18 best road trips in Iran
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What are the best road trips in Iran?

Road trips in Iran do not end with Chalus Road and Hiran Pass, and in our beloved country of Iran, there are thousands of colorful and beautiful roads that will take you to the unique and green destinations of the country. In the meantime, some road routes have a unique view and perspective, which has made people go to these roads regardless of their destination and enjoy the feeling of breathing in the heart of nature. In this article, we will introduce you to the best roads in Iran in terms of landscape and beauty, so stay with us.

The best routes for road trips in Iran

Iran is a vast country with many geographical differences throughout the country. Every corner has its own beauty and unique features. In addition to the natural beauty and attractions, the customs, food culture and language spoken by the people of each region are also different. One of the best and cheapest ways to explore the country is traveling with your character's car.

Chalous Road

Among road trips in Iran, Chalus road is one of the most memorable and famous roads in the north of the country and many people have memories with this road. This road is one of the busiest road routes in Iran due to its proximity to Tehran and the access route to the northern cities of Iran, especially in Mazandaran province. Chalus road is about 160 km long and along this winding road you will pass through the greenest forests and the most beautiful mountains.

In different parts of Chalus road, natural attractions, villages with good weather and beautiful summer areas attract many tourists to this road in different seasons of the year. At the beginning of Chalus road from Karaj, you reach the Karaj river and Amir Kabir dam. This river is considered the only access route to Varian village, of course, boating to this village is only possible for its residents, and the general public is not allowed to travel to Varian village.

Islam Road to Khalkhal; The earthly paradise of Iran

The northern cities of Iran have beautiful and green roads in their heart due to their climate and geographical conditions. The road from Islam to Khalkhal is one of the most beautiful roads in the northern provinces of the country, which starts from the city of Islam in Gilan province and continues to the city of Khalkhal in the south of Ardabil province. This road is one of the greenest and rainiest roads in the north of our country, and due to its high altitude, it has a cold climate. Even on hot summer days, this route has a cool climate, so it is better to bring extra clothes to travel on this road.

The beginning of this road near the city of Islam begins with a thick cover of trees, which are placed on both sides of the winding road, and the sunlight shines through the leaves of the trees. On the way, you will reach green and open plains located at the foot of snowy mountains. This road, like many forest roads in the north of Iran, is largely unspoiled and has relative facilities. The most prominent attraction of this road is Almas Pass, which is located 60 kilometers from Islam. There are wooden huts to stay in this area and staying in them can be very memorable.

Regarding the time of road trips in Iran, the best time to travel to Islam-Khalkhal road is spring and summer. In May, the plains of this road are full of anemones and the trees are full of greenery and blossoms. This road has a length of 70 km, and among other attractions around it, we can mention "Yilagh Village", "Yilagh Dashte", "Neor Lake" and "Nare Gar Waterfall". These sights are located at a short distance from Islam Road and they can be accessed from the side roads around this route.

The villages and settlements on this road are among the most beautiful summer residences in Iran, and by staying and walking in them, you will enjoy the pristine and eye-catching nature of this area. On this road, there are various mountain climbing and forest climbing routes for those interested, so don't rush to pass this beautiful road and make sure to set aside time to explore the pristine nature of this area.

Tabriz to Jolfa road

After a full tour of the historical and beautiful city of Tabriz and visiting places such as: its busy market, Blue Mosque and... Enter the road and drive to the historical village of Kandavan, which is about an hour away. Kandavan village is more than 3000 years old. Its honeycomb-shaped houses are carved into the volcanic rocks of the extinct Sahand volcano. Once you believe that there are still people living in these houses in this modern world, continue on your way and drive on the windy road to Jolfa.

17 kilometers west of Jolfa, you will reach a valley with a pleasant climate, where the Church of St. Stephen is located, and it is only 3 kilometers away from the Aras River. In the neighborhood of this church (20 km north of Chaldaran) is Qara Kesila and only 12 km after it is Zor Zor Church (Church of the Holy Mary).

Tour in Kurdistan province

Kurdistan province and its endless beauty! Its beauty is not limited to its high lands and diverse landscapes, but the culture and customs of its people are also very spectacular. To travel in this province, start your journey with the center of Sanandaj city and then continue your journey towards Palengan village. A beautiful and old village with spectacular springs! Tangiyur Valley is only 800 meters away from the village. Continue on the path to Oraman, Reach another terraced village. The raging Sirvan river also passes by it.

Head north until you reach the lost paradise, Lake Zarivar. 70 km south of Diwandre city, you reach Karfto Caves. A limestone cave belonging to the third geological period, which is famous for its Greek inscription. As you know, winters in Kurdistan are hard and cold. But spring and summer are suitable for traveling to it.

Dohzar Jungle Road; A mysterious path

The famous Dohazar road is one of the most beautiful forest paths in the north of Iran, which starts from Shaheswar (Tenkabon) and continues to the heart of Dohazar forests. This road goes up in a mountainous path covered with green plants and has the most beautiful views of the Caspian Sea and the green areas of northern Iran. On the way to the forest road, you will be accompanied by a beautiful river and the dense trees of this forest will cover your head.

In the middle of this road, there are different forest paths that are the most dreamy paths for nature lovers. If you are interested in forest climbing, with the right tools and an experienced guide, you can go to the sea and walk to the high bungalows of this forest. The best time to go to Dohazar Forest Road is from late summer to late autumn. In the spring season, this forest has indescribable beauty. In winter, although the weather is cold and rainy; But there is no snow. Snowfall is not common in this region and the precipitations are in the form of rain and torrential in winter.

Among the most important summer camps around the Dohazar forest road, we can mention "Asal Mahaleh" and "Aghuzhal", and the most popular mountains among climbers in this forest are Gard Kouh, Sialan and Siahkol mountains. Access to the Daryaser plain is also possible from this forest by a long walk, which, of course, requires proper planning, necessary tools and equipment, and an experienced guide. Dohzar forest is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas for road trips in Iran, and access to the Dohazar forest road is possible from Khorram Abad city, south of Shaheswar. The signposts in this area are good guides for entering the Dohazar Forest Road.

Ardabil to Astara road; Hiran's beautiful fragrance

The road from Ardabil to Astara is 80 kilometers long and passes through the most beautiful green areas in the northwest of Iran. This area is located on the border between Gilan and Ardabil provinces, both of which are among the greenest northern provinces of Iran. The reason for the fame of this road is due to the location of Hiran pass along it, which is considered one of the most beautiful road trips in Iran.

In addition to visiting Hiran Pass, you can also plan to visit Fandakhlo Forest on the Ardabil-Astara road. This beautiful forest is located on the side road of Dodran-Fandalo road. The beginning of the road to Fandaghlo Forest is located 27 kilometers away from Ardabil city and the Forest of Fandaghlo is in the middle of this road. The continuation of Dodran-Fandalo road reaches Hiran Pass. Hiran cable car is also located on the same road.

Among other prominent natural areas on the Ardabil-Astara road, we can mention "Hirkan National Park", which covers a wide area and is located near the city of Astara. This protected area is a part of the Hyrcanian forests of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is located 20 kilometers before the city of Astara on the border with Iran. Hirkan National Park starts from 30 km before Astara on the west side of the road and continues up to 10 km from this city and its extent extends to Azerbaijan. The road from Ardabil to Astara is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, and you can enjoy beautiful nature along the way.

Yazd to Naiband road

If you are a desert fan, take a road trip to Naiband. Along the way, you will get to know the life in the heart of the desert, and the inhabitants of the villages on the way will welcome you with hospitality and open arms. Naiband is a remote village, full of fruit and palm trees, and in the background are mud and brick houses and desert mountains. The wildlife around the village is also amazing and many animals live there.

If you plan to go from Yazd to Kerman, you can include Kharanaq village, 85 km from Yazd city, in your plan. The village has historical monuments, numerous mines and rare animals.

Excursion in Qeshm Island

To transport your character's car, you can take it to Bandar Abbas and transfer it to the island by ship. The nature of Qeshm is one of the most beautiful and pristine natural beauties of Iran. Probably, driving on this 1500 square kilometer island will be one of your most lasting trips. On the east coast of the island, you can explore the highlands of Naz Island. The dolphins of Hengama Island, the salt caves, the valley of the stars, the Portuguese castle, and the mangrove forests are among its other attractions. In the meantime, you can learn more about the culture of the people of the island. In a part of Qeshm, people still make their wooden boats by hand.

Tehran to Shiraz road

A journey from the modern and modern capital of Iran to the heart of ancient Iran! In addition to the sights of the cities of origin and destination, there are many sights ahead of you along the way. At the beginning of the route, you reach the city of Qom. You can visit the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh and visit the old market of Qom. A little further you will reach the salt lands and the salt lake. The historical houses of Kashan and the red village of Abyaneh are also your sights. And after all these sights, the city of Isfahan (half of the world) is on your way. After that, you will reach the beautiful city of Shiraz, which has countless sights.

The shores of the Caspian Sea

Whichever way you come to these beautiful beaches with a world of Observers and cultures, customs and diverse foods. In the west of it, Anzali port is the caviar breeding center. You can board a boat and go to Anzali Lagoon and enjoy seeing its beautiful water lilies. After that, you will reach the beautiful city of Ramsar and at the eastern end, the port of Turkmen and the village of Ashuradeh, and you will have one of the most exciting road trips in Iran. Along the way, in addition to enjoying the wonderful nature, the cultural and linguistic difference from Gilki to Mazandarani and then Turkmen will surprise you.

Saravan to Foman road; A place to drown in dreams

Saravan-Foman road is one of the greenest places for road trips in Iran and in Gilan province, and there are many attractions on this road. On this road, you can visit the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, which is located in an open area with beautiful nature. One of the most important natural attractions on this road is the Saravan and Saqalaksar lakes.

The Saravan-Foman road is one of the green roads in Gilan province, which is 45 kilometers long and shortens the access of these two cities to each other. The busy road in this area is the road that leads Saravan from Rasht to Foman. Although the second route is longer, it has more traffic due to passing through Rasht.

The best time to travel to Saravan-Fomen road and visit its attractions is in spring and early summer. At this time, the water of Saravan lake is filled with a green cover of natural mosses and creates beautiful scenery. This lake is located at the entrance of Saravan Forest Park. "Saqalaksar Lake" is also one of the other attractions of this route, which is considered a very beautiful place for recreation on this road, especially in spring.

In addition to enjoying the natural attractions on this route, you can also enjoy the surrounding green fields, vegetation and thick trees on this road. To enter the Saravan-Foman road, after Saravan and before entering the city of Rasht, on the Qazvin-Rasht highway, through the exit of the Foman road, take the left path towards the west.

Philband Road; Flying above the clouds

The road of Filband village is located in a mountainous path with very pleasant weather on the Haraz road, which even in hot summer days, the weather is cool and springy. This area is blocked in winter due to snowfall, and traffic is not possible on this road during cold and rainy winter days. So it is not recommended for road trips in Iran in winter. The road of Filband village is very steep due to being on a mountain path, and heavy rains throughout the year make it more difficult to travel.

The more you go along the Philband road, the more beautiful views will dazzle you. Along the way, the green and wide plains with single trees among them will attract your attention. Around this road there are small and big water springs, the most famous of which is "Lar spring". Filband village is located at the end of this road and it is known as "Bam Mazandaran".

The best time to travel to Filband road and village starts from mid-spring and lasts until the end of summer. In spring, you can see rain, sun and rainbow on this beautiful road. At the end of Filband road, you will reach the highest point of Mazandaran province. If you go to this area early in the morning, you can walk above the clouds. At the height of Filband village, the most beautiful plains of Mazandaran are under your feet, and the surrounding landscapes are unique views of this province. This area is close to Alimestan forest and Chelaw forest, Sangchal village and Pashakla village are among the most beautiful attractions around Filband road.

To reach Filband village road, you have to drive about 140 km from Tehran on Haraz road to reach the beginning of this road. The closest cities to Filband road are Amel and Babol. This road is about 30 kilometers long.

Javaherdeh Road; The bride of North Iran

The road from Ramsar to Javaherdeh is one of the other northern roads for road trips in Iran, which brings the bride of the northern cities, Ramsar, to one of the most beautiful villas in Mazandaran called Javaherdeh. This 28 km road passes through beautiful landscapes along its winding route. Javaherdeh Ramsar village is located on the slopes of Samamos mountains and is considered one of the northern cold areas.

Ramsar-Javaherdeh road passes through green plains next to snowy slopes. Along the distance of this road, there are many villages and "Safarud River" will accompany you. In autumn and spring, this road is covered with fog and the beauty of the surrounding nature is double. In summers, this road is more suitable for traffic and the air is much cooler than the surrounding areas, but to go to this road in winter, you must have the necessary equipment.

Among the sights on Javaherdeh road, we can mention Safaroud Forest Park, which is located near Javaherdeh village and its environment is suitable for camping in nature and forest climbing. On the slopes around Javaherdeh road, there are beautiful villas with green plains, visiting them especially in spring can create a dreamy memory for you. "Dasht Lepaser" is located on the slopes of the mountains, adjacent to the village and Javaherdeh road, and mineral water springs flow throughout it. To visit this area, you need to do some hiking.

Hajij road to Oraman; Unique and strange

In this part of the article on road trips in Iran, we will say goodbye to the north of the country and go to Kermanshah province. The road from Hajij to Oraman Takht is one of the most unique roads in Iran, which is located on the mountain route.

It is beautiful in the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah. The villages of this area have terraced houses and rivers full of water and roaring flow around them. Along the road from Hajij to Oraman Takht, you will pass rocky mountains, green nature, roaring springs and steep slopes. This road is one of the most winding roads in Iran and has pristine natural landscapes.

There are two different roads between the villages of Hajij and Oraman Takht, both of which are beautiful and winding, but one of these roads is shorter. Despite the shortness of one of the routes, the longer road has more fans due to its beauty and more natural attractions. The mountain slopes of this road are filled with colorful flowers in spring and summer. The best time to travel to this area is the first 6 months of the year. This area is covered with snow in winter and gets blocked.

One of the most prominent natural attractions on the Hajij-Oraman road is Shahu Peak and Sirvan River. The length of Hajij-Uraman Takht road in the shorter route is about 40 km and most of it is located in Kurdistan province. The longer route is about 50 km and most of it passes through Kermanshah province. Due to the pristine nature of this area, the road facilities in these routes are limited and the roads are not of good quality, but the beauty of this area attracts the attention of tourists. To go to Hajij-Oraman Takht road, you can go to Paveh city in Kermanshah. Hajij village is located 30 kilometers northwest of Paveh city.

Chabahar road to Gwatar port; Mysterious and awesome

If you have ever heard anything about miniature beaches, it is better to know that these beaches are located on the road from Chabahar to Bandar Gwatar. The wonders of this road start from the west of Chabahar city before entering it and continue to Gwatar port on the easternmost coast of southern Iran. At the beginning of this road, you will reach Ramin beach. This beach is located near the pier and the "village of Remin" and its sand is covered with shells. "Talab Lipar", whose pink water attracts the attention of many tourists, is located on the side of Chabahar road to Gwatar port.

Whatever we can say about the wonders of Chabahar is still not enough! The road from Chabahar to Bandar Gwatar is located on the Makran Sea coastal path in the south of Iran and is one of the best options for road trips in Iran for adventurers. This road is about 100 kilometers long and passes through the most beautiful rocky coasts of Iran. Maybe this area of ​​southern Iran is not well known due to its distance from other parts of the country and lack of adequate maintenance, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, and its memory will remain forever in people's minds when they visit it.

Further along the route, you will reach the village and "Bris beach". This part of the coast of Makran sea is also one of the most beautiful areas on the shore of this sea. Brais rock has a beautiful place to watch the view of the Makran sea. After passing through the port, you will reach Goater Bay. If you are interested in exploring the docks of southern Iran and buying souvenirs from the locals, don't miss the opportunity to walk in this port.

Along the road from Chabahar to Bandar Gwatar, you can see the most beautiful mountains near the sea, which have strange and special shapes due to erosion, and for this reason, they are called miniature mountains. To reach this road, you can go to Chabahar city and enter the coastal road from the west of this city.

Parsian road to Bandar Maqam; The famous Hormozgani road

The Parsian road to Bandar Moqam is known as Bastano road. This coastal road is also one of the most beautiful rocky beaches in the south of Iran on the edge of the Persian Gulf, which reaches the sea from one side and the beautiful rocky mountains from the other side. The location of this road in a short distance at the meeting point of the mountain and the sea has created a special situation for this road.

From the city of Parsian, if you go towards Bandar Moqam, you will first reach Bandar Bastano, which also takes the name of this road from this city. Further, you will reach the villages of "Ziyarat" and "Moghdan", which are worth visiting and their attractions. Around these villages, there are ecotourism lodges for those interested. The historic ponds of Maghdan are also located near this village.

It is located a little further from Maghdan village, "Niram Beach", which is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Iran. You can take pictures of the most beautiful beach scenery on this beach. In the continuation of Bastano road, you will reach Karane Maqam. This pass is also known as the lover's pass. It is common among local people to sit next to the rocks of this pass and watch the sunset and sunrise from it. .

After this pass and before reaching the port of Moqam, there are the rocky beaches of Moqam, which are among the most beautiful tourist areas in the world. You can spend hours and enjoy visiting this beautiful beach. To go to Bastano road, you have to go to Bandar Maqam or Parsian city in Hormozgan province.

Semiram to Yasouj road; Live painting in Isfahan

If we pass the roads in the south of the country, we will reach Semiram and Yasouj in the continuation of road trips in Iran. The road from Semiram to Yasuj, passing through the Dena protected area, is one of the most beautiful roads in the southeast of Iran and passes through beautiful villages along its 160 km route. "Khafer Village" is located in the Dena protected area and near this road, which is considered the best way to access the Dena peak for mountaineers.

The area around this road near Dena Mountain is full of natural glaciers, rivers full of water and roaring waterfalls. By crossing this road, you can enjoy watching these beauties. Winding road Vakhm Semiram to Yasuj is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Iran that passes through the forest and mountains. If you plan to travel to this area and this road, it is better to choose spring and summer season. The winter season in this region is cold and rainy. To reach this road, you have to go to Semiram city in the south of Isfahan province or Yasouj city in the west of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces.

Among other places of interest near the Semiram-Yasuj road, we can mention "Bibi Sidan Valley". This beautiful valley contains more than hundreds of small and big springs and permanent waterfalls flow in it. Ab Melkh and Takht Suleiman areas also have many historical and natural beauties near this road.

Shiraz to Kazeroon road; A poetic road in the city of poets

In the last part of the introduction of road trips in Iran, we come to the city of lovers and mystics and the capital of Iran's science and literature, Shiraz. The road from Shiraz to Kazeroon is one of the most beautiful roads in Fars province of Iran, which is about 140 kilometers long. One of the most beautiful attractions of this road, which has also made it famous, is "Dasht Arjan". Dasht Arjan is located on this road and at a distance of 60 km from Shiraz city. This plain is located on the slopes of the Zagros mountain range, and its beautiful nature and unique scenery attract many tourists to this area.

Arjan waterfall, which is known as "Cherab waterfall" among local people, is five kilometers away from this plain. This waterfall freezes in the winter and its ice crystals have a unique beauty. Talab and Lake Arjan are also other sights of this plain. Historical attractions such as Salman's and Ali's steps are also visible in Dasht Arjan.

One of the most important features of this area is the presence of a rare species of Iranian deer in the "Mian Catal Protected Area" near Arjan Plain. This area is also known as "Bram Plain". Dasht Baram is the center of the growth of oak forests in Iran and the Middle East, and its name has been registered among the Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO.

Other attractions on the Shiraz-Kazron road can be called Parshan Lake, which is located near Kazron. The best time to travel to Shiraz-Kazron road and Arjan plain is in spring and especially in May. Overturned tulips cover the whole plain at this time. To go to this beautiful road, you can go to the city of Shiraz and move towards Kazeroon from its west side.



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