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Amazing nature with lots of adventures to try. A wilderness that has history and culture as if it’s still in the old days. Our primary goal is to utilize our passions to bring you an incredible experience of this beloved county.

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Fars which is called "Small Iran" is a four-season province that has different climates and various species of plants and animals. Sepidan is one of the unique parts of Fars province. Sepidan county is located in the western north of Shiraz in Fars province and Ardakan is the capital of the county. Sepidan is a cold county with a lot of apple and walnut trees, rivers, various ponds, and a waterfall. In winter the county is covered by heavy snow, and it has a cool pleasant summer, too.

Ardakan is the capital of Sepidan county. The word "Ardakan" means a kind of astrological shape or chart. Based on available sources, Ardakan is related to Achaemenid Empire. The existence of beautiful nature in this part of Fars province makes it attractive in all seasons of the year. In winter, this county becomes a suitable place for skiing, because of the sufficient fall of snow.


Now Sepidan county has one of the best and most standard ski resorts in Iran. In summer also the county is a suitable place for those who are interested in grass skiing. The amazing landscape there attracts everyone. Sepidan county is considered one of the most important natural four-season resorts of Fars province that has special attractions.


Sightseeing places in Sepidan Fars

Fars province is like a unique paradise that fascinates its travelers . Of course, you should know that the beauty of this lovely land is not only about its historical monuments, but it also has a lot to say about its natural landscapes . One of the attractions of Fars province is the sightseeing places of Sepidan city, which have a good variety and will surely delight you .

Where is Sepidan?

Sepidan city is located in the northwest of Fars province and 85 km from Shiraz city . The history of this land goes back to the Achaemenid period and according to some people it is the last residence of Alexander the Great before attacking Persepolis . Sepidan is located in the heart of a valley in the Zagros mountains and has cold winters and cool summers . What makes this area popular with tourists are waterfalls and gorges It is different, each of them challenges the nature walker with their own characteristics .

Polad Kef ski resort

If you are interested in winter sports and snow sports, we introduce Polad Kef ski resort in Sipdan to you . This track is known as one of the largest ski tracks in Iran , which has an area of about 500 hectares and serves tourists in most seasons of the year . Experiencing an exciting recreation and skiing on fresh snow is something that brings you to your senses and creates unforgettable moments for you . You can rent skis at Poladkaf ski resort and get a new experience by getting basic training from the instructors there . You can also use the cable car, ski lift, snowmobile and pedalo boats there and have a great time . Other facilities of this track include restaurants, coffee shops and guest houses , which are available to tourists at reasonable prices . Also, the 4-star PoladKaf hotel is ready to welcome you with the best facilities . Therefore, don't worry about your accommodation when traveling to Poladkaf ski resort .

Khallar Tower

One of the sightseeing places in Sepidan is called Khlar Tower, which is one of the historical monuments of this region . This tower belongs to the Safavid era and is located on the heights of Golbahari . Khalar Tower was built after the attack of Afghans and had a military use . Among its features , we can mention the quadrangular shape, which is designed with a height of 4 meters and a diameter of 3 meters . The first floor of the Khalar Tower was used to supply ammunition and food , and the auxiliary forces with guns stayed on the second floor . The third floor of the tower was also a fire house , where fire was kept . Today, Khlar Tower is visited by tourists with its simplicity and beauty , and many people visit it every year .

Cheleh Gah

Is it possible to travel to Sipdan and not see Cheleh Gah? This pleasant summer vacation area is one of the best places to see in Sepidan that will blow your mind . In this area, there are springs , rivers full of water, seasonal waterfalls, charming gardens and alleys of gardens full of plantain trees, which will delight you . If you are looking for a pristine place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Chele Gah is the right place for this . If you are lucky and you travel to this area, be sure to take your camera and take colorful photos .

Gambil Strait

Among other places of interest in Sepidan Fars, we can mention Gambil Gorge, which will fascinate you like Ferdows Brien . This gorge is located near the village of Saran Behesht Mekan and it is reached after passing through virgin grasslands and apple trees . Gambil Gorge will charm you with its flowing water, walnut trees, wild raspberry bushes and its dreamy landscape . If you are interested in challenging yourself and creating an extraordinary experience, Gambill Gorge is a great choice . It is good to know that this gorge also contains a cave and an adobe building that create a unique scene for photography .

Tizab Gorge

If you go 28 kilometers to the northwest of Sipdan, you will reach a gorge called Tizab , where a river with clear water flows . This permanent river, which supplies drinking water to the region, is considered a suitable place for swimming and summer recreation, and we suggest it to you to escape from the heat . It is not bad to know that Tizab Gorge is surrounded by a forest full of oak, almond and walnut trees and you can camp there after a fun swim . Of course, there are acceptable facilities such as pavilions, supermarkets and rest platforms that are used by adventurers . If you like to travel to Gambil Gorge, we suggest that you consider the spring and summer seasons for this and enjoy being there .

Rudshir Strait

Among other places of interest in Sepidan city, we can mention Rudshir Gorge, which is located near the village of the same name . This gorge is about 1 kilometer long and on the way to it, you will pass 3 beautiful waterfalls that will reduce the fatigue of walking . One of these waterfalls is about 15 meters high and you can take a dip next to it . Among the other beauties of the route of Rudshir Gorge, we can mention the numerous springs and pleasant scenery that refreshes you and gives you unforgettable moments .

Gordan Strait

If you have bought your plane ticket and want to travel to Fars province, don't forget to visit Ghor Dan Gorge . This gorge is one of the most beautiful sights in Sepidan, which is located near the village of Imamzade Ismail . In the heart of this charming gorge, there is a 10-kilometer long river that creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and makes you want to relax ! Also, there are almond, arjan and baneh trees in the middle of Ghordan Gorge, where you can sit in their shade and rejuvenate . If you are thinking about where to choose for fun and camping on hot summer days, we suggest that you don't neglect the Ghor Dan Gorge .

Morzian Waterfall

reminds you of legendary stories in winter with its ice lanterns . This waterfall, which is located in the suburbs of Morzian village, is about 2300 meters from the sea level and its water flows into the Ker River . When traveling to this area, don't forget to wear appropriate shoes and clothes and take your camera with you . Morzian waterfall has a beautiful view around it and we suggest that you definitely include it in your travel plan .

Chikan waterfall

Chikan waterfall is one of the other interesting places in Sepidan, Fars province, which is located not far from Margun waterfall and near the village of the same name . This beautiful waterfall, like the other mentioned waterfalls, has attractive views and offers you peace . Also, in the winter season, we see ice lanterns that create a dreamy landscape and you are tempted to take a souvenir photo next to them . For this reason, don't forget to include sightseeing next to Chikan waterfall in your itinerary and enjoy being there .

Margoon waterfall

We reached the flagship of Sepidan waterfalls , Margun Waterfall Being located on the common borders of Fars, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces , it is very popular . This unique waterfall is about 70 meters high and 100 meters wide and is known as one of the highest waterfalls in Iran . The water of this waterfall is supplied from a spring in the heart of the mountain and irrigates all the surrounding forests . There are apple trees , hawthorn and barberry bushes around the Margon waterfall where you can sit and rest in their shade . Also, in recent years , facilities such as toilets, platforms and parking have been built in this area, which are used by tourists . Due to the existence of acceptable services, many nature tourists go to Sepidan and Margon waterfall in the form of group tours every year .

Other Sights of Sepidan

There are many places to see near Sepidan, and among the rest of them, we can mention Barm Firouz Lake, which surprises every tourist with its enchanting meadows and scenery . Also, Golbahari Tower, Ruknuddin Tower, Melian Hill, Shesh Pir Spring, Ali Abad Mill, Tal Chagha, Imamzade Sultan Shahbazi Mausoleum, Imamzade Pir Murad are among the other attractions of Sepidan, which despite not being very popular, are still popular . are visited .

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