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Most people like surprises. It is scientifically proved that your brain likes to be surprised. The desire to see different places and experiencing new things is highly dependent on our brains' tendency to surprises.

Who would say No to surprises especially when it comes to experiencing them in another country?

Most people like to get familiar with their destination before they get their tickets to that country, while they are much more interested in visiting some places they have no idea about. That is why, we in Let's Go Iran, are tending to do it for you, A SURPRISING DAY IN IRAN.   

It is easier than you can imagine. You just need to choose the surprising day option in tour forms, so we will have an idea of your interests and likes and will arrange the surprising day according to your desire. We do not let you know anything about this day until you experience it yourself.

The more the surprising day gets close, the more you feel excited. You will see just what you expected. Every single moment of this day holds a surprise for you. It is like a wonderland and a wonderful day. 

You also might like to have a surprising day for your partner, friend, family members who are traveling with you. Please let us make your unforgettable surprising day in Iran. 

In the below, you will see only some offers of a hundred ways we can do for who you would like to surprise during your stay in Iran.

1. Anniversary and Birthday celebrations 

If you come to Iran and you would like to celebrate the anniversary of a marriage, birthday, friendship, and, etc. during your stay in Iran, please let us know about it before you come. Our team will arrange a celebration full of surprises for you.

You can tell us if you have any idea about this surprising day, but if you don’t have any idea, leave it to us.

Please do not ask us to tell you about this day. As we really want you to get surprised when you face something special which is organized by Let's Go Iran so that we shouldn't explain anything about this day till you can experience it. But in the end, I am sure you will not forget this day. What do you think about it?

2. A unique gift for who you love:

All of us have someone so special in our life, sometimes we give them gifts to make them happy, and this way, we try to tell them how much we do love them.

Have you ever thought about what would be the best gift for your loved ones?

If you would like to get a gift for your partner or your loved ones during your stay in Iran, buying souvenirs would be very desirable. In each city of Iran, you can find different kinds of famous handicrafts such as Calico tablecloths and dishes, carved wood, and Khatam, Silver, Kilim, and Gabbeh.

We can arrange a plan for you to go to Bazaar to buy for him/her a gift without your partner noticing. Or you can search on the internet, choose your favorite handmade work, and send us its photo, we will buy it and give it to you on a good occasion. 

It is also possible to print or weave the face of your partner on a mug or tableau carpet. The only thing you need to do is to send us a good quality photo, and then we will arrange it for you.  

Then, during your stay in Iran, we will arrange A Romantic Dinner in a nice and cozy cafe restaurant, and you can give your gift to your partner there. 

3. Cooking class: 

Our company is based in Shiraz, we hold a culinary tour free of charge for people who are interested in culinary. On this day, my family and I will be your host in our home for the culinary tour. We start cooking together and spend some time at my home with my family and my friends.

The food we will be cooking will be traditional and chosen according to your interest and your loved ones.

Be prepare for other surprises we arrange for you on this day. 


Here is our suggested itinerary but you could also add a surprising day to each itinerary on our website you like:


Day 1 & 2 in Tehran


Today, you will arrive in Iran from Tehran Intl airport. You will meet your guide and greet each other. Then, he will transfer you to your hotel to rest for some hours.

What to do or see in Tehran:

  1. Bazaar
  2. Golestan Palace

And our especial option is: 

Spa Time to provide a complete experience for those seeking an escape from the pressures of daily life.

What to eat? Where to eat?

The cheesecake factory

Address Food Hall


On the evening of day 2, you will have a flight to Shiraz. Overnight stay in Shiraz.


Day 3 & 4 in Shiraz


You're going to visit the city of warmhearted people, great poems, beautiful gardens and fruits. A lot of vineyards are around and within this city made this city famous for its red wine before the revolution. Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities which is the hometown of great poets like Hafez and Saadi. People who come to Shiraz will have the chance to have a walking time in the old part of the city and then see Hafez tombs. Iranians believe Hafez's poems can tell them what is going to happen in the future. That is why they first focus on their wish, close their eyes, and open Hafez's book randomly and try to find a connection between the meaning of that poem and their wish. Do not forget to do it. It could be interesting for you because you can listen to a person who reads the poems for you and you try to realize what is going to happen in the future. 

Let's Go Iran have some special suggestions for you in Shiraz: 

Option 1: Culinary tour in Shiraz

After finishing your city tour of Shiraz, your culinary tour starts:

Option 2: Shopping Time

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz has many nice hotels with different categories for people with different budgets.

Grand hotel:

The Grand Hotel located near the Qoran gate in a nice location. If you chose this hotel for your stay in Shiraz, you will have the chance to see a beautiful view of Shiraz when you sit on the chair on your room’s terrace.  

Zandieh hotel:

This hotel is another best 5 * hotel in Shiraz. Zandieh is located in the old part of the city so you need to walk only 5 minutes to get sightseeing.

Elyzee, and Karimkhan hotel:

If you prefer to spend less money and stay in high-quality hotels with more affordable fees, we do recommend hotels like Karimkhan and Elyeze hotels.

These days, some of our clients like to stay in hotels which have a traditional style, many traditional hotels can be the best choice for those who are interested in staying in this kind of traditional place. 

On the morning of the day4, you will be driven toward Yazd. On the way, you will visit Persepolis. Overnight stay in Yazd.



Day 5 & 6 in Yazd


Today, the Zoroastrian city is welcoming you. The city of friendly people, old contractures, delicious sweets, and great Qanats. As this city is a desert city, people in the past had to conserve water and keep it eatable and clean. That is why they made many Qanat, where they could keep water.

What to do or see in Yazd:

Mohammad Taqi Khan was a great Khan during the Zand Dynasty and he was the ruler of Khans in Yazd. Mohammad Taqi Khan first made an aqueduct in the name of Dowlat Abad. Then along the aqueduct, he made a mansion in the middle of a garden and called it Dowlat Abad Garden. We will visit the Dowlat Abad garden and take some photos. We can stroll down the streets, visiting the many sightseeing such as Khan Bazaar, Water museum, and Amirchakhmag complex. Amir Jalal al-Din Chakhmaq Shami lived during the Timurid dynasty and was announced the ruler of Yazd by king Shahrukh of Timurid. With the help of his wife, Fatemeh Khatun, Chakhmaq was able to build a square, a reservoir, a monastery, a school, a caravanserai, and water well, a bazaar and most importantly a mosque in Yazd.

Our especial options:

Overnight stay in the desert: We do recommend you to stay one night in the desert, it could be an unforgettable experience for you if you are ok with sleeping in the mattress and not having a private bathroom.

Shopping Time:

Yazd like other cities of Iran has both traditional Bazaars and modern shopping centers, but we recommend you as a tourist to go to traditional Bazaars because when you go to Bazaars, you can enjoy the great architecture of them as well as buying famous souvenirs of the city that are handicrafts like Termeh, copper dishes, gold, and silver. 

On day 6, you will go on toward Isfahan.

You will have a short stop on the way to visit Meybod and Naein villages. Visit pigeon tower, Narin castle, and visit cotton weaving workshop and Jame mosque in Naein.


Day 7 & 8 in Isfahan


Isfahan is known as the cultural capital of the Muslim world, the haft of the world, and the Turquoise Gem of the world. Isfahan is an ancient city in the center of Iran. Isfahan is a four-season city; it has mild cool spring and autumn, hot summer and cold winter. Isfahan is still a glorious city. In Iranian culture, the city is known as half of the world because of its beautiful Islamic architecture, great boulevards, roofed bridges, palaces, mosques, and unique minarets.

What to do or see in Isfahan?

Most of Isfahan's historical sites date back to the Safavid Era and they are situated near Zayanderud River.
Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah (Imam) Mosque, Vank Cathedral, Menar Jonban, Chehel Sotoun (forty columns), Hasht Behesht Palace, Allahverdi Khan bridge, Four gardens, Fire temple, Takht-e Foulad Old Cemetery, Isfahan's Historical Bazaar, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, The Bird Garden, Khaju Bridge, Shahrestan Bridge, si-o-Seh Pol (thirty-three Bridge) are among the attractions and historical sites in Isfahan.

Our especial options in Isfahan:

Carpet Workshop

Picnic in Hasht Behesht or Nazhvan


Isfahan light city tour before leaving Isfahan:

 After lunch, you will be driven to Tehran. Overnight in Tehran.


Day 9 Fly back to your country

Depart day

Transfer to Tehran Intl by taxi or your driver to fly back to your country out and leave your hotel 5 hours before your departure flight. If there is any unpredictable happen such as traffic or car breakdown, you will have enough time to get to the airport.

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