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We want to introduce a delicious tour to you. You should know everything about the foods of wherever you travel.

East Azerbaijan Province

When we talk about Iranian Chelow Kabab,we remember Haj Ali restaurant in Kolah Douzan Bazar of Tabriz. You really enjoy eating Chelow Kabab with locat butter and yogurt and a slice of Cantaloupe as dessert in the restaurant. We recommend you to try Baklava of Tashrifat confectionary and Tavazo nuts that are located in Abresan crossroads. Tabriz also has a Turkish restaurant. Don't forget to eat Kufteh Tabrizi ( a kind of Iranian meatball ) there.

West Azerbaijan Province

Kababs in different new shapes and a delicious mixture of egg and boiled potato which is popular in Elgoli hotel of Tabriz are served in Urmia. We aslo suggest you to eat special Halva and Nuql ( traditional Iranian confections ) of Urmia.


Honey, Kaymak and Ash-e Doogh( yogurt soup) are the famous foods of Ardabil and Sareyn. Don't forget to eat them if you travel to Sabalan mountainside. A kind of wonderful food which name is Black Halva is served in front of Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's shrine that you should eat it with Doogh ( yogurt ) to avoid high blood pressure.


Isfahan has not only many beautiful historical monuments but also many delicious foods such as Biryani,Hamil-e Bademjan,Halim-e Addas and khoresh-e Mast (yogurt Khoresh). We recommend you to try Hosseini Kabab and Khoresh-e Mast in Shahrzad restaurant and go to Abbasi hotel with your family to eat Ash and Gosh-e Fil,because the entry of singles and domestic animals is forbidden there. You should eat Gosh-e Fil with Doogh but don't ask why! Don't forget to buy Gaz ( a Persian nougat) and Poolaki (a kind of candy made in shape of a thin disk) from Isfahan. Abyaneh and Kashan also have special delicious foods like Pomegranate,Gheysi, Haji Badoom confection and cookie.

Alborz Province

Alborz is a vast province that is located near Tehran,Rasht,Qazvin and Chalus. Don't miss Hookah and Jujeh Kabab if you go through Chalus road. There are a lot of gardens that have Gazebo around Karaj and welcome you by different legal palatable foods. Instead of sticking in heavy traffic of Fardis bridge,you can go through the beginning of Chalus road. There is a countryside near Kordan which name is Baraghan that has Prune and you can eat Cardamom and rose water ice cream and also different kinds of Plum.

Ilam has palatable local dairy products and also delicious Abgoosht (Dizi) which made of pure mutton. Because Ilam is a cold region it has hot-natured local confections.


Qavam restaurant of Bushehr which is located near pier and Municipality is an ideal place for those who interested in sea foods especially Fish. Delicious Fish and Shrimp are also served in Tashrifat and Delvar hotel restaurants. We recommend you to go Qavam restaurant and order its sea dish and also Kabab dish that is like Kuwaiti ones. You can buy local Date from Bushehr Bazar. There is a kind of Date thare which is a mixture of Date,Sesame and Tahini and it is really energetic, if you eat it,you can run all around the beach.


Although Tehrab doesn't have special foods like other cities, it as an ideal place for those who interested in eating. You can find delicious foods in the most places of Tehran for example Abgoosht and Kabab in Darband,traditional ice cream and Faloodeh in the Bazar of Shah Abdol Azim shrine,Davood pizza that is the first pizza of Tehran,Honeyparseh restaurant in the center of the city which is managed by a woman and Dizi with original yogurt in Azari traditional restaurant located in Railway square. If you like Italian,Turkish or Mexican foods you can go Foodcourt. People of the South also can go Marvi alley and eat Falafel with Mango sauce. So anyone with any kind of taste can enjoy eating in Tehran.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari Province

Shahrekord and around of it specially Kuhrang and Saman are the centers of Honey,Walnut and Almond. The cool weather,roaring river,Honey and Almond make Saman a great countryside.

South Khorasan Province

Birjand is a city of dried foods like Saffron,dried Mulberry,Barberry, Jujube,Oleaster, dried Fig and Plum that you can buy them in low price but high quality.

Razavi Khorasan Province

Don't miss the great taste of Shashlik which is served in Torqabeh and Shandiz. You can also eat delicious Jujeh Kabab, Ash and Dizi there. If you don't want to miss Baqali polo Mahiche of Pesaran Karim restaurant of Mashhad, you shall try to be there before noon. We recommend you to try Mashhadi Shole. Mashhad also has good Saffron, Barberry, Nuql and Cardamom.

North Khorasan Province

Nuql and Shekarpanir are the most famous confections of Birjand. People of Birjand bake different kinds of Nuql by sugar that each of them is unique.

Khuzestan Province

In Lashkar Abad street of Ahvaz spicy Falafel and Samosa are served self-service. Khuzestan is a province of spice and seafood. We recommend you to eat Okra khoresh there, it is really delicious.


Don't forget to eat Dizi in historical stone caravanserai of Zanjan. You can first it it and then visiting the caravanserai. Zanjan has cool weather and perfect knives that are even better than German and Japanese ones. You can buy good fruits around Zanjan.

Semnan Province

It is obvious that Shahmirzad which is located near Semnan is the biggest Walnut garden of the world. It also has good dried fruits and Kababs. There is a great hotel which name is Khanegol in the city and a delicious Tahchin with plum is served there.

Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Because the culture of Zahedan,Chabahar and Zabol is similar to the culture of neighbouring countries of Iran,they have different structure and foods. In Chabahar you can eat different kinds of seafoods and Indian and Pakistani confections like Golab Jamun. And you also can find canned foods and tea and other goods there that you may saw many years ago. Local desert dwellers may offer you grilled Sparrow that is really delicious.

Fars Province

Instead of standing in line of Arg of Karim Khan ( The Karim Khan Castle ), you can go behind the Arg and stay in line of Jamshidieh ice cream shop to eat ice cream and Faloodeh. You also can go Sharzeh traditional restaurant which is located around the Arg. There are two Soufi restaurants in Shiraz that both of them are really good. We recommend you to eat Lari Kabab there and enjoy eating Kashk-e Bademjan,Shirazi salad and Halva that are served in buffet. Shiraz is a city of delicious foods. There is a famous ice cream shop near tomb of Saadi that has delicious ice cream and Faloodeh. And finally people with different tastes can go Haft Khan restaurant complex of Shiraz and enjoy eating.

Qazvin Province

Confections of Qazvin like different kinds of Baklava are perfect. Special food of Qazvin is Geimeh Nesar which is like Shirin-polo ( sweet rice ). Qazvin is a city of big and yellow Lavash. We recommend you to go to the city to eat instead of eating your meals in fast foods of highway.

Qom Province

You can eat original Sohan ( a traditional Persian Suffron brittle toffee ) only in Qom. In Tehran only around Seyed Khandan you can find good Sohan. Travel to Qom and eat Hajhossein Sohan and enjoy its unique taste. If you like Kaleh Pache ( cooked sheep's head and trotters), Qom is a suitable city for you.

Kurdistan Province

In Marivan you can eat delicious grilled Fish around Zeribar lake. We recommend you to eat local foods like Qabeli polo in Sanandaj that has hospitable people. Don't forget to eat Nan Berenji and Nan Khormaei there.


People of Kerman interested in eating meat and delicious Kababs are cooked there. There is a famous restaurant around Marivan city that good Chenjeh,Koobideh and Jazqu Kababs are served there. Kerman is a city of Faloodeh, Kolompeh ( an Iranian pastry) and Palm Date. There is an old sandwich shop in Kerman which name is Golriz and palatable hamburgers with old baguette and special sauce are served there. The shop has no other branches in the world.

Kermanshah Province

We recommend you to go around Taq-e Bostan and try Dandeh Kabab and Jujeh Kabab of that quarter. Dandeh Kabab is a rich kind of Shashlik that you can find it only in Kermanshah. Khoresh-e Khalal is a special food of Kermanshah which is a kind of sour Gheimeh and Barberry and ingredients of Almond are used in it instead of potato. You also can eat a delicious kind of Baklava there which is a mixture of Baklava,cream and honey. Don't forget to try Kermanshah's Ghee. Go ShekarRiz cookie shop and buy Nan Khormaei and Nan Berenji.

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province

Yasuj and around of it are the centers of meat from the livestock that fed by fresh grass and fodder. In this province eat Dizi and Kabab. The region has good honey too.

Golestan Province

Traditional Halva of Gorgan's confectionaries is unique. Humidity in Gorgan unlike other parts of the North of Iran is not annoying. So you can eat both Fish of the Caspian sea and Kababs in jungles there. You can also go Bandar Torkaman and from there go Ashuradeh island by boat and eat delicious Fish in Shilat restaurant.

Gilan Province

Be careful, in Gilan you may put on weight. You can eat Kabab-e Torsh, Kabab Dush, Mirzaghasemi,Fesenjan and Kabab-e Chenjeh in good restaurants like Ardashir,Mahmud,Moharam,Haj Hossein and Hassan Rashti and etc. Side dishes of Kabab-e Torsh are Walnut,Cucumber,local butter,Olive and Roe that are really delicious. Cookies of Fuman are famous. Don't leave Lahijan without eating Walnut and Coconut cookies. If you like Lahijan tea, you shall go to the stores around the lake and factories around Lahijan. If you are on diet,avoid traveling to Gilan!

Lorestan Province

Ash-e Kashgineh ( Tarhana), Ash-e Mast and other dairy products are the foods of Lorestan. If someone goes Lorestan and does not eat Ash-e Kashgineh, it is like that you go Rome and eat Ham sandwich instead of Pizza. Kashgineh is a historical sour Ash that is the mixture of Wheat meal and sour yogurt. In Lorestan don't forget to eat Abgoosht-e Bozbash which is served with fragrant leaf vegetables, Dum pukht-e Lori, Sour Cherry Khoresh, Kabab-e Koobideh of Borujerd and Kabab-e Barg of Khorramabad.

Mazandaran Province

The special food of Mazandaran is sour Chicken which is cooked in two ways. In one way it is cooked like Fesenjan and in other way it is cooked like Morgh-e Shekampor with a lot of sour orange sauce, vegetable and Walnut. People of Mazandaran interested in eating Pomegranate and Dalal or Dalar that is a kind of vegetable eaten with yogurt. Mazandaran has different kinds of yogurt that you cannot find them in its restaurants. In branches of Akbar Jujeh restaurant of Mazandaran grilled chicken with pomegranate sauce and tea are served. If you go Chalus, you can go Abadgaran restaurant and eat Shashlik and Fish there.

Markazi Province

Arak is a rural but industrial city of Iran. Because of the adaptation of agriculture and stockbreeding to different industries, there are a lot of stores in the city that you can buy dairy products like Doogh, yogurt and Kashk from them. You can also find Gheysi in Arak and eat Dizi and Abgoosht-e Bozbash in an old restaurant which was bathroom many years ago.

Hormozgan Province

Bandar Abbas is a city of seafood and wonderful spices. Those who interested in eating Fish know that Fishes of the Caspian sea, Persian Gulf,Gulf of Oman and Trout don't have the same taste(s). Even if you don't like seafood, you become interested in it in Bandar Abbas. You can eat delicious Fish and Shrimp that are flavoured with spice and lemon juice in the restaurants of the city.


Hamadan is not only the city of pottery and history but also the city of local confections like Komaj,Barsaq and Sajuq and also a strange Kabab which name is Rusi Kabab and it is a kind of Kabab-e Chenjeh that is rarely found in Tehran.


Undoubtedly Yazd is a city of confections. Almost everyone knows about the historical and great Haj Khalifeh store in Amir Chakhmaq square and eat Yazdi cake, Qottab,Baklava,Sohan and Haji Badoom. People of Yazd cook a special Gheimeh and use Cinnamon in it. You can enjoy eating breakfast in traditional hotels of Yazd. Don't forget to eat the great Baqali polo Mahiche of Talar restaurant in Yazd.

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