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Qeshm > Hormoz

5 Days

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran, because of its unique attractions it's been called The Island of the Seven Wonders. That has little to say about its beauty. A tourist attraction that will amaze you with its beauty and culture. 



Qeshm Island is a beautiful destination for travelers during the four seasons of the year. Qeshm not only has natural, recreational, religious, and historical attractions, it also attracts millions of travelers and tourists each year, with the city's customs and local cuisine.

In a word, Qeshm is amazing. Amazing in the true sense of the word! 

The nature of Qeshm is so fascinating, pristine, and wonderful that you will not get bored ever to see its sights and attractions.

This beautiful island is located in Hormozgan province and is the largest island of Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.

If you want to go back to the time when Qeshm's history begins, we must say that you should fasten your seat belts to travel to the Sassanid era!

Qeshm has the first Middle East GeoPark in the heart of the island and is one of the few places left that retains its traditional texture.

The island's seaside amenities in Iran are unbeatable, and it has many shopping malls and commodities at reasonable prices.


The best time to travel to Qeshm:

The best time to travel to the beautiful island of Qeshm is autumn and winter. In the late spring and especially in summer, the temperature and humidity rise. 

How to go to Qeshm?

There are two ways to go to Qeshm: moving by sea, or by air. But we recommend you to go there by air because it causes you to save money, time and energy.  
Qeshm Airport is one of the best equipped and most up-to-date airports in Iran, which hosts several flights from different points of Iran every week.
Iran Air, Meraj, Mahan, Ata, Taban are airlines that fly to Qeshm from all around Iran. But most flights get done by Qeshm Air.

What to do or see in Qeshm:

Qeshm Island has a lot of attractive, historical places to visit that we introduce the best of them to you:

The below itinerary can be changeable, and We can arrange it as you would like. The only thing you need to do is to be in touch with our super fast and professional team and tell whatever is in your mind.


Itinerary in detail: 


Arrival day:

Today, you will arrive in Iran from Qeshm Intl airport.

On the first and second day of your trip, you will visit:

Stars valley:

It is a mysterious place, located 20 km from Qeshm city, and is considered one of the unique geological phenomena of Iran and the world. 

Khourbas castles and caves: 

When you visit Khourbas Cave, you will see a series of rooms that face each other through narrow corridors and eventually lead to a large central hall. The hall has an area of ​​25 square meters and in the past was a place for the community of natives. That was also the passageway of the Navigators in the past.

Naz Island:

The Naz islands are about 50 to 10 meters high and are a great place to watch the stunning views of the Strait of Hormuz and the island of Lark, where you can watch the sun and the sea and experience pure tranquility.

Hengam Island

Hengam Island is one of the most pristine and beautiful sights of Qeshm, which is famous for its red soil. Hengam Island is located 2 km southeast of Qeshm and has a structure similar to an imperfect cone that is spectacular for any viewer. Boating on Hengam Island and seeing dolphins will be the most memorable part of your trip.

Hara forest (Avicennian marina)

The Hara forests, also known as mangrove forests, emerge from the water during sea fashion and a beautiful and spectacular landscape.

By visiting this forest in Qeshm, you can have boating and experience the unique pleasure.


On day 3, you will go to Hormoz Island.

Hormoz Island is an oval island in the Persian Gulf the Island is located eight kilometers from Bandar Abbas.

Portuguese castle

The Portuguese Castle was built in 1507 AD with an irregular quadrangular plan by the order of the Portuguese sailor Alfonso Abler in an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters.

The Valley of Sculptures

It is located 42 km from Hormoz Island. There are rocks in various shapes on the road where silver sands attract attention. Each of these amazing stones is likened to an animal in the imagination of the viewer.

Red Beach

The Red Beach is a beautiful name for the shores of Hormuz Island, which is known for its red soil. This beach is known as one of the tourist destinations on the island of Hormuz and many enthusiasts from all over the world choose it as a destination for their travels. The minerals in the soil of Hormuz Island have created various colors such as yellow, white, and red.

Rainbow Valley

The rainbow valley is part of the edible mountains (colored mountains) and is located in the southwest of Hormoz Island.

The different colors of the mountains fascinate the eyes of every viewer and you will enjoy watching the enchanting nature of Hormoz Island.

The largest Safari resort of Iran is also in Qeshm Island that you can go and enjoy the excitement of Safari.



Day 4

You will have another wonderful and sunny day in Qeshm where you can do lots of other activities such as swimming, snorkeling, water sports or shopping.


Day 5

Transfer to the airport for your return flight. 

What do we buy from Qeshm?

Qeshm Island is one of the best places for shopping in Iran. One of the most popular souvenirs of Qeshm is a kind of handmade brocaded women's dress which is called “Shak Bafi”. Carpet, Kilim, and Mat are other handicrafts of the island that you can buy from Qeshm‘s old Bazaar. Qeshm also has good modern shopping centers such as City center, Pardis, Setareh, and Do Dolphin.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Qeshm Island has very delicious local foods that you shouldn’t forget to try. Fish, shrimp, crab, meat, date palm, flour, sugar, and legume are the main ingredients of those foods. Zibuni is one of the most popular foods on the island that is usually served at wedding parties. Qeshm has other local foods such as Fried shrimp, Solen vagina, Ghalieh Mahi, Havari, Pudini, Mahyawa, Kalamba, Moflak, Squid, Dopiyaze Meygu, Katogh or Hala Mahi.

You can try those delicious foods in good restaurants on the island like Alvand, City center, Island Nights, Debsh, Khanboom, and Simorgh.

Grilled fish: 

Since Qeshm is an island, the best option to eat is seafood. One of them is fishes. They get filled with Coriander, dill, chopped onion, spices, and pepper, then get fried.


Another special dish of Qeshm gets made from wheat, fish, and aromatic vegetables.

Disho Rice

This food gets made from date juice and cooked rice. Date juice mix with the rice and then serve with fried fish.


If you are interested in eating fast food, Lobster and Seyhoon restaurants can be good choices for you.


Beverages (Soft Drinks)

Milk tea is the traditional drink of Qeshm Island. Milk, black tea, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, water, and honey are the ingredients of this traditional drink that you can try in traditional tea houses or restaurants on the island.


Where to stay in Qeshm?

There are many good three and four-star hotels in Qeshm that most of them are coastal and located in the easternmost part of the island, for example: Plus hotel which is the most beautiful coastal hotel on the island, Golden Beach hotel located in the best part of Simin plage, Park hotel, Soorinet hotel that has very good restaurants. Irman hotel, Arta, and Ataman are high-quality hotels. Kimia 3, Kimia 4, Marina, Khalije Fars, and Apadana are other good but less expensive hotels of Qeshm. You can also rent a house for staying on the island, (houses are less expensive than the hotels).

Eco-tourism houses

If you are looking for a different trip and prefer to get involved more with the native people of Qeshm, we suggest you go to the Eco-lodge instead of staying at the hotel.

If you stay at an eco-lodge, do not worry about food. You will have the chance to enjoy a variety of delicious local food in these accommodations.

What do you need to put in your suitcase when you want to go to Qeshm?

Packing a suitcase for traveling to islands and coastal cities have its own know-how.


A checklist  for traveling to Qeshm:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel towels, facial shavers,

Charger, Powerbank, Laptop, Laptop Charger, Headphones, and Flash
Sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-bite ointment, anti-itch ointment
Glasses, sun hat, cool clothes for walking, pajamas and comfort, slippers or sandals, walking shoes
ID cards, bank cards, cash, visas, tickets, passports, certificates

Get a quote and a custom plan

  • Iran is super safe and clean and also pretty cheap if you ask us ;)

  • Please be in touch with our super fast and professional team. we are really quick to answer.

  • We can tailor-make this itinerary for a deeper experience based on your preferences.

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Add engaging experiences with locals to your trip...
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Pottery Workshop
Ghalamkari in Isfahan
Woodworking in Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
Cooking Beriooni and yogurt stew in Isfahan
Zoroastrian cooking experience in Yazd
Experience local life in Ardakan, Yazd
Experience local Qashqai life in Fars
Experience local life in Varzaneh desert
Walking experience in Derak
Experience of listening to Gilaki music in Gilan
Shopping in the market and cooking seafood in Gilan
Experience of picking and drying tea in North of Iran
Rice paddies and rice harvesting in North of Iran
Local life and coastal cooking experience In Qeshm
Overnight stay in Qeshm Geopark



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