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8 Days

One of the most fascinating activities in old age is travel. Grandmothers and grandfathers are keen to travel with their peers on the retirement days of their lives and enjoy.

Retirement is when a person is relieved of stresses and worries about his or her job and is looking for an experience of relaxation to enjoy his or her time. Surely, traveling is one of the most popular and healthy activities for seniors.

Life Begins At 50

Travel is one of the best gifts you can give to an elderly person.

We have tried as much as we can to arrange an extraordinary travel program that is suited to the ability and spirit of the elderly.


At first, let's read a few key points:

1. Keep your medicine pack in your handbag. This way, you will prevent getting lost and damaged, and the medicine will be available for you whenever you need it.

2. Please label on the medication package and write down how many times you need to eat them. This way, it causes you not to forget the time of consuming, you can ask your guide to remind you of the time of consumption.

3. At the airport and during the inspection, you may not be allowed to carry the medication. If possible, bring your doctor's translated prescription.

4. For your domestic flight, please let us know If you need a wheelchair in advance, I will prepare it for you.

5. The day before your international flight, you need to check with the airline to ensure that your flight is not delayed.

6. Your plans are flexible, and your guide will run the tour according to your energy, and usually, our packages for the elderly are lighter than regular tour packages.


Day 1 & 2 in Tehran (Iran)

(One full day, a half-day and 2 nights)

Arrival day

Today, you will arrive in Iran from Tehran Intl airport.

Based on your arrival time in the morning or the evening, you will stay in the capital Tehran for two nights. So you will have a half-day tour for the first day of your trip and also have a full day tour on the second day in this city to explore Tehran

The guide is already waiting to see you in front of the gate with a sign including our company’s name at the international airport. When you arrive, the guide as a representative of all Iranians welcomes you with a Rose. Then, he will transfer you to your hotel to rest for some hours. (Please do not forget to talk with your guide about the hour you should be present at the lobby of the hotel to start your tour.)

Please do not go around when you arrive at the airport and stand up near the gate till your guide arrives, this way, he/she can find you easier.


What to do or see in Tehran?

We offer the below attractions for your tour in Tehran:

Bazaar, Shah-Abdol-Azim Shrine, Hana Spa, Golestan Palace, Sa'dabad Complex, Niavaran Palace, Azadi Tower, Milad Tower

Where to stay in Tehran?

You should not be worried about the place to stay in Tehran, because this city has many hotels in various categories and prices.

Our suggestion hotels:

Espinas Palace (5*)

One of the best hotels in Tehran is Spinas Palace Hotel. The hotel has a very stylish appearance, equipped suites, and great recreational facilities.
The Espinas Palace Hotel has several stylish and luxurious restaurants. Also, guests can enjoy the hotel's varied leisure facilities for relaxation and leisure. The water features are a swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

Foreign and domestic guests have described the stay as excellent and impeccable.

Howayzee hotel (4* hotel)

Howayzee hotel is a 4* hotel. It is a great hotel and offers excellent value for money. This modern hotel is centrally located close to sightseeing in Tehran. Perfect for relaxing after a full-day tour. The rooms are large, comfortable, and have an excellent breakfast.

Its distance to the international airport is around 1 hour 10 minutes and its distance to the Mehrabbad domestic airport is about 25 minutes.

Saina hotel (3* hotel)

For those who would prefer to stay in a hotel with mid-range, our suggestion is Saina hotel. We have had many clients who stayed at this hotel in the last months and loved it! First of all its location is so great because it is located in the center of Tehran. Its distance from the International airport is 50 minutes and it takes about 25 minutes to get to the MahrAbbad domestic airport.

It could be a perfect place where you can start exploring Tehran. The rooms are new, clean, and modern with very comfortable beds. The staff is very helpful.


For day 3 & 4 & 5, you will have two options:

If you plan to travel to Iran in the summer, we suggest you go to the north of Iran for example (Ramsar)
But if you come to Iran in autumn and winter, we suggest you choose to travel to the south of Iran, for example, Kish Island.


Option 1:

Day 3 & 4 & 5 in Ramsar (Iran)

(2 nights and 3 days)

Ramsar is the bride of the cities of Mazandaran. In Ramsar, you have access to both the beautiful Caspian coast and the Mazandaran forests. The city has become a tourist hub for the country and even the world for a variety of reasons, including geographical location, tourist and accommodation locations, airports, and mineral hot water. Citrus, tea, and, rice are the city's products. For this reason, the presence of rice, tea, and citrus gardens has added to the beauty of the city.

Ramsar attracts many tourists from home and abroad due to the proximity of the sea to the forest.

How to get Ramsar?

In the morning you will be driven to Ramsar from the beautiful Karaj-Chalous road and cross Abbas Abad to Tonekabon and then Ramsar.

What to do or see in Ramsar

Hot springs

Javahereh Village

Javahereh is one of the most beautiful areas of Mazandaran and Ramsar province.

The best time to travel to Javahereh Village is June, July, August and, May because the snow has melted and the region's greenery is at its peak. Along the Jewel Road, many waterfalls make the route attractive.

If you wish, you can take a few minutes to relax and take some photos and enjoy the scenery.

Swan Lake

Tele cabin

Undoubtedly, here is one of the most beautiful lines of a Tele cabin in the world. From the top of the station, you can enjoy watching sea and mountain views. This Tele cabin connects the sea to the mountain.

Dalkhani forest

On day 5 you will be driven back to Tehran, and then, you will have a flight to Shiraz in the late evening.


Option 2 for day 3 & 4 & 5:

Day 3 & 4& 5 in Kish (Iran)

(A domestic flight to Kish, two full day and 3 nights)

Today, you will be transferred to the Mehrabbad domestic airport, and fly to Kish.

You will spend three nights in Kish. So you will have enough time to explore the island. Kish is the most beautiful island in Iran that has become a tourist destination. That's why there are a variety of leisure activities available.
In Kish, you can find suitable entertainment for all tastes of all ages.
The best time to visit Kish is December, January, February, March, and April, October, November because the hot weather in summer might bother you and it doesn’t allow you to enjoy enough.


What to do or see in Kish?

Bird Garden

If you are a bird lover, visiting the Kish Bird Garden is one of the places you need to visit during your trip. Bird gardens are one of the largest and most special places for keeping various bird species collected from all over the world. This beautiful park is located in the Kish Dolphin Park complex where you can visit the beautiful bird park and dolphinarium.

If you're tired of walking, take the buses to continue. Pick a suitable chair and sit by the window and enjoy the views of Palm Trees, Benjamin, Laur, Eucalyptus, and Acacia. Various plant species are planted here due to the climatic conditions. There is also a restaurant and a coffee shop in this complex where you can relax there.


One of the most powerful and best ways to achieve relaxation and a happy feeling is massage therapy. A good professional massage can heal you for a few days. We recommend you to use Massage Therapy in Kish.

Boat riding

If you have no problem with getting a boat, boat riding is a great idea. Put yourself in the heart of the beautiful Persian Gulf. If you are not interested in, we suggest you go to the aquarium boat, because that's no need to walk and just you need to sit and enjoy watching underwater life.


There are many shopping malls on the island that have become a strong point for the island. 

Where to stay in Kish?

Toranj Hotel

Dariush Hotel

Marina Pak Hotel

Flamingo Hotel

What to eat? Where to eat?

Kish Island has many good restaurants and cafes. They are in different styles. Modern & Luxury Restaurants, Traditional Restaurants, European Style, Seafood, Fast Foods, and…


Day 6 & 7 & 8 in Shiraz

(A domestic flight to Shiraz, three full-day and 2 nights)

Today, you will be transferred to the Kish airport, and fly to Shiraz.
After spending memorable days in Kish, you will go to visit another fantastic city in Iran.

Shiraz is a city full of Iranian historical and cultural beauties that tempt everyone to take a memorable trip to this city. A Journey through History from Ancient Iran to the Unique Architecture of Zandieh and Qajar Periods. You can walk on the streets for hours and enjoy the sweet taste of its falude.

Listen to Hafiz’s beautiful lyrics.

All of this together will give you an unforgettable experience.

People in Shiraz are easygoing. A large number of vineyards around the city have made it famous for its red wine before the revolution.

Where to go and visit in Shiraz?

Based on your flight time, you will start your Shiraz tour by visiting:

Nasirolmolk Mosque:

Vakil complex 

Hafez tomb

The pleasant atmosphere of this tomb can bring you peace and create happy hours. Iranians believe Hafez's poems can tell them what is going to happen for them in the future. That is why they first focus on their wish, close their eyes, and open Hafez's book randomly and try to find a connection between the meaning of that poem and their wish.

Eram Garden

Shah Cheragh Shrine


You can spend a day visiting the tourist villages around Shiraz:


After eating breakfast, you have an excursion to Qalat. This beautiful village located near Shiraz. 

Your guide will wait for you in the lobby of the hotel in the early morning on the day 12th. He will take you there. It takes about an hour. As soon as you arrive, you will have a delicious breakfast that is made by famous Shirazi vegetables (Ashe Sabzi). After eating breakfast, your tour starts by going to its top where you can see an amazing view, then continue to walk through the pristine nature of this village and finish your tour by visiting waterfalls.


You can experience the North of Iran in the South of Iran with a green environment, the pleasant weather even in summer. Here you can get familiar with two different cultures at the same time, simple rural life next to Nomadic life, you see that these two tribes have remained for many years next to each other and some of them got married, so that’s why there are many things in common between them. Sepidan is surrounded by lots of apple, nut, apricot, plum gardens that you can visit. Yellow, red, orange leaves of trees, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, the roaring river, and the other natural sounds inside of the gardens make you feel safe and free. Also, Sepidan with its villages has a high capability of professional eco-tours. You can walk through the jungles to see the springs, waterfalls, etc like Sheshpir Spring, Margon waterfall, go hiking, and climb the mountain through the Ronj Mountain. The local people are welcoming, and this is the time for you to communicate with them in their houses that are filled with the smell of traditional foods and bread.  

Culinary in Shiraz

We recommend you to have a half-day culinary tour in Shiraz. On this day, you will go shopping and buy the ingredients. Then we start cooking together and spend some time in our home with our family. We will cook Kalam Polo, it is a traditional Shirazes food that includes mixed rice, cabbage, some herbs with meatballs. For dessert, you will eat Faloodeh Shirazes which is made of noodles, this kind of dessert eat usually with lemon juice or rose water. It's an unforgettable experience.

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz has many nice hotels with different categories for people with different budgets
If you like to stay in hotels with traditional style, there are many nice and cozy traditional-style hotels in Shiraz.
But if you want to stay in a hotel with the best quality and services:


Zandieh is one of the best 5 * hotels in Shiraz. Zandieh is located in the old part of the city so you need to walk only 5 minutes to get sightseeing.

Grand hotel

Grand Hotel is another 5* hotel, located near the Qoran gate in a nice location. If you chose this hotel for your stay in Shiraz, you will have the chance to see a beautiful view of Shiraz when you sit on your room’s terrace.
But if you prefer to spend less money and stay in a good quality hotel we recommend you hotels like Karimkhan and Arg hotels, These are the best 3 and4* hotels in Shiraz.

Day 8 Fly back to your country

Depart day

Transfer to Shiraz Intl airport by your driver to fly back to your country.
Let’s go Iran team have tried to arrange an itinerary including historical and cultural sites along with entertainment, also you can get involved in the people’s daily life in some programs such as culinary. I assure you that you will love this country and have an amazing trip in one week.

If you would prefer to stay less than one week in Iran or more than, we can arrange this itinerary based on your request. The only thing you need to do is to tell us about your interests. As soon as we receive your request, our professional experts in Let’s Go Iran arrange what is in your mind. 

Get a quote and a custom plan

  • Iran is super safe and clean and also pretty cheap if you ask us ;)

  • Please be in touch with our super fast and professional team. we are really quick to answer.

  • We can tailor-make this itinerary for a deeper experience based on your preferences.

Style of accommodation
Gender (for single travelers)
Add engaging experiences with locals to your trip...
Yes, show me.
Pottery Workshop
Ghalamkari in Isfahan
Woodworking in Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
Cooking Beriooni and yogurt stew in Isfahan
Zoroastrian cooking experience in Yazd
Experience local life in Ardakan, Yazd
Experience local Qashqai life in Fars
Experience local life in Varzaneh desert
Walking experience in Derak
Experience of listening to Gilaki music in Gilan
Shopping in the market and cooking seafood in Gilan
Experience of picking and drying tea in North of Iran
Rice paddies and rice harvesting in North of Iran
Local life and coastal cooking experience In Qeshm
Overnight stay in Qeshm Geopark



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