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Tehran > Shiraz > Persepolise > Yazd > Isfahan

10 Days  

Food is a wonderful vehicle for discovering Iran, with its fabulous regional produce featuring in stews, rice dishes, kebabs, and desserts. Join us on this journey.

Itinerary in details: 


Day1: Tehran

Today, you will arrive in Iran fromTehran Intl airport.

Tehran is the biggest city in Iran and it is the capital of this country. Tehran is the 25th overpopulated city in the world that from the north leads to the mountainous areas and from the south leads to a desert area, so the climate of the city is different from its northern parts. North of the city has cool and dry weather and south of it has hot and dry weather. The structure of the city is a great combination of tradition and modernity. Tehran is an old authentic city that was called “Rey city" in the past. Rey city is now located in the south of Tehran. Tehran has old monuments, splendid mosques, magnificent buildings, great parks, and also modern buildings.


It is time to start your city tour of Tehran: 

The guide would be already waiting to see you in front of the gate with a sign including our company’s name at the international airport. Please do not go around when you arrive at the airport and stand up near the gate till your guide arrives, this way, he/she can find you easier.

Finally, you will meet your guide and great each other. Then, you will be transferred to your hotel to rest for some hours if needed.


What to do or see in Tehran?

There are a lot of tourist attractions you can see in Tehran, but if it is possible for you, trust us. Our guide will arrange your city tour according to your interest, time, and route limitation. 

 Highly recommended attractions to visit in Tehran are: 

  1. Tehran Bazaar is a place where you can get involved more with locals. 

Tehran Bazaar is an old bazaar located in the center of Tehran City. This bazaar is in Molavi Street, Mostafa Khomeini Street, 15th Khordad Street, and Khayyam Street.

There are two entrances of the bazaar in 15th Khordad Square and Sabze-Meydan Square. One of the main pathways to Tehran Bazaar is the Louti Saleh passage.

  1. Golestan Palace is a place where you can get familiar with the culture and history of Iran.

Golestan Palace is a complex of buildings located in Arg Square in Tehran. The buildings of these palaces have been constructed at different times. 

The name of the palace was taken from the name of a hall in an exterior building of the palace which is also called Golestan.


What to eat? Where to eat?

Despite other cities in Iran, Tehran doesn't have any special local food. Different kinds of foods are common in Tehran that you can eat them in famous restaurants in the city. 


The cheesecake factory

If you would like to taste Iranian fast food, it is highly recommended to go to the cheesecake factory, this fast-food restaurant has 3 branches and has a European style which serves a variety of delicious food, beverage, and desserts. You will have the chance to eat in the place with a nice ambiance, and modern design.

Address Food Hall

This restaurant is one of the most unique and nice restaurant complexes located in the Royal address complex in Fereshteh Avenue. The meals are prepared by professional cooks with the freshest ingredients.


There is a variety of delicious food in Hetooran. The meals in this restaurant are prepared with a creative way of serving.


A list of the best restaurants with live music:


  1. Ali Qapo traditional restaurant
  2. Hoz Khone traditional restaurant
  3. Shabhay-e Sarv with live music
  4. Gilar with live music


And the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran are:

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran in which you can have 100% vegetarian food is Zamin Restaurant. This restaurant has a very good and attractive environment and it has a complete menu that includes all burgers, pizzas, sushi, kebabs, etc.

Ananda is another vegetarian restaurant in Tehran that is famous for cooking traditional Iranian and foreign vegetarian dishes.

And Derakht-e Banian, Teleet and peur and ….

Beverages (soft drinks)

Tehran like other cities of Iran does not have any special drink, but the city has a lot of nice cafes. For example, Naderi cafe which is one of the first cafes of Tehran and it is believed that cafe-glass was introduced to people of Tehran by Naderi cafe, Gol-e Rezaieh cafe restaurant that was the meeting place of Sadegh Hedayat and Forough Farrokhzad, Masoudieh palace cafe, Lamiz coffee, Iranian artists home cafe restaurant, Cinema cafe and Azari traditional cafe which is a 140-year-old monument and registered as cultural heritage of Iran. 


Culinary tour in Tehran

Based on your flight time to Shiraz, if the time permits, you will go to Tajrish Bazaar in the north of Tehran, then go to Darband to be among people in this picturesque place to taste some delicious food, or you can have (Picnic Time), your guide arrange a picnic for you in a beautiful and picturesque garden in Tehran and your guide will teach you how you can make one the most famous food in Iran which is called Kebab.


Shop, Cook, Feast

A walking tour of Tajrish bazaar where we’ll introduce our guests to exceptional ingredients and spices unique to this part of the world while we experience shopping for a few fresh ingredients like the locals. Then we’ll head over to the kitchen where Shirin will show you her magic in creating the most delectable Persian dishes. We’ll be cooking a 5-course meal adjusted to the season and enriched with the freshest ingredients. (Provided by Persian food tours)

This tour is arranged according to your interests. No matter what your diet is, the only thing you need to do is to tell us about your eating habit. 

Then you will be transferred to the airport to fly to Shiraz in the evening. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 2&3 in Bushehr

Morning fly to Bushehr, 1 night & 2 days city tour in Bushehr

Bandar-e Bushehr is the capital city of Bushehr province that is located on the border of the Persian Gulf and it has a warm and humid climate. The city leads to the Persian Gulf from the North, West, and South. Bushehr has been labeled as the Iranian capital of energy due to its rich oil and gas reserves. The city has a lot of historical attractions as well as so warmhearted people who speak Bandari accent that make your trip wonderful.

In the morning, you will fly to Bushehr, and transfer to your hotel to rest for some hours. 


Where to go and visit in Bushehr?

Bushehr has many attractive places that you can go visit such as Sa'adat school which is known as the mother of schools in the South of Iran, Malek edifice that is 100-year-old and was built by French architects, Rafael ship which is called " Iranian Titanic ", Rais Ali Delvari museum that was the house of a Bushehr 's hero who fought against England and Portugal, Persian Gulf seafaring museum where the first battlecruiser of Iran is in, Rishar ancient city that is related to 3rd millennium BC, Gargoori Armenian cemetery, Shaghab cemetery, Dehdashti edifice, and English grave cemetery.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Seafood is the best choice in Bushehr because you cannot find the delicious fishes of Bushehr like Narrow-Barred Spanish mackerel, tiger tooth croaker, and silver pomfret, that are cooked by skilled cooks anywhere else. Since Bushehr in near the sea and fishing is common there, seafood is considered as the main traditional food of the city. Ghalieh Mahi, Fried fish, Mahiye Shekampor, Tah Andaz (Bottom cooked fish), and Khoresh-e Gheimeh are the famous foods of the city that you can try them in Qavam restaurant and Jafreh Alibash Hookah Bar. Gargoor, Khadem, and Ostureh are other good restaurants of Bushehr. For those who interested in eating fast food, Rafael and Pedare Khoob restaurants are the best choices. And if you like to eat foreign foods, we recommend you to go to Gano Italian restaurant in Bushehr.

If you are a Vegetarian, do not worry. Iranian food is mostly made with meat or chicken, but many of those can be made without meat too. And also, we have a lot of delicious traditional food in which you can not find any animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, and Gelatinous products. 


Culinary tour in Bushehr

On this day, you will be supposed to learn how to cook another Iranian cuisine, this food is especially for Bushehr and have many fans in this city and also those who have traveled there. Its name Dampokht-e Mahi Bushehri and its ingredients are rice and fish, cowpea, coriander, and Fenugreek. 

But if you are a person who has an especial diet for example if you are a vegan, Yatimak could be a good choice to make and have it in the culinary tour of Bushehr. This food has no meat and is not fried. For this reason, it can be put in the category of healthy and diet foods. Also, due to the presence of beans, Yatimak has good protein, and the use of eggplant in its composition has made it delicious and tasty.


Where to stay in Bushehr?

There are a lot of hotels in Bushehr, but they are not luxurious. Delvar hotel in Rais Ali Delvari Boulevard and Pasargad hotel in Imam Street are good three-star hotels of Bushehr. If you prefer to stay at less expensive hotels, Aseman hotel 1 in west Hafez Street, Aseman hotel 2 in Safavi Street, Siraf hotel in Imam Khomeini Street, and Saheli hotel in SaheStreet can be good choices for you.

Overnight in Bushehr.

On the next morning, after walking and spending some time on the beach, you will be driven toward Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz.


Day 4 & 5 in Shiraz 

(2 night & 2 days city tour)

Shiraz which is known as a city of lovers is a land full of worth seeing things. It is believed that Shiraz is the most beautiful tourist city in Iran. Shiraz is also one of the biggest cities in Iran. It should be said that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that many titles are assigned to it, for example, "city of lovers" and it is due to the matter that Shiraz is the hometown of great poets like Hafez and Saadi. The city also has many historical and natural attractions that you will become interested in them. People of Shiraz are warmhearted. Traveling to Shiraz can be one of your most memorable trips.


Where to go and visit in Shiraz?

In Shiraz, you're going to visit the city of easy-going people, great poems, beautiful gardens and fruits. Shiraz is the center of Fars province which is the central province of Iran in agriculture. A lot of vineyards are around and within this city made this city famous for its red wine before the revolution. Today, you will see the Vakil complex including Arg of Karim Khan which is one of the most beautiful and unique monuments of Shiraz, Bazaar, Bathhouse, and Mosque. Nasirolmolk Mosque which is a 1000-color mosque of Iran, and where you will change your idea about colors. You are surrounded by different colors there and feel you are flying over a big rainbow. After visiting these sights, you will eat your lunch at a traditional luxury restaurant. In the afternoon, you will have a walking time in the old part of the city and then will see Hafez and Sa'di tombs. Iranians believe Hafez's poems can tell them what is going to happen for them in the future. That is why they first focus on their wish, close their eyes, and open the Hafez's book randomly and try to find a connection between the meaning of that poem and their wish. 


In the below, you can see the list of other options that I offer you to see in Shiraz. 

Eram Garden

It is not clear exactly when this garden was initially made but this garden is mentioned in the itineraries of the 10th and 11th centuries. The variety of plants is significant and is similar to an exhibition of flowers and plants.

Shah Cheragh Shrine is a famous and marvelous site in Shiraz. The son of one of the Shiite Imams was buried there and thus a shrine was built. This shrine was built in the 6th century and its sanctuary is designed with beautiful tiles.

Quran Gate is one of the old gates in Shiraz and today is known as a historical monument. 


What to eat? Where to eat?

Kalam polo is the most popular local food of Shiraz and you can eat the best kind of it in Soofi restaurant. In addition to Kalam polo, other local foods are cooked in Shiraz such as Shekar polo, Dopiyazeh Alu, Lari Kebab, Ash Sabzi, and Ash Kardeh. Don't forget to try them. Ash Sabzi is a kind of vegetable soup that is cooked in Shiraz and served as breakfast. If you want to try this kind of soup and other local soup of Shiraz, you just need to go to Shams restaurant early in the morning.

If you are interested in eating Kebab, you can go to Sharze's traditional restaurant. Great kinds of Kebabs are served there, the restaurant also has a great environment. Haft khan restaurant is another great restaurant in Shiraz that has seven floors and you can eat different kinds of food there. Haft khan restaurant is also famous because of serving delicious Shirazi Halva. Shater Abbas, Shandiz, Berentin, Bagh-e Raz, and Lotus restaurants are among the best restaurants of Shiraz.

If you prefer to eat fast food we recommend you to go to Crispy land, Davenico, and Napel.Namak, Zaver, and Ayot restaurants. 

Faloodeh is the most popular food of Shiraz that you can eat the best kind of it in the Jamshidian ice cream shop. You can eat the best ice cream of Shiraz in Baba Bastani shop that has two branches, one of them is located in Eram st., and the other one is located in West Ghodoosi Blvd. There are also many great cafes in Shiraz such as Cheshmandaz cafe on the 23rd floor of Chamran hotel, Baran, Memar, Bahman 57, Street Lounge, and Yoga cafes. They are the best cafes in Shiraz that you can go and enjoy your time.

Note 1: If you travel to Iran as a Vegetarian, do not worry. Your guide helps you to find a good restaurant in which you can order food according to your diet.


Note 2: Iranian food is mostly made with meat or chicken but many of those can make without meat. And also, we have a lot of delicious traditional food in which you can not find any animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, and Gelatinous products. 


Note 3: There are many shops in which you can buy whatever you need to make a portion of food according to your eating habit. 


Culinary tour in Shiraz

After finishing your city tour of Shiraz, your culinary tour starts: As we are from Shiraz, we hold a culinary tour free of charge for people who are interested in culinary. On this day, my family and I will be your host in our home for the culinary tour. On this day, we will go shopping together and buy the ingredients. Then we start cooking together and spend some time at my home with my family and my friends. We will cook Kalam Polo, it is a traditional Shirazes food that includes mixed rice, cabbage, some herbs with meatballs. For dessert, you will eat Faloodeh Shirazes which is made of noodles, this kind of dessert eat usually with lemon juice or rose water. 

Please notice that before starting your culinary tour, we will talk to you about the food you would prefer to eat, this tour is arranged according to your diet.

Overnight in Shiraz.


Day 6: Shiraz-Persepolis-Abarkouh

On day 6, you will have a stop to visit Persepolis, then drive toward Abarkouh.


In the morning, after eating breakfast, you will be driven toward Abarkouh. It is a small town located near Yazd province.



On the way, you will have a stop to visit Persepolis. It is one of the historical and ancient cities in Iran and was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire for many years. There is a magnificent palace in this city which is named Persepolis and was built during the reign of Darius I, Artaxerxes I, and Xerxes I. 

You will stay in this small and beautiful town when you want to go to Yazd because it is located on the way of Shiraz and Yazd. Also, this small town is could be an important place to stay for one night because of its good geographical location, this ancient touristic city is among the three historical cities of Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. So Abarkouh could be a good choice for those who would like to have a stop to rest when traveling to these three cities.


What to see in Abarkooh: 

Sarv-e Abarkuh Cedar: One of the oldest cedar trees in Iran and also in the world is located in the city of Abarkouh. 

Aghazade house: Aghazade's house with its windcatcher is from the Qajar period. It is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture that is eighteen meters high and has nineteen valves. 


Where to stay in Abarkuh:

We recommend you to stay in Aghazadeh house. The traditional architecture of the courtyard and interiors and the presence of tall arches and elegant stuccoes and tinted glass will bring back the good memories of the past to you. 


Day 7: Yazd

You will spend two days in Yazd, so you will have enough time to explore the city.

Today, the Zoroastrian city is welcoming you. The city of friendly people, old contractures, delicious sweets, and great Qanats. As this city is a desert city, people in the past had to conserve water and keep it eatable and clean. That is why they made many Qanat, where they could keep water, in Yazd. Since the city is located in the desert region, it has a dry and hot climate. 


Best time to visit this city:

Yazd can be considered as a two-season city; a long hot season (from March until September) and a short cold season (from October until February).


What to eat? Where to eat?

Since Yazd is located in a dry area, it has a long cool, and relatively damp winter that caused the people of this city to follow a special eating custom. They eat different kinds of Ash in summer and sweat foods and pastry in winter. In Yazd, each food has its meaning and used for special purposes. Ashe Sholi and Khoresh-e Gheimeh are the most famous food of Yazd and you can eat them in Talar-e Yazd restaurant that is also called “Haji Ashpaz”. Moshir, Khan Dohad, Adib Al-mamalek, Mahoor, Abul Maali, and Malek Al-Tojar are other great traditional restaurants in Yazd that you can go and enjoy eating delicious foods. If you are interested in Italian food you can go to Ceasar Italian restaurant where both Italian and Iranian foods are served. You can also eat the best kind of fast food in the Zhuan restaurant.

Beverages (Soft Drinks) 

Don't forget to try Faloodeh with Chia and Maquet in Yazd. You can eat the best kind of them in the Shir Hossein ice cream store that is located in Shehneh crossroads. We recommend you to go to Alma cafe, Dowlat Abad garden’s coffee shop and Belenci cafe in Yazd. If you want to drink a cup of tea in a traditional environment, the tea house of Khan Bath can be a good choice for you.


Where to stay in Yazd?

Staying at a traditional hotel is desirable when traveling to a historical city. But Yazd like other cities of Iran has modern hotels that you can choose any of them based on your interest. We recommend you to stay at traditional hotels in the city because staying at such hotels is not possible in any other city. Fahadan, Safaiyeh, Vali, Mehr, Adib Al- Mamalek and Koroush are the best traditional hotels in Yazd. If you are not interested in staying at traditional hotels, you can stay in modern hotels in the city like Arg, Jahangardi, Zanbagh, and Karavan. You can also stay at local traditional houses in Yazd. Staying at such houses can be a different experience.

Culinary tour in Yazd:

You will eat your dinner in a restaurant in Yazd to taste its traditional food. Yazd is so popular for having several kinds of soup, soups often are made of rice, vegetables, and beans. We recommend you to taste some of them which are more popular than the others: Ashe Shooli, Ash-e Gandom, and Ashe Aloo.

Note: In Yazd, there are many delicious foods made by vegetables, rice, and beans so you can have them without any worries and enjoy. 


Day 8 & 9 in Isfahan

(One full day and 2 nights)

Drive toward Isfahan. In the morning, on the way to visit Meybod and Naein villages. Visit pigeon tower, Narin castle, and visit cotton waving workshop and Jame mosque in Naein.

Isfahan (Sepahan) is also known as half of the World by Iranians. Emam Square is waiting for you to take you somewhere you have not been before. You can see nice Mosques and Aliqapou, you can also see Chehel Seton palace.



As soon as you arrive in this city, and you are going to see many people at Emam Square. After many years, Qaysarieh bazaar is still one of the most important places for selling and buying goods. You will see how people enjoy their time not only by shopping but also having fun together. Youngers come to take beautiful pictures with tile working background to post on Instagram or WhatsApp profile picture. Old people come to make their memories alive and meet their friends and have some time together. You will see a lot of colorful and handmade souvenirs. When it is time to pray, people, especially those who work at the bazaar go to the mosques to pray. You can see the old mosques of Imam and Sheikhlotfollah. 


What to do or see in Isfahan?

Most of Isfahan's historical sites date back to the Safavid Era and they are situated near Zayanderud River.

Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah (Imam) Mosque, Vank Cathedral, Menar Jonban, Chehel Sotoun (forty columns), Hasht Behesht Palace, Isfahan's Historical Bazaar, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, The Bird Garden, Khaju Bridge, Shahrestan Bridge, si-o-Seh Pol (thirty-three Bridge) are among the attractions and historical sites in Isfahan. 

You can see Iranian old gymnasium, which is called Zoorkhane in Persian. There you get familiar with a rich culture of Iranian and its tradition. You will have some time in Sharbatkhane, where you can drink traditional drinks. 


In addition to main sites, you will have other options to see or do on Isfahan:

  1. Carpet Workshop

We can show you some workshops running by both men and women who make traditional weaving and coloring. As you know Iran is famous for its carpet and is powerful in this industry. You will see how carpets are made and designed and colored.

  1. Picnic in Hasht Behesht or Nazhvan
  1. Pigeon House

You will go to the picnic in the mid-day, you are going to go to a beautiful park called Hasht Behesht or Najvoon. You will be among many Iranian families who are spending their weekend with their children. You can experience the real weekend time in Iran and will have some tea, fruits, and snack. After a lovely lunch together, you will have a walk around the park and then you will have more free time to visit a unique place called Pigeon house where you will see a lot of birds coming to you to be fed. You can take some pictures.  

Culinary tour in Isfahan:

On this day, after finishing your city tour of Isfahan, you will participate in a cooking class in a friendly atmosphere to learn cooking some popular food of Isfahan such as Biryani is made of lamb meat, liver, onions that are eaten by a kind of bread called sangak. Before start cooking class, you will go to the Bazaar of Isfahan to buy Gaz which is a traditional sweet of Isfahan.

Beverages (Soft Drinks)

One of the most popular local food of Isfahan is Gosh-e Fil which is eaten with local Doogh. You can try it in one of the oldest cafes of Isfahan that is called “Chahe Haj Mirza" and related to the Safavid era. Don't forget to try Rahnan ice cream that won first place in the ice cream festival of Switzerland. The main Rahnan ice cream shop is located in Shahed square of Isfahan. The ice cream is famous all over the world because of the fresh milk that is used to make it. Isfahan also has many good cafes like Fun Glas, Roozegar juice bar, Firouz Sharbat house, Radio, Time, Ahang, Toranj, Kama, Royal, Neghab, Limo, Daal, Dou, Gilas, Spadana, Kazheh, Zhino, Simon, Mozhan, Q, Jazzveh, Banu, Amordad, Moon and Blanche cafes.


Note: The mentioned dishes in the culinary Tour will change according to your diet.

After eating lunch, you will be driven toward Tehran. Overnight in Tehran


Day 10: Tehran

Transfer to Tehran Intl. airport for your return flight.

 Please be in touch with our super fast and professional team.

These tours are opera-table at any time.

You can tailor-make this itinerary, Simply let us know your preferences.

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  • Tehran > Shiraz > Isfahan > Yazd Kashan

    12 Days

    The beautiful panoramic routes of the Iran Railway, combined on an extraordinary round trip. You can enjoy Iran comfortably by train. Discover different regions and cultures.

    More Details
  • Tehran > Hamedan > Kermanshah > Shushtar > Ahvaz > Shiraz > Sepidan > Kerman > Yazd > Nain > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Kashan

    28 Days

    Travel Iran off the beaten path. A great combination of history and culture with nature. Iran has lots of attractions to offer and in this expansive itinerary, you would experience a great selection of them.


    More Details
  • Tehran >  plane Shiraz car Isfahan4days

    5 Days

    A short trip through the three major touristic cities of Iran to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the country. 

    More Details
  • Tehran > Kashan > Niasar > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Yazd > Mehriz > Zeinodin > Meymand > Kerman > Mahan > Birjand > Mashhad > Shiraz

    25 Days

    A couple of handpicked historic villages for you to enjoy and get acquainted with their culture and traditions

    More Details
  • Tehran > Kashan > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Shiraz

    8 Days

    Visiting the amazing Abyaneh village beside the normal touristy route, experiencing rural life and its simplicity the best and quickest way possible 

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Javarg Village > Sepidan > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Kashan glimpse of iran s rural life tour map

    7 Days

    In this tour you can get familiar with two different cultures at the same time, simple rural life next to nomadic life in Sepidan.

    More Details
  • Tehran > Kashan > Isfahan > Shiraz > Firoozabad > Shiraz > Tehran

    8 Days

    In this itinerary you would be able to experience real Iran first hand. Enjoying local activities, staying in local homes and attending local gatherings.

    More Details
  • Kish >  plane > Shiraz > car > Isfahan

    7 Days

    Kish is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Iran, and this beautiful island has plenty of attractions for travel and tourism to enjoy. Specially, for the new brides and grooms, the honeymoon tour of Kish Island would be a fantastic choice. Romantic kish island where the time stands still, in a good way ;)

    More Details
  • Tehran > Shiraz > Sepidan > Esfehan

    8 Days

    Be among many Iranian families who are spending their day with their children, enjoy music with your kids, visit dolls museum, enjoy seeing colorful fishes in Isfahan Fish Tunnel.

    More Details
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  • Thank you for giving us a short but overflowing trip to Iran More Details
  • The memories will last a lifetime More Details
  • You had organized everything incredibly well
    You had organized everything incredibly well More Details
  • Your prompt reply to me is a true sign of professionalism and greatly appreciated by me
    Your prompt reply to me is a true sign of professionalism and greatly appreciated by me More Details
  • Despite the short time we spent there, we had a wonderful and unforgettable holiday in Iran More Details
  • We will not hesitate to recommend your good services to our friends More Details
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