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4 Days

Mashhad is a city that was the capital of Iran in Afsharid time and nowadays it is the second megacity of Iran and the capital of Razavi Khorasan province. The city is located in the northeast of the country. Since Mashhad is known for housing the tomb of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam, every year more than 30 million Iranian pilgrims and about 1 million foreign pilgrims visit the city and Imam Reza Shrine.

Nowadays Mashhad is one of the most crowded cities of Iran and the Middle East in terms of attracting tourists. In addition to Imam Reza Shrine, there are many great mosques, historical graves, traditional schools, and Bazaars in Mashhad that persuade you to travel and visit the city.

Day One in Mashhad

The guide is already waiting to see you at the international airport. When you arrive, your guide as a representative of all Iranians welcomes you with a Rose and transfer you to the Hotel.

Day Two in Mashhad

Full-day city tour in Mashhad. The most important place that you should not forget to visit is the Imam Reza Shrine. We spend about two hours here and then you will visit the Tomb of Nader Shah. In the afternoon you will have about an hour's drive to the tomb of Ferdowsi. Overnight Mashhad

Day Three in Mashhad

In the morning after eating your breakfast, you will be driven toward Neishabour (It's about two hours driving). In route visit Ghadamgah shrine. As soon as you arrive at Neyshabur you will go to visit Attar tomb, Khayyam tomb, and Kamal Almolk tomb.

Day Four in Mashhad

On this day, we recommend you to visit Shandiz County near the city that has many beautiful rivers and it is worth seeing the place. You can also buy handicrafts like pottery things, Kilim, and traditional Fur clothing from Shandiz’s shops. 

The other place that you should not lose during your trip to Mashhad is Torqabeh which is located 15 km from the city. It is a spectacular ancient region with pleasant cool weather. You can also go and visit Anbaran village 1 km from Torqabeh which has great vegetation that makes the whole region fragrant.

Shandiz restaurant located 25 km from the city is the most popular and luxurious one. The beautiful landscape and the perfect menu of Shandiz restaurant make it popular among tourists and pilgrims. Torqabeh and Anbaran also have nice traditional restaurants like Bolbol-e Anbaran, Shabhaye Anbaran, and Kariz restaurants.

Mashhad has many other attractions that you can visit and enjoy such as Sang Bast complex which is the oldest monument with Islamic architecture of Khorasan, Harunie edifice that is the only historical monument of Tus city, Dodar School that is the most beautiful symbol of Timurid architecture, Haj Malek historical house, Mehdi Gholi Beyk Bath, Mardom Shenasi ( Anthropology) museum, Tomb of Palandouz, Ghoharshad mosque, Haft Hoz garden, Vakil Abad park, 72 Tan mosque, Koohsangi park, and Akhlamad Yaylak


What to eat? Where to eat?

Mashhad like other cities of Iran has its local foods such as Shashlik, Haleem, Congee ( Shole), Digcheh, Changali, Eshkeneh, Turnip soup, Koko Shirin, Chelo Mahicheh, and Reshteh polo that are hard to find in the restaurants of the city. But you can eat the best kind of Shashlik in Eram Shandiz restaurant, the most delicious kinds of Haleem and Shole in Baharestan restaurant and the best kind of Mahicheh in Pesarane Karim restaurant. Baba Ghodrat, Moein Darbari, Bagh Salar, and Baame Koohsar are other nice restaurants in the city. We have also some special suggestions for you, the first one is Dizi Seyed restaurant for those who like Dizi ( Abgoosht), the second one is Yarane Gonabad Ash place for those who like different kinds of Ash, the third one is Chili Cheese, Pizza Pizza and MeChef Italian restaurant for those who interested in eating fast food and foreign foods, and the last one is Dariush traditional restaurant and Blue Lantern restaurant for those who like traditional peaceful places.

What do we buy from Mashhad?

Mashhad has popular souvenirs such as Saffron, Leblebi with Raisin, Turbah, Tasbih, Agate jewelry, and prayer rug that you can buy from Bazaar-e Reza near Imam Reza Shrine, Goharshad mall, and central Bazaar. If you prefer modern shopping centers, you should go to Sajad Street of Mashhad where many shopping centers are in. Arman shopping center, Almas-e Shargh shopping mall, Melal shopping center, Zist-e Khavar shopping mall, and Vilaj Tourist mall are other good choices for shopping in Mashhad.

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