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Ziaiyeh School, also known as Alexander Prison, is the work of Molana Ziya al-Din Hossein Razi. The construction of this school started in 631 AH and it continued by his sons and the construction ended in 705 AH.

There is a sanctuary in the bedchamber of the school and there are porches around the school. The adobe dome of this building, designed with moldings and watercolor paintings is very eye catching. This kind of architecture dates back to the time the Mongols ruled Iran.

The cistern with six wind wards. This cistern has very old water and has six wind wards. It is located on a hill in Yazd. This cistern has two entrances, one on the north side and the other on the south side. The cistern is a reservoir and just like any other water reservoir, this one has an ovate shape as well.
This cistern has 55 stairs and between the 25th and the 26th stair there is a vestibule with stoned pavings. There are also arches made of adobe and bricks. The vast ceiling of this reservoir is its important feature. This cistern was built in 1379 AH with the effort of Hossein Mirollah.




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