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Iran Ski Tour in Dizin resort, Iran
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Tehran > car 80 km > Dizin


6 Days

Hidden treasure of Iran, ski. Dizin is a beautiful high resort with a long long ski season which typically begins in November and runs through the end of May

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Tochal is the nearest and the most crowded ski resort of Tehran which is located at the end of Velenjak st. 3km from Tajrish sq. in Shemiranat county. Tochal is the highest resort in Iran. It has 3 gondola lift lines, 3 chairlift lines and 1 ski lift (teleski) line with a total length of 7500m, that are comparable to the highest gondola lifts of the world.

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Dizin is not only the most important ski resort of Iran, but also it is the most authentic resort in middle east. Dizin is located in north of Tehran and it is the first ski resort in Iran which has been officially recognised and granted the international title by the ski federation for its capability in administrating official competitions.

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Pooladkaf is one the biggest ski resort in Iran. It is located in Fars province, Sepidan mountains in 15km from Sepidan road to Margoon waterfall, before Komehr rural district. Actually it is situated in 80km from the north of Shiraz. Pooladkaf which is known as Sepidan resort was opend in 2002 by the financial support of Pooladkaf industrial group and it has been exploited by the people from that time.

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Shemshak is the second largest ski resort after Dizin in Iran. This resort is located in 57km from eastern north of Tehran, near Shemshak city of Rudbare-e Qasran in Shemiranat county. You can go there through Lashkarak, Zardband, Karaj and Gachsar( only in summer).

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Sahand ski resort is located in 39km from eastern south of Tabriz that is far from the city about 40 minutes. This resort is being equipped these days and will have 12 lifts, 5 star and 3 star hotels, apartment complex, villas and sport palaces.

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Kakan ski resort is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province. If you want to skiing there you should go to Zagros hillside and Dena peak, 18km from Yasuj. This resort is near Kakan rural district and Abnahr, the height of the resort is 2600m.

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This resort is the highest ski resort of Iran central plateau with the height of 2360m from sea level and its peak is 3000m high. Fereydunshahr ski resort is one of the standard resorts in Iran. 35 degree steep of this resort distinguished it from other 22 resorts of Iran.

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Abali is the oldest ski resort in Iran which is located in 75km from Tehran, in Haraz road. Abali has 5 resorts that have facilities like gondola lift and ski lift. It also has tennis court, equitation, jumping, kite and place for medical aid.

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Papai ski resort is located in Zanjan province. It is the only standard ski resort of Zanjan which is among the 30 resorts of Iran with 80 hectares area and 35 degree unique steep.

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Khvoshaku ski resort is located in 30km from the west of Urmia in Razhan district. Khvoshaku resort is one of the Winter sport centres of western north of Iran and it has potential facilities such as mountains with well slope, beautiful landscapes,... Grass skiing is possible in khvoshaku which have 50 thousand cubic metres area.

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Bijar ski resort in kurdistan province is another resort that you can think of it for a Winter trip. This ski resort is located on Nesar hillside in Bijar of Kurdistan province and it is one of the five important playgrounds of this province that has gondola lift, chairlift, public parking, hotel and restaurant.

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Chelgard ski resort which is located in 85km from Shahrekord province is another resort that you can go there from these days until the end of March. The length of this resort is 800m and it has sunny weather in most days of Winter.


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