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In this article, you are going to know the most beautiful forests of Iran. Although Iran is known as a hot, dry and desert country, it is not like there are no green forests with tall trees. It is interesting to know that there are three million and four hundred thousand hectares of forests in the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range and the coastal cities of the Caspian Sea, and the extent of forests in other parts of the country reaches three million hectares.

Due to the cool air and their beauty and charm, the forests are the perfect place for those people who suffer from the daily life of the city and its pollution and noise to find their peace again. It should be noted that the forests of Iran are not only in the northern areas of Iran. Here we introduce you to some forests that you don't even know exist.

List of the most beautiful forests in Iran
As the spring season approaches, every family chooses a destination to spend their holidays. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful forests of Iran are a travel destination for half of the people during Nowruz holidays, because the coolness of the forest environment and their pristine scenery, especially in the spring season and when the flowers are blooming, brings a lot of pleasure.

The number of forests in our country is not small, and it is definitely not easy to find the one you like among them, that's why we have selected the best ones for you in this article. These include:

The lush forest of Gisum
One of the most spectacular forests in northern Iran is Gisum forest. Gisum forests, which are more than 80 hectares in size, are beautiful because of the greenness of the trees that reach the coast. 76 plant species have been identified in Gisum, of which 21 species are woody and the remaining species are herbaceous. Apart from walking between the trees and breathing in the fresh air, all facilities are available for a fun lunch in the Gisum forest. You can also sit in gazebos or swim and lie on Gisum beach and buy Iranian souvenirs.

In this forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, don't worry about staying and eating, it is full of restaurants and beach villas. Visadar waterfall should not be missed when traveling to Gisum. This area is 10 kilometers away from Rudkhan Castle and Islam. This forest is located 17 km away from Talash. To access it, go from Astara to Rasht, after reaching Pere Sar, go 5 km further. The entrance to the forest is on the right side of the road.

Dalkhani forest
Dalkhani forest, known as Dalan Behesht, is located 30 km southeast of Ramsar in northern Iran. In addition to being pristine, this forest also has a very beautiful fog. This forest has one of the closest distances to the sea. So that after 10 kilometers, the beach will be in front of you. Dalkhani starts from the beginning of Mirza Kochakh Khan road and the forest path continues to the beautiful suburbs of Janet Rudbar, Gersamaser and Glin. There are also restaurants on this route where you can enjoy the traditional dishes of the northern cities of Iran.

Dalkhani forest, which is one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, is located on the way from Ramsar to Tenkabon. To access it, you can either cross the Mirza Kochch Khan road to Dalkhani, or after traveling for about 7 kilometers on the Ramsar asphalt road to Tenkabon, you will reach the three-way Jannet Rudbar. 23 kilometers later, Dalkhani forests are in front of you.

Arsbaran forests
Arsbaran forests are located in the northeast of East Azerbaijan and at a distance of 221 km from Tabriz. Arsbaran is also known as Qaradagh because of its many mountains. UNESCO has called these forests a biosphere. Arsbaran has many tourism opportunities. It also has the best weather in spring and summer. In summer, the air temperature in this area reaches 15 degrees and does not exceed 23 degrees on the hottest days of the year.
Arsbaran, which is considered a national park, has a great variety of animals. 220 species of birds, 38 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 48 ​​species of mammals and 22 species of fish live in this area. Arsbaran is one of the most beautiful forests in Iran and has very rich vegetation. Approximately 15% of Iran's herbaceous species are in this region, 46% of which are medicinal, 20% ornamental and 17% edible. Most of the trees in this area are oak, kikem, barberry, wild pomegranate, wild apple, pear, wild raspberry, etc. Arsbaran has a common border with Ahar, Kalibar and Warzghan. If you are interested in Iran's ecotourism and want to go hiking, don't miss Babak Castle on the way to Arsbaran.

Mangrove forest, Qeshm
Qeshm Island is known as the land of seven wonders and the mangrove forest is one of these wonders. The mangrove forest in this island is known as green gold and is the habitat of trees that have roots in water. Mangrove forests with an area of ​​22,000 km are located on the coasts of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The trees of this forest are green throughout the year and their length reaches 3 to 6 meters.

Mangrove, which is a kind of plant from the Shah Pashand family, grows strangely on the mother tree and produces seedlings. Then it gets separated from the tree and falls into the marsh. The exceptionality of these forests with their age of 30 to 40 million years is because they live in salty water.

Qeshm mangrove forest, which is one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, has created a suitable environment for the life of various birds and animals around it. For this reason, many different species of birds can be seen around it. Birds that some live in the same areas and some enter the land to pass the migration season.

Nahankhoran forest
Naharkhoran is the name of a village in Golestan province. Today, Naharkhoran has turned into a forest park and is located 8 kilometers south of Gorgan. The climate of this area is pleasant and very moderate. This forest with the expansion of Gorgan city has been connected to the city, which is one of the main streets of the city today. Diners in autumn are very beautiful and spectacular. This forest dates back to the Jurassic period, about 40 million years ago.

Abr (cloud) Jungle
Many people think that Semnan province is a desert region. But this notion is completely wrong. Because after passing through its dry area, a stunning forest called Abar will appear in front of your eyes, which is truly one of the most beautiful forests in Iran. This forest surrounded by clouds is located 45 km north of Shahrood city. Abar forest is a part of Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests. It is not bad to know that the Hyrcanian forests are the second natural work of Iran after the Shahdad desert, which is registered in the UNESCO world heritage list. This forest is 40 million years old.

Swadkoh beech forest
A trip to the virgin forests of Swadkoh will be a very exciting experience for nature lovers. To get there you have to pass through tall trees and dense forests. Beech forest is one of the best tourist destinations for beauty lovers. The trees of the beech forest are so tall that they are literally in the sky and, when they roll in the mist, create a mysterious atmosphere. The silence of this forest is so deep in the fog that it is almost impossible to break it.
Walking in the beech forest, which is one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, and breathing in its infinitely gentle air, separates a person from all worries. The view is always beautiful, but in autumn it is literally stunning. The beech tree is almost rare everywhere, but it is abundant in beech forests and high mountains, especially in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces. In a place of more than two thousand meters, you can find all kinds of trees. The beech tree is covered with abundant foliage.
The best time to travel to this forest is from late March to early December. The fall of leaves has given this forest a special beauty. In winter, it is a bit difficult to access this forest and you will need special equipment.

Alangdare Forest Park
One of the most beautiful forest parks in northern Iran with special vegetation is located in Gorgan city. This vast forest with many rivers and spectacular springs is called Alangdare and is known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Golestan province. Alangdare Park, which is one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, has been selected as one of the 7 model tourism areas in the country and has been preserved to attract tourists over the past years. An asphalted road passes through Alangdare Park where you can walk and enjoy its unique environment.

This forest has an area of ​​185 hectares and is located 5 kilometers southwest of Gorgan on the road to Nahar Khoran. The climate of this region is at least 10 degrees cooler than urban and densely populated areas. Alangdare is located on the slopes of the northern forests, which are covered with all kinds of trees. It has a river and several beautiful springs, not to mention that it welcomes many tourists in all seasons of the year.

In the spring and summer season, the cool and pleasant air of the forest, in the autumn season, the beautiful coloring of the trees, and in the winter, the spectacular snow cover welcomes nature tourists to this place. In spring and summer, this area is full of urban and rural visitors who come here to cool off on hot and sunny days. The springs of Alangdare are unique in their kind.

Alimistan forest
Elimistan is the name of another one of the most beautiful forests in Iran. As its name suggests, this forest is the place where a plant called "Elima" germinates, from which it is said that the name of the forest is derived. The beautiful nature of this forest is a suitable destination for foreign tourists and local people in the summer season. If you are a mountaineer, the snowy peak of Elimistan and its spectacular views will be a good choice for you, but it is recommended to consider climbing in summer and spring when the weather is lovely. This peak is about 2510 meters above sea level.

Another activity you can do in this forest is cycling. Elimistan is a popular destination for cyclists. Just remember, there are no bike rentals there and you have to bring your own bike. One of the interesting points on the way to reach the peak of Elimistan is the footprints of Rostam. According to local legends, these two huge holes in the ground were created when Rostam, a legendary hero of Persian mythology, knelt down and drank from the sea. Most likely, the holes are the result of two meteorites hitting the earth. Read more about Elimistan, one of the most beautiful forests in Iran.

Don't forget to bring your camera! This is a beautiful and perfect spot and you won't get tired of taking pictures. If you want to camp in Elimistan, bring the necessary equipment such as flashlight, first aid kit, suitable clothes and GPS. You can take help from local tour guides who are from the village.

Nayangiz forest, Khorramabad
Nayangis forest can be considered as one of the most beautiful and pristine forests of Iran. This forest is located in a village of the same name in Khorram Abad, and in its heart, there are many oak trees, a waterfall, and amazing views. Nayangis is one of the most well-known and visited forests in the country, and many tourists see it on their trip to Lorestan. If you want to see one of the most beautiful forests in Iran, don't miss the opportunity to see this forest during your trips to Lorestan province.

The view of the oak trees of this forest is truly commendable and amazing. The best season to visit the Nayangi forest is spring because it receives the most rainfall of the year and the water of the waterfall and its rivers are plentiful.



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