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Rasht is the largest and most populous city in the north of Iran. It is the capital city of Gilan Province and the majority of Gilaks live there. Rasht is the third most visited city in Iran. People of Rasht speak different dialects of the Gilaki language. Most of the year Rasht is rainy, especially in Mehr and Aban months (October and November), and the city is called “City of Rain “.

In general, Rasht has a damp, rainy climate. The other thing that distinguishes Rasht from the other cities of Iran is its food diversity. The city is famous because of the various kinds of foods that are cooked there.

Day One in Rasht

Full day tour of Rasht to visit Mohtasham garden, Kolah Farangi mansion, Mirza Kuchak Khan’s house, Ghadiri historical house. In the end, you will go to Saravan Park and Gilan Rural Heritage Museum that is the real symbol of the traditional life of villages of Gilan.

Day Two in Rasht

Drive to the village of Masuleh, which has a history of about 8 centuries. Visiting its different and valuable architecture and its beautiful nature. Then drive to Rudkhan Castle, walk in the green amazing forests, and enjoy watching the lush trees and inhaling the fresh air. On the way back if you are not tired you can also visit Anzali harbor.

Day Three in Rasht

Drive toward Asalem. Asalem is a beautiful city of Gilan province in the north of Iran. It has many attractive natural places to visit such as Asalem to Khalkhal road, Gysvm forest park, which is known as the heaven of Iran, and the Nav region where hunting is forbidden.


Where to stay in Rasht?

There are many hotels in Rasht that you can choose from for staying. Kadus hotel is the most luxurious, expensive five-star hotel of Rasht located on Azadi Boulevard. Shabestan international hotel in Golsar Boulevard and Pamchal hotel in Mosalla square are good but less expensive hotels in the city. You can also rent a house for staying in Rasht. The city has other good hotels such as Sabouri, Kenareh, Keyvan, Park, Narges, Sadaf, Salar, Bahar, Ordibehesht, Khaneye Pedar Bozorg, Ghadir, Behesht-e Gilan, Fars, Karavan, Sedaghat, and Iran.

What to eat? Where to eat?

As was mentioned before Rasht is known because of the different kinds of foods that are cooked in the city, so you shouldn’t forget to try the delicious foods of the city. Chicken Fesenjan, Mirza Ghassemi, Baghala Ghatogh, Torsh Tarah, Anarbich, Vavishka, and Kebab-e Torsh are the most popular foods of Rasht. Since Grenadine and fragrant vegetables are the main ingredients of those foods, most of them have a sour taste. You can try all those delicious foods in Shoore Kooli's local restaurant, the best and most famous restaurant in Rasht. The city has other good restaurants such as Hasan Rashti Kababi, Moharam, Ardeshir, Babak, Mahmoud, Haft Soor, and Ghale. If you are interested in eating fast food and Pasta, Douni and Paradise restaurants can be good choices for you.

What do we buy from Rasht?

Rasht like other cities has its souvenirs such as Reshte Khoshkar, Cookies, Olive, Rice bread, Processed Olive, Caspian Whitefish, and different kinds of Torshi (Taurus). Various kinds of handicrafts are other souvenirs of the city, for example, Minakari, Kilim, Mat, carved woods, Miniature paintings (illuminated manuscripts), Moaragh, silk crochet, traditional jewelry, Makrumeh, and handmade dolls. You can buy all of them from Rasht's Bazaar. To buy fish and other delicious souvenirs in the city you should go to Rasht Fish Market. Golsar shopping centers and shops that are located in Golsar Street and Dilema Boulevard are also good places for shopping in Rasht.

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