Isfahan Hotels

Isfahan Hotels

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

One of the most significant buildings of that period is the Abbasi Caravanserai of Isfahan, which was built in 1128 by Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid and was dedicated to his mother as Madrashah School. In 1957, Iran Insurance Company, by purchasing this building and turning it into a guest house, and changing its name to Shah Abbas Guest House, both preserved a valuable historical building and revived the memory of its first use (ie passenger accommodation) in the new form of a guest house.

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Isfahan traditional hotel is one of the historical buildings and is a remnant of the Safavid era with a history of four hundred years that has changed its use. The hotel is located in an old garden alley in the heart of the city's historic fabric, close to the city's shopping and shopping centers.


Setareh Hotel Esfahan

It is located in the center of the city, 5 min. to Naghshe Jahan square(Imam square). Most(80%)of the attractions are close to each other. So it is quite easy to travel intercity and visit different places.

Piroozi Hotel Isfahan

It is located in center of the city, in Chahar Bagh street. It is 5 min. walk from the hotel to the historical and tourist sights.
It is close to Chehel Sutun and Naghsh Jahan square

Melal Hotel Isfahan

On the bank of Zayandeh Rood river view of Sio Se Pol bridgr. Near the Chahar Bagh and historical attractions of Isfahan. 4 Single bed rooms, 16 Double bed rooms, 13 three bed rooms, three suites. 30 Min from the airport.

Safir Hotel Isfahan

Safir Hotel with attractive traditional architecture is located in the historical city of Isfahan. The hotel is close to the major historical and tourist sights of Isfahan including Madreseh-e Chahar Bagh.

Jolfa Hotel Esfahan

Located near to the city center.  Near the Naqhsh-e Jahan and historical bridges.  31 double rooms, 12 triple rooms, 12 suites, 5 royal suites.

Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

It is located in the center of the city. It is quite close to the famous historical monuments, places and shopping centers. With a nice view of Soffeh mount, it is next to the river Zayandeh Rud.

Ali Qapu Hotel Isfahan

Luxerious Ali Ghapu Hotel with tradtional architcture is located in the center of city. It has a beautful scenery to Chahar Bagh Ave., Chahar Bagh school, the Hasht Behesht and Chehel Sutun palaces and the Naghsheh Jahan square.

Sadaf Hotel Isfahan

It is located in the center of the city. It is quite close to the famous historical monuments, places and shopping centers. With a nice view of Soffeh mount it is next to the river Zayandeh Rud.

Tourist Hotel Esfahan

It is located in the center of the city and near the important historical sites of Isfahan.  2 single rooms, 20 double rooms, 5 suites.

Aseman Hotel Esfahan

The hotel is located nearby of the beautiful river of Zayande Rood river.  90 rooms

Hasht Behesht Hotel Apartment Esfahan

located near the Imam Square(Naghsh-e Jahan)  4 double beds suite, 9 one bed room Apartments

Malek Hotel Esfahan

Hotel Malek is located in center of Isfahan, closed to important historical sites . Isfahan's MALEK HOTEL is located in the city center (Ancient part of city)

Azadi Hotel Esfahan 3 Star

It is located in center of city of Isfahan, with a nice view and bright rooms. The Hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Isfahan

Pardis Hotel Apartment Esfahan

Located in the city center and near the city attractions.  (2) two bed Suites, (6) one bed room Apartments with 2,3,4 beds, (2) two bed room Apartments with 5 beds

Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Hotel located in city center , with a nice view and bright rooms.The Hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Isfahan, makes it easy to access historical monuments and commercial and sightseeing centers.

Khatoon Hotel Apartment Esfahan

Easy access to the market, tourism sites, historical monuments and museums. 15 suites




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