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It does not matter what part of Iran you travel to, it is important that wherever you go, delicious food awaits you; Foods that have a memorable taste will be a pleasant memory of your trip. Because travel is not always about the sights and things to be bought, one of the unforgettable pleasures of any trip is the food that is desired and remains in the memories. In this article, we intend to introduce you to a list of the best stomach-feeding destinations in Iran, where the most delicious Iranian food is cooked. You can contact our team to book restaurants and cafes all over Iran.

Iran is full of traditional food as well as fast food, foreign food, and modern. Our main food is rice and meat, but thanks to the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran and the Persian Gulf in the south, Iranians are familiar with seafood, too. However, people still would prefer traditional food more because it is not only delicious but also healthy.

The most popular Iranian food among Iranian people are:

Food tour in Gilan

When it comes to Iranian food, Gilan province always plays the leading role in cooking traditional and authentic Gilani food. On a trip to Gilan, a unique feature is that the cities of this province are located a short distance from each other, so during your stay in the north, you can travel to different villages or cities and try different food and cuisines.

If you go anywhere in Gilan, you can enjoy traditional, authentic and local food such as stuffed fish, delicious plukbabi, baklaqatagh, Mirza Ghasemi, sour leek, chicken cutlet, garlic roe, Anarbij, Sirabij And enjoy Kal Kebab, because tasting any Gilani food will leave a memory of a new taste in your memory. Also, in the green and beautiful routes of Gilan, you have the opportunity to buy local pickles and vegetables, which are arranged by the locals, and travelers can buy from them and take as souvenirs for their friends and acquaintances. The city of Rasht is known as a creative food city in UNESCO due to having more than 170 types of local food and 10 nationally registered foods

Food Tour in Tabriz

If you spend a day in the beautiful and hearty city of Tabriz, besides visiting the attractions of this city, try to enjoy the delicious food of Tabriz, which is known as the city of first ones. The new and exotic food of this city is cooked in new shapes and tastes in its restaurants and on the streets, it is worth trying it once for anyone who travels to this city.

Among these delicious dishes are carrot stew, Tabrizi meatballs, vegetable crumbs, Bonab kebab, eggplant stuffing, and fennel stew, which are cooked in very tasty ways in East Azerbaijan, and eating these foods on a trip to Tabriz is an attractive part of your trip. We suggest that you go around Il Goli Square or the old and covered bazaar of this city in Tabriz and test the various wheels and carts that sell barley in Ori. Tabriz sweets are also very popular among lovers of sweet flavors and you can enjoy crushing them during your trip to this spectacular city. Among the souvenirs of the first city, Tabriz nuts have a special place. You can buy high-quality nuts by visiting many shops in this city.

Food Tour in Tehran

Due to the ethnic and cultural diversity that has come to Tehran due to immigration, the capital of Iran has many local and traditional dishes that are cooked in the famous restaurants of this city in a delicious way for the residents and tourists of Tehran to enjoy. Among the noble people of Tehran, there are some special local dishes such as Dempokhtak, Eshkeneh, Sargonjeshki, and some stews that are considered as traditional dishes of this city that have a delicious and special taste and we have to taste this for once.

In the meantime, we suggest you go to 30 Tir Street Food in Tehran to eat delicious food. Tehran cafes are also very popular, you can enjoy desserts and drinks in the best cafes in Tehran. Tehran vegetarian restaurants are also ready to offer you vegan dishes with a unique taste. During the month of Ramadan, Tehran is busy with its restaurants during Iftar. Iftar in Tehran can be very attractive for those who are looking for energetic nutritious foods.

Food Tour in Shiraz

The atmosphere of traveling to Shiraz is truly unique for any traveler who has chosen this city for their trip. A happy city with a pleasant atmosphere that whets your appetite. Fortunately, in this pleasant weather, there are many restaurants in the city of Shiraz where you can easily go around. Shiraz restaurants have been serving you a variety of Persian and Foreign dishes for many years.

Sufi is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz, which has a food market and welcomes you with a world of delicious food. If you are in the historical context of Shiraz, right next to Karim Khan Palace, you can taste the delicious shrimp rice, and kalam polo in the restaurants there, because the taste of these Shirazi dishes you will not forget them soon. For a happy night in Shiraz, head to Ma'ali Abad Street and treat yourself to burgers with its onion sauce in its newly established fast foods.

If you are looking for other traditional Shiraz dishes such as Lari Yogurt Kebab, Shakerploo, Vegetable Soup, Yokheh Bread and Shiri Bread, go to other restaurants in this city and serve these delicious Shirazi dishes. We suggest that you do not forget to taste Shirazi faloodeh.

Food Tour in Isfahan

Isfahan, like other cities in Iran, has many traditional and delicious foods that you should be lucky enough to eat or get to know an Isfahani family. One of the delicious foods of Isfahan is Kala Joosh that you should definitely try in inns and restaurants of the city. In the meantime, colorful Isfahani yogurt stew is a taste that you should never forget to eat in Isfahan. Biryani is another traditional and authentic Isfahani food whose main ingredients are meat, white liver, and cinnamon. It is said that the cooking of this food dates back to the Safavid era. This food has many fans among those who like fatty foods. Polo mash, sargonjeshki, zardak, gheime rize and sumac soup are other traditional and original dishes of Isfahan.

In Isfahan, you can go to Jolfa neighborhood and Firooz winery to drink very tasty syrups, because the historical atmosphere and attractive view of this region, with a variety of traditional syrups and drinks such as parsley and egg syrup, turquoise ice cream, etc. in very old glasses and plates.

Food Tour in Kashan

The historical context of Kashan in recent years has caused many travelers to visit this historic city and become the guest to historical houses of this city. During your stay in Kashan, be sure to be a guest of one of the cafeterias and experience the traditional dishes of Kashan, such as sumac meatballs, white bean broth, chickpea stew, tas kebab jojui, yaztim che and chelo daisy. Sumac juice meatballs are a kind of meat dish that is flavored with sumac. This food is one of the best foods in Kashan, which is exclusive to the people of Kashan, and nowhere else in the country, you can find meatballs even close to it in terms of taste.

Another Kashan food that you should try on your trip to Kashan is white bean broth, which is unique to Kashan. To prepare and cook this broth, raw materials such as mutton, tomato paste, white beans and onions are used. But in Kashan, breakfast is more exciting than dinner and lunch. Do not be surprised if you see baked potatoes with skin on your hotel breakfast table, this breakfast should be eaten because its delicious taste will be felt under your tongue for a long time.

Vegetarianism in travel and vegetarian travelers: 

Whether we want or not, our lifestyle and eating habits will be effective in our travel. Sometimes some of our trips are planned to enjoy the food we can eat at the destination.

If you would like to go on a trip as a vegan, you need to consider this issue when you want to choose a travel destination and make sure how much the place you choose to travel is friendly-vegetarian.

Vegetarianism is one of the food diets in which there are no animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, and Gelatinous products.

The important point here is that recently some vegetarians are showing up among Iranian, but it is not that common in Iran. But due to the geographical location of our country, you can taste lots of various traditional foods that are made of a variety of ingredients from all kinds of meat and chicken to different vegetables.

So if you are a vegetarian and decide to travel to Iran, you should prepare yourself by considering this issue that especial food of your eating habit may not always be available, or it may be hard to find. No doubt, you won’t be able to find a vegetarian dish or special restaurant for vegetarians in all cities. But do not worry, some restaurants for those who are vegetarian opened in the main cities like Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan. If you can’t find these kinds of restaurants, you can go to the restaurant and order the food which is more close to your taste. Some of this food is:

Kashk-e Bademjan, Boorani Bademjan, Yatimcheh, Dampokht Gojeh, Do Piazeh Aloo, Adasi, and Daal addas, Ash Reshteh, etc…

Eat and Learn

Due to the geographical location of our country, you can taste lots of various traditional foods favored by Iranian spices. There are many websites and a lot of essays in which you can find the recipe for Iranian food but if you would like to learn them professionally like a native, I propose you a package that is arranged specially for those who are interested in eating Iranian food and also learn them to cook it when they get back to their home. 

By getting this package, you will experience a mixture of culture, history, and Iranian traditional food as part of our culture. 

During your trip through our culinary tour, not only will you have the opportunity to have different local foods in each city, but you will also dine with a family, enjoy home-cooked Persian food and learn about different tastes and spices used in Iranian dishes. Additionally, you will have the chance to get familiar with anything you would like to know about their Iranian cuisine and lifestyle.

But if you are a person who doesn’t feel like cooking and you just prefer to enjoy eating, Let's Go Iran offers you to have a family dinner in a local house where you can experience friendly moments to eat with a local family. On this day, you will be invited by a nice Iranian family to join them for dinner and see the daily life of Iranians.

Culinary tour of Iran | Persian Food Tour

Tehran > Shiraz > Persepolise > Yazd > Isfahan

10 Days  

Food is a wonderful vehicle for discovering Iran, with its fabulous regional produce featuring in stews, rice dishes, kebabs, and desserts. Join us on this journey.

Details: Culinary tour of Iran | Persian Food Tour

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