yogurt stew in Isfahan
Zoroastrian cooking experience in Yazd
Experience local life in Ardakan, Yazd
Experience local Qashqai life in Fars
Experience local life in Varzaneh desert
Walking experience in Derak
Experience of listening to Gilaki music in Gilan
Shopping in the market and cooking seafood in Gilan
Experience of picking and drying tea in North of Iran
Rice paddies and rice harvesting in North of Iran
Local life and coastal cooking experience In Qeshm
Overnight stay in Qeshm Geopark



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