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Iran Travel Guide

Iran is a beautiful and ancient country, which once had the largest empire in the world and is located in southwest Asia and the Middle East. Iran is bounded on the north by the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and the Caspian Sea, on the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the west by Turkey and Iraq, and on the south by the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman. The Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman are the most important regions for oil and gas extraction in the world. The 76 million people of this country speak Persian and their official religion is Islam. The most prominent religious minorities in the country are Zoroastrians, Armenian Christians, and Jews. Various races such as Lor, Kurdish, Turk, Gilak, Baluch, etc. are also among the races of this beautiful and ancient land. The word Iran means the Aryan land and the Aryan race that have an important share in world history. The Aryans called their land Irioshi Nam, meaning Aryans, and later, when they formed a government and a kingdom, they named their homeland Iriano Khashtar, meaning the kingdom of the Persians. This name later became Iran Camel and Iranshahr, which are abbreviated to Iran.


The history of this country, unlike other powerful countries, is not full of murder and looting as well as decolonization, but it has been based on justice and freedom more than anything else . Iran is more than 2500 years old and more than 7000 years old and it can be said that one of the oldest civilizations in the world was formed from Iran and went to the west .


Iranians have many customs and traditions, the most important of which are the New Year and of course Nowruz . These days, when spring begins at the beginning of winter and after the end of winter, Iranians have a custom of wearing new clothes and visiting relatives and acquaintances, and first of all the elders . Another etiquette that Iranians have is giving flowers and gifts on different occasions of the year. Iranians have made many compliments. They are famous. This means that any compliments that are made are not acceptable.

Cities of Iran

Tehran is the metropolis and capital of Iran and also the twenty-fifth most populous city in the world . The city leads to mountainous areas from the north and desert areas from the south, and as a result, it has a different climate to the north and south . The city is composed of an amazing combination of modernity and traditional structure . In Tehran, a city of several thousand years the once-Ray authenticity of what is now south of Tehran , is the capital of Persia was . The city is a harmonious combination of old buildings, magnificent mosques, luxurious mansions, refined parks and modern buildings . Although it is not a historic city, but the different and unique attractions of this city are worth visiting and experiencing .

Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran and one of the most important cities in this country . Due to having the eighth Imam of the Shiite religion, this city receives many tourists every year . Today, this city is known as one of the busiest cities in Iran and the Middle East in terms of tourism . Perhaps the main purpose of the trip to Mashhad pilgrimage, but there Screens and tourism with cafes and restaurants, as well as colorful markets attractiveness of traveling to this city more and Mashhad in one of the scenic and historic Iran has turned .

The turquoise jewel of the world means the beautiful city of Isfahan, which is an ancient city in the center of Iran and is the third most populous city in the country after Tehran and Mashhad . Also, Isfahan is the second most visited city after Mashhad and attracts many tourists every year . The city with the architecture of the Islamic beautiful, palaces , bridges covered, the mosque and the minaret of its famous unique culture made up half of the world title on its own . Whether you are buying traditional accessories and clothes, or you are wandering around and immersed in ancient and historical monuments, as well as cafes, this city has special programs for you .

Another of the most important and spectacular cities in Iran is called Shiraz . City to city lovers is known for a lot of tourists, tourist jeweled cities are . It is safe to say that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and the birthplace of great poets such as Saadi and Hafez . The many historical and natural attractions of this city have caused many tourists to visit it to enjoy its beauties up close . In this city, one should look for the history of the Aryans between its buildings and its streets .

As for Yazd , the first brick city in the world and the second historical city after Venice, Italy . Hearing these two features is enough for the city of Yazd to become one of the main tourist destinations in Iran . The city attracts many travelers with countless historical monuments . If you are looking for a historical and quiet city and most importantly for adventure, Yazd is one of the most important cities .

Kish , the pearl of the Persian Gulf and the beautiful Iranian island located in the south of the country . It has a beautiful and unique nature and calm beaches that are covered with coral sands and clear sea water that allows you to see all kinds of fish in the depths . Many passengers travel annually to the island to its nature and relaxed atmosphere with attractions and tourist 's delight .

Kermanshah , Bushehr , Ardabil , Tabriz , Kashan , Orumieh , Kerman , northern regions, and many other cities of the most important and most spectacular Shhrhaykshvr Iran are .

Attractions Iran Tourism

Northern regions

Shores of the Caspian Sea ( Caspian ) , wetland and the village of spectacular in this area . Mountainous village in Gilan province which contains about 30 large and small village house with wood windows and wood lattice for each other on a hillside overlooking the building are . Among the attractions of the natural area of the park Sisangan in the East city Noshahr is located . In the area of forest facilities such as tables and benches made of wood, service, health, wooden pavilions, stove fire and tents to accommodate passengers made is of course the mass of passengers is inadequate . Unfortunately, in this area due to lack of proper culture of the park under the trees and things like fires, debarkation with a knife, pour the waste and the use of guns airsoft environmental degradation can be .

Another attraction of outstanding natural national park in northern Iran Golestan between Gonbad and Bojnoord located . In the park, such as parks and other national, regional and dedicated to the resort each year hundreds of thousands to come out . Overload of tourists in resorts in the area due to, damage to vegetation and escape and move somewhere unusual animals and pollution caused it .

The southern coasts of Iran

The edge of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz because of the warm weather to spend leisure time , especially in winter is right . Forest of mangroves on the coast of Bandar Abbas when the magic halfway underwater fashion trends and head out of the are of interest in this area .

Central areas

Tourism in Tehran

Tehran, has all kinds of tourism can be, including the attraction of tourism to the left of Old Tehran as a sign of freedom or artistic tourism, such as visiting the various museums such as the Carpet Museum of Iran and ... , visiting cultural sites / history, such as the Palace Museum Abad , a wide variety of possibilities for travel and green space with features such as Jurassic Park Tehran and ... , and sport tourism with features such as fly Paragliding Shahran in Park Forest mountain or spaces like gardens Pardisan forest , tourism science by visiting the Museum of time ( spectacle-time ) or the like observatory Zaferanieh , place of business gatherings such as fairground between Tehran international , and other entertainment places such as Tower and Eram Park , all of which are able to absorb They are their own tourists .

West and northwest regions

Highlands Alborz and Zagros when winter snow-covered field in winter sports make up the day . In summer the slopes of the mountains with a mild climate, the natural beautiful waterfalls, natural springs and caves absorbent areas turned up . Lorestan mountain and oak forests and beautiful waterfalls and scope of Shahu and Abidar in Kurdistan as well as a range of Sabalan and Sahand in Azerbaijan and Maragheh and Sarab , Ardebil and Meshgin city of Damavand in the Alborz and ... the major areas attract passengers It is summer . The areas most important winter sport in Iran can be Abali, Dizin, in the Alborz Mountains named SHEMSHAK and Resort .

Water Mineral one of the factors of tourism development in the area is considered to be . Looking at the map of the distribution of springs of mineral water you can see that most of these sources are active in the field of the Meshgin City , Sareyn , Maragheh , Larijan , AVAJ and ... concentrated there .

In general, waterfalls, springs and spas, natural and green areas are among the tourist and beautiful places of northwestern Iran, which are scattered in cities such as Sarab , Sarein , Meshginshahr , Namin and areas such as Azerbaijan , Ardabil and Kurdistan .

Attractions cultural and historical

Religious holy places

In centers and religious sites important hubs of tourist attractions make up the day . Mashhad, due to the shrine of Imam Reza ( AS ) the most religious hub of the country . Every year a large number of Iranian and foreign pilgrims from neighboring countries and Muslims in this city can be . As well as several buildings around the shrine, the courtyard of the mosque Goharshad and ... that the tiling, architecture and decorative arts from Interestingly, most Islamic religious buildings are used . The court of Imam Masoumeh ( AS ) in the religious city of Qom, Prince Abdolazim Hassani in the city of Rey and Shahcheragh son of Imam Kazem ( AS ) in Shiraz and the court of Seyyed Jalaluddin Ashraf , brother of Imam Reza in the city of Astana Ashrafieh are also among the important centers of religious tourism in Iran. the number of the process . In Mashhad because of the millions of pilgrims on holidays such as Nowruz hotels and entertainment centers, restaurants and there are many in this city .

Buildings and monuments

Fars province with monuments and antiquities prior to the date of petroglyphs and cave Dehmurd the village and the ancient monuments of Persepolis , Naqsh-e Rustam and the ruins of the pool, Pasargadae ( the tomb of Cyrus ) and grinding the historic village of Dehmurd with fire and hill several thousand years old and historical monuments " of Islam " as a mosque and a bathroom and Vakil bazaar Shiraz , Koran gate and mausoleum of Hafez and Saadi hub of the country's major cultural and historical tourism and cultural capital of ancient Persia to be . Isfahan despite Jahan Square , Ali Qapu building , the mosque of Imam Khomeini ( PBUH ) , the mosque of Sheikh grace of Allah , housed , thirty-three bridges , bridge Khajoo and Palace Chehel treasures of arts, architecture, miniature, tiling and carvings created and is considered the cultural capital of the Islamic Iran is known to be . East Azarbaijan province with many historical places such as the village of Kandovan , Maragha , Babek Castle nomads, Zahhak Castle , Red Dome Maragheh and in the city of Tabriz that as of the first of Iran known , and in 2018, as the capital of Tourism of Islamic Countries was chosen, with historic sites such as Arg of Tabriz ( Ali ) , mansion Elgoli , quarter-Rashidi , the Blue Mosque , the Grand Mosque , the Grand bazaar of Tabriz , Maqbaratoshoara , House municipalities , Qajar Museum , Museum of constitutional , Tower Fire , Tomb of perfection , museum pottery , Museum of Azerbaijan and ... the hub of tourism in the country is . Kermanshah province , despite the pre-Islamic monuments such as the Museum of the Paleolithic , stone paintings Nvbany straw , inscriptions Inscription ( the inscription of the world ) , Taq - Taq-oriented , Temple , statues of Hercules , Frhadtrash hills and hunting grounds and monuments after Islam Abbasi Caravanserai like, relying Vice-Mulk , relying Byglrbygy , Shafi'i Mosque, Mosque Madaldvlh , mosque and Haj Shhbazkhan, traditionally the largest market in the Middle East, architecture, mirror work, tiling, this province a hub of cultural tourism, historical Iran has created is .

Travel to Iran by plane

Travel to Iran by plane, traditionally the way the tourists to Iran it chooses to . Reducing travel time, as well as the greater well-being and comfort of airline service users, are some of the reasons why air travel is so popular and the first choice of tourists . Most people who buy a package tour Iran , with Iranian come . Depending on the duration of their trip and the tour manager provided them, may in Iran's domestic trips and travel from one city to another, or from other types of transport of choice for the benefit of Iran .

Travel expenses to Iran by plane

For people to travel to Iran tour package purchased, the cost of tickets bought on the package, which are considered to be . Who is scheduled to travel to Iran they should know that each airline individually different rates for air travel to Iran to help . Also keep in mind that the origin of your trip, ie the city from which you are going to come to Iran, is also effective in determining the cost of a ticket to Iran . The further away you are geographically, the more you have to pay . Also, if the airline more than the standard that you want to be considered for weighing luggage, cargo and packed bring with you, the cost of pay as a fine overload that is common in the world and all flights Not specific to Iran . When the collective and global desire for travel is greater, such as the Christmas holidays and Nowruz in Iran, you have to pay more for the ticket .

It is important to know to save money and buy a ticket We offer you went back to Iran . This means that it is better to determine your return time before the start of the trip and then prepare a return ticket to Iran, in this case you will save a lot of your expenses . There are many sites online ticket selling . Just fly on to the site to different flights at different prices to give you an idea on the choice according to your Shraytttan . For a better view of the cost of airfare to Iran, take a look at this table :



Cost ( round trip )



From $ 314 to $ 450



From $ 277 to $ 300



From $ 295 to $ 350



From $ 250 to $ 400

Road trip to Iran

Travel by road and vehicle Iran is dedicated to tourists in neighboring countries to the brand . What also backpacks and Cycle Tourists often travel to Iran through them . The citizens of all countries that Iran is the abolition of visas are the origins of Iran's borders can be established to travel to the country .. Unlike most countries in the world, fare buses and taxis in Iran is not only expensive, but cheaper most of the world's river .

Travel by ship to Iran

You do not have many options for sea travel to Iran . Only some countries and paths can travel to Iran . Iran ( Bushehr ) and Kuwait travel ship out . The Oman also can get yourself ship in Qeshm Free Zone . There is also a ferry from Muscat to Chabahar port . The cost of these trips due to the distance between the origin and destination are almost as expensive to be.

Travel by train to Iran

First of all, let us tell you that you do not have many options for traveling to Iran by rail . From some neighboring countries through international trains traveled to Iran . International rail travel is usually for those that ban or limit the use of airplanes used to be . So if you have no choice but to use trains and rail lines do not, you can get yourself into areas that have railway communication with Iran through the ports sure to Iran . This approach is a lot of demand, but given the circumstances and your taste is the best option to choose .

The city of Izmir, Ankara, Van and Istanbul in Turkey can be entered Iran by train . From Iran to Syria and vice versa, until the last few years, there were trains that have stopped using the railway lines between Iran and Syria due to the country's crises . Nakhchivan will also be entered Iran by train . Mashhad Nakhchivan train directly to the river . There are also trains between Iran and Baku . Low cost trip to Iran by rail and also the landscapes, one of the reason that some people prefer to make use of it for his trip to Iran . Also from Kuwait to Ahwaz also captures the traffic is . Keep in mind that the movement of the train only in a limited number of days for the month that it needed more time to plan out your trip before you out . The North-South Railway of Iran with the historic Versk Bridge is world famous and played an indirect role in World War II . It may also interest you to know Stations train Savadkooh, pass, de Gaulle, heather, red -Abad, Tirtash and Mirjaveh national index has been registered there .

Security in Iran

Contrary to some media propaganda , western , country is safe and harmless citizens and tourists not threaten it . In - recent, despite the strength of the group - terrorist and Taliban as the Islamic State in the Middle East and some of the attacks in the heart of Europe, the Iranian human rights of these measures and are especially safe island is known in the Middle East . Despite the relative insecurity that prevails in the world, not a single case of widespread terrorist incident has been reported in this country .

Residence in Iran

Iran is customary in tourist cities Native house they rent to travelers . This type of accommodation may cause problems with accident insurance . So in places that stay under the Tourism Organization of Iran can not . Hotels , guest hall and houses the local licensed, including places approved of the process . If the tour , the guide about accommodation trust Tourette .

Internet in Iran

Contrary to some media propaganda western Iran almost everywhere ( except the depths of the caves and mountains of ) the Internet and access to it is very simple . Just as soon as you disembark from your flight, your SIM card mobile phone sales center and get paid a very reasonable cost ( less than 15 dollars ) , buy a SIM card . Once you activate the SIM card, high-speed Internet access for you and you can help app audio and video with family and friends stay tuned . Tourist SIM card and passport to buy it appears to be .

Iran 3 operators to provide telecommunications and Internet services deal . The first mobile operator dedicated to providing services to tourists and MTN to pay and you can purchase a product called " SIM tourism " to use this service . Remember that the SIM card only 30 days validity . If you want to stay in Iran more time you can buy a SIM card of the operator Rightel or other types of MCI and Irancell SIM operators use .

Iranian money system

To pay for major travel such as a rental residence or taxis that take you from the airport to the hotel, you can find the euros, pounds or dollars to use . But for the cost of slightly more, you need to convert your money to an Iranian bank . Airport International Iran, there is money to make money . The hotel also benefit from such a possibility . Currency exchange valid in all major cities of Iran are working to get the services they use .

Cultural taboos in Iran

Staring at people, especially Iranian women and heterosexual kiss and embrace in place, the public is not compatible with the popular culture of Iran . Also a pioneer in the hands of men to women is contrary to etiquette is to come . Such cases are not very desirable in Iranian regulations . When photographing the cultural especially if the subject is an Iranian citizen, it is best to take . Iran also like a lot of people like their privacy to be respected .

Reward law in Iran

In terms of gratuity to the waiter or someone in the hotel room Barrett to win, not mandatory . These services are provided in exchange for the rights of the employer to take . Of course, you can optionally tip . This is about people who are special services that you provide, such as backpacks and carry your things in birding route is different .

Public beliefs in Iran

In Iranian culture, mosques, temples and Amamzad are respected and visit them as places of other religion in the world, requires common courtesy and humility . At noon and after a full sunset, due to congregational prayers, it is not possible for tourists to visit some large mosques . After a few minutes of prayer are not the result, no hits an obstacle .

Type of cover in Iran

Under Iranian law, women wear the hijab . However, Iranian veil in some countries apply what the difference is dramatic and varied and colorful . Any clothing that is not too thin and hands and feet and hair to cover up evidence of Iran's dress code and there are no restrictions in terms of the choice of colors and designs clothes . This level of hijab is enough for tourism in Iran . In other words, do not treat Iran as a radical with a veil and watching coverage of Iranian citizens will be realized .

The provisions of Man, wear the jacket without sleeves and pants that short stature, although no legal ban in public places is not conventional . It is necessary for women tourists in Iran to cover some of their hair . It is better for women tourists to have a scarf or shawl in their handbag to respect the culture of their host society so that they do not have any problems preparing it at the airport . If you do not have a scarf, special event, but spend a little time and money to buy it from the store not happen .

Iranian law was visiting the attractions of religious

Regulation of female tourists, to visit some attractions Iran's religious ( holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad - the shrine of Imam Reza in Qom - Shrine Shahcheragh in Shiraz and ...) have a special coating called " tent " use . In this appeal , tents free of charge for visitors to take . The Iranian tent cloth of the role of large and colorful and is the place to be . This cover is rooted in respect for its cultural and religious beliefs and an appeal is considered to be . Male tourists do not need to use tents . However the conventional coating Iranian men ( shirts and pants ) use .

Laws on alcohol and drugs

In terms of Iran, transport and use of alcohol and drugs, including marijuana on the premises of public center that officially prohibited for our customers serve liquor there . However, in Iran, as in many other countries, the smuggling and underground distribution of banned substances and beverages is a significant social harm .

Halal food in Iran

According to Iranian law, the only halal is . Halal food by preparing and serving alcoholic beverages not to be . Animal that is to be used to cook food meat, slaughtered a special way to be . The meat of some animals such as pigs, dogs, mice and ... because of the absence of solvents, used in Iran did not fall .

Considering the price tag in Iran

Most Iranian people of conscience and morality circuit of the process and in dealing with tourists, just do not . However, as everywhere in the world, there is very little chance of abuse by traders . When shopping, pay attention to the price tag of the products so that you do not have to pay unfairly . In many cases, the price of using the numbers written English are .

Behavioral characteristics of the Iranian people

Guest hospitality and friendly feelings prominent feature of the Iranian moral . So if the Iranians continue to face extreme that you invited to the home , giving you something as a memento gift the day, of seeing you taste excited are you taking pictures with the cast, email address or account Fysvktan can be made until later ask your health, you lose and you have to embrace the suck, do not be surprised .

Public transportation in Iran

Iran buses within the city into two parts divided are . It is better to enter the part that suits your gender . Also in routine services of taxis are such that 4 passengers ( a passenger in the front seat and three passengers in the back seat of a taxi ) ride there . If you want only passenger taxi, you must " taxi charter " that includes more spending is . In some big cities, in addition to the bus system for high-speed and metro applications - Taxi Finder are like Snap . With the purchase of an Iranian SIM card and install the app on your phone, you can use the services they use .

Health services in Iran

Hotel and many places of tourist, toilet bowls for trouble there and not sure . But in most places and there are no public toilets and have to use the toilet Iran . Iranian toilet on the floor and against the toilet seat state do not have . To use the Iranian toilet, you have to squat on the floor . Today, almost all toilets of the hose used to be . Remember that in most toilets in urban areas and among the public , the paper not be . ( Iran instead of paper, water for washing cleaning used to ). If you insist on using a handkerchief, put a few leaves in your handbag or pocket . To use some of the services the health of way, be costA little Pay . Of course, if you do not have cash and the cost of pay, someone will not be an obstacle to letting go the restroom .

Laws related to the coasts of Iran

According to Iranian law, swim or sunbathe on the beaches north and south of separate beaches for men and women takes place . Of course, walking on the beach and activities for sport and recreation are subject to gender segregation is not to be . There is also the issue of using the hotel pool . As well as to places of religious as the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, Imam Reza shrine in Qom as well as the shrine of Shah lights in Shiraz with special rituals of growing up to do . To the entrance of the attraction for women, men enter the door are different . After passing the entrance, women and men, tourists can be joined to each other and to their visit .

The best way to start a conversation in Iran

In Iran, if you want to ask for or demand someone to explain something to you or when you enter the shop / store / museum / restaurant / cafe and ... you know, say hello first . Greeting at the beginning of that dialogue with the Iranians, of respect, cultural norms and values can be . Saying " Hi, Health and the " importance of culture in Iran greet the head .

Traditional feeding practices in Iran

Unlike European food culture, most traditional Iranian dishes do not need a knife to be served . In most cases, spoons and forks you can easily eat . Some foods require only a spoon to use . Some of the bread is complicated by the desire to be .

Solo trips to Iran

Tourists backpack back what the tour as well as those who travel to Iran they are in complete security . However, it is better in places that are licensed by the Tourism Authority of residence and the movement of vehicles not valid .

Tourists love Iran, to which cities will travel to

You may find it interesting that in the eyes of most foreign tourists, Iran is a beautiful and lovable country with hospitable and kind people . People in Western countries are usually accustomed to traveling and recording their experiences, whether in the form of writing details or photographs and videos .

This good habit, which I hope will become common among us Iranians, will cause many people around the world to share their experiences . In this article, we describe some of these experiences . Experiences told by foreign tourists after their trip to Iran .

Read this article with us to understand how much Iran has been noticed by the people of the world in terms of nature, historical monuments, customs and culture, and what a rich, valuable and unique country we have, and we should be more proud of it .

French tourist : I love Iran

I am asked why I traveled to Iran? I answer that I am a tourist who loves Iran because the Iranian people are warm and hospitable . The name of this tourist is Cyril and he says that he visited the green cities of the north and the beautiful palm trees of the south of Iran, the dry desert and the tops of the snowy peaks and I enjoyed them .

A European tourist couple : A day trip to Isfahan was enjoyable .

Although they only had one day, they were determined to come to Iran and make Isfahan the destination of their trip . During their one-day trip to Isfahan, Martha and Jay, a European couple, decided to see the city's antiquities . They fell in love with the original architecture and special decorations of Isfahan's historical monuments .

They visited Naghsh Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque, Ali Qapo, 33 bridges and wrote about the memories and experiences of their one-day trip to Isfahan on tourist sites .

Jonathan English cyclist : The Iranian people are the most hospitable people in the world

Jonathan, who travels all over the world by bicycle, says after his trip to Iran that Iranians are the most loving people in the world . He says " am an ordinary day in July was from the Armenian border into Iran . I had heard contradictory definitions about Iran before and I was worried about the security situation in this country and I was not sure what was waiting for me .

But I realized that the Iranian people are very hospitable and I was invited to the homes of the Iranian people many times during my trip . Jonathan was in Iran for a month and enjoyed cycling in the desert of Iran and watching the starry desert sky at night and was surprised to see Alborz Mountain and the possibility of skiing there . Iran is a country where every tourist to love their work .

Robert A Polish backpacker : I will travel to Iran again

During his trip to Iran, he traveled to Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Hormoz and Yazd . He was so pleased with his trip to Iran and that he had become a guest of the Iranian people that he said he would travel to Iran again and this time he wanted to see northern Iran .

Japanese tourist : Nowruz sightseeing was an interesting tradition for Iranians

Kameh is a Japanese teacher who traveled to Iran and although he decided to stay in Iran for only one month, he extended his visa twice and stayed in Iran for three months . After the end of his trip, he spoke about the cultural diversity and kindness of the Iranians and enjoyed being with the Iranians at Nowruz parties and traveling to different cities in Iran .

According to him, the Iranian people are very humane and care about socializing and family relationships, and this culture is like the culture of the Japanese people .

American tourist : In Iran, you are smiled, shaken and invited to eat

This tourist was an American and stayed in Iran for two weeks . He traveled to various cities in Iran, including the tropics and cold regions of the country, and photographed men and women, ordinary people, passers-by, children playing, and anyone who was interested in him .

In these pictures, he tried to show the customs and lifestyle of Iranians . In his photos, which he published on his website after returning, he was shown pictures of women in chadors, students, businessmen, shop window mannequins, Persian food and historical sites .

In his opinion, the friendly relationship of the Iranian people with a foreign tourist is very good and lovable . Perhaps his attention to this issue is due to the cold culture of the American people who do not pay much attention to passers-by and pass by each other indifferently, while in Iran because of the culture of the Orientals and because of our special Iranian culture. We are interested in communication with each other and we consider the guest to be the beloved of God .

Chinese tourist : I do not feel alienated in Iran and I feel a long-standing friendship with Iranians

Brian Huang traveled to Iran several times and in his opinion, the beauties of Iran are no less than those of Europe . He was amazed to see Persepolis and Solomon . In his opinion, Iran is a beautiful country with four seasons . "I do not feel alienated in Iran and I seem to have an old friendship with the Iranian people and I may not have had this experience elsewhere in the world," he said .

He says that he loves Iranian culture and customs, so he has tried to learn Persian as well . He can now speak Persian with his Iranian friends .

Jimmy Dow's trip to Tehran : I'll travel to Iran again

This tourist experienced some disturbing moments in Iran, and although he saw irregularities at the airport, he decided to return to Iran again and travel to other cities because of the beauties of Tehran . He says about the experience of his trip to Iran: The moment I arrived in Iran, after enduring 4 hours of delay at the airport, I noticed that my luggage was lost . They stayed when I left Turkey, where I had gone before Iran, which I received from Turkey the next day .

Despite this, the tour in Tehran was interesting for me and I am happy to meet the hard-working and hopeful young Iranians who consider themselves free and strive for their goals and communicate with the world through digital media, and I will travel to Iran again. .

Polish girl : Another tourist in love with Iran

Anna Carstin came to Iran after traveling to many countries . She is a Polish girl and travels alone . After his one-month trip to Iran, he says that Iran is not as shown in the world media and I love Iran . He spoke about the hospitality of the Iranians, the beauty of the historical monuments of Yaran and the bustle of the cities, and the mystical atmosphere that prevails in the cities of Iran .

He spoke about the vastness and diverse climate of Iran and suggested to tourists that they can travel to different parts of Iran in different seasons . In his opinion, Iran is a great destination for tourists in terms of economy and kind people. From the point of view of this culture, Iranians who take off their shoes before entering the house have been interesting.


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    A Complete tour of Iran covering all the major cities and attractions to get a full understanding of all aspects of the country.

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  • We are now back home in Los Angeles and we already miss Iran More Details
  • Thank for you organising our wonderful trip to Iran More Details
  • ََWe really loved the sights your country has to offer and were absolutely amazed at the openness of the people More Details
  • Of the 109 countries I have been blessed to visit Iran have moved to NUMBER 1 as one of my most special of all places
    Of the 109 countries I have been blessed to visit Iran have moved to NUMBER 1 as one of my most special of all places More Details
  • Your prompt reply to me is a true sign of professionalism and greatly appreciated by me
    Your prompt reply to me is a true sign of professionalism and greatly appreciated by me More Details
  • Everybody loved, not just you country but specially the marvellous people from Iran More Details
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