Interesting facts about Rasht
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The city of Rasht, due to its natural and historical attractions, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran. Rasht city is the center of Rasht city and Gilan province. The city is also known as the city of silver rains due to its annual rainfall.

The city of Rasht, due to its natural and historical attractions, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran.

Rasht city is the center of Rasht city and Gilan province. The city is also known as the city of silver rains due to its annual rainfall.

Rasht enjoys many natural, historical, and human attractions; This has made this region one of the most popular tourist destinations. And it attracts many tourists to this beautiful city.

In this article, we have discussed some interesting facts and points about this beautiful and lively city.

1. According to the census in 1335, the population of Rasht was 100,000. Today, however, the city has a population of one million.

2. 76% of the region's population is urban and 24% is rural.

3. The largest and most populous city in northern Iran among the coastal cities is Rasht.

4. Among the cities of the country, the highest population density is relative to the area for Rasht.

5. Rasht is the third largest tourist city in Iran. Annually 12 to 15 million tourists visit this region.

6. The city of Rasht is located in a part of the Gilan plain, which is located in the southern plains of the Caspian Sea and in the western margin of the Sefidrood delta.

7. Rasht has hot and sultry summers and cold and wet winters. The average annual maximum temperature is 20 degrees and the minimum temperature is 11 degrees.

8. Also, this city is located at the top of the rainy cities of the country with an average rainfall of 135 days a year. The average annual rainfall in this city is 1359 mm.

9. In Rasht, there are two rivers, Goharrood and Zarjoub, which are located in the east and west of this city. These two rivers meet in the Pir Bazar area of ​​Rasht and then enter Anzali Lagoon.

10. According to available documents, the old name of this city was "Biha". According to dictionaries, Bih is the area between two rivers.

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11. Rasht Municipality is one of the oldest municipalities in the country, which was established in 1286 AD. Today, the city has five municipal districts, each of which is divided into three districts.

12. There are various theories for naming Rasht. One of the theories is derived from the concept of "Rasht", meaning "placed in a low place"; Which refers to the plain climate of this region.

Also, according to the theory of Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, because the main construction of the city was in 900 AH and the word "Rasht" is in the abjad account of 900, this name has been chosen.

Another theory refers to the meaning of the word "rash", which in Gilaki means "a lot of rain".

13. The language of the people of this region is Gilaki. On the other hand, most of the people of Rasht are Shiites; However, some of them are Sunnis and a small number are Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews.

14. Rasht used to be the center of Iran's textile production. In recent years, many large industrial factories in Rasht have closed down. Today, the city of Rasht is considered one of the agricultural hubs in the country. This region is also one of the major producers of steel and nano cancer drugs in the country.

15. Rasht, with 10% rice production, ranks first in the field of rice production in the country.

16. There are 19 governmental and non-governmental university units in Rasht.

17. Rasht Industrial City was established in 1974 in the south of this region. This industrial city, located in the south of Rasht, is one of the five largest industrial cities in the country and the second-largest private industrial city in Iran. There are currently 280 industrial units in the city, of which 140 are operating.

18. The most important handicrafts of this region are woolen handicrafts, mat weaving, tent weaving, and embroidery.

19. The city of Rasht joined UNESCO in 2015 as a creative city in the field of food science. According to UNESCO standards, a creative city is a city that uses the innovations and capabilities of its citizens in urban development. Rasht is the only city in Iran along with 18 other cities in the world that is registered in the field of food science in UNESCO.

20. Finally, it is interesting to know that in 1290, the first bus in Iran was used by a Belgian businessman in Rasht.


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