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Semnan Travel Guide | Semnan Attractions | Things to Do and see in Semnan

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Semnan is the capital city of Semnan Province in Iran and it was known as “ Komesh” or “ Ghomesh” in historical texts. The city is also known as “ Vern or Verneh” in Avesta. Geographically, the city is located in the south of Alborz mountain range and the north of Dasht-e Kavir, in the way of Tehran to Khorasan road, among Damghan, Garmsar and Mehdishahr cities. Semnan has dry, moderate climate with warm summers and cool winters. Semnan is called “ The island of accents “ by researchers due to its accent diversity. People speak different accents even in the quarters of Semnan. The city has seven famous quarters that are: Esfanjan, Latibar, Shahju, Nasar, Zaveghan, Kooshmaghan, and Kadivar. Semnan has many tourist attractions that are not very famous. You can enjoy great nature of the counties of Semnan province and also experience different climates of them. Some of the most important attractive places of the city are: Imam mosque, Khanqah of Sheikh Ala ud- Daula, Arg gate, Shah Abbasi karvansarai, Hazrat Bath, Semnan Bazaar, Sheikh Ala ud-Daula Bazaar, Tadayon house, Rajabi house, Tomb of Pirnajmuddin, Davoodi house and castles near it, southern desert of the city and its villages, hot water springs of the city, Tomb of Prophets, Ahovan region and its Karavansarais.

Where to stay in Semnan?

There are good, reasonable hotels in Semnan that you can choose for staying for example: Ghoghnos, Borj-e Sefid, Gootke Mall, Khane Gol and Jahangardi.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Semnan is known for its local foods that rice is the main ingredient of them. The most famous food of Semnan is Sabzi Polo which is served with meat and Torshi ( Tursu). The city has a lot of good restaurants such as: Pars, Irangardi, Jahangardi, Darchin, Cheshmeh, Choota, Afrooz, Baba Golshan jigaraki, and Abshar. If you are interested in eating fast food you can go Poopak, Keleva, Usheh, Burger House, City star, Veshna, and Shab restaurants.

Beverages ( Soft Drinks)

If you like spending time in cafes, Semnan is the best city for you. There are a lot of nice cafes in Semnan that you can go and enjoy your time. Some of the best cafes of the city are: Senator, Koomesh, Radio, Konj, Khonar, Kimeh, Tatli, Cuff, Tara, Sadaf, Ordibehesht, and Khonegi. Don’t forget to go Shanar shop and try delicious ice cream and juice of it.

What do we buy from Semnan?

Semnan like other cities has its own souvenirs. The most famous souvenir of the city is local bread like Shirmal and Komaj bread. Pomegranate, Fig and Eggplant are other delicious souvenirs of Semnan. Handicrafts are other souvenirs of Semnan for example: Felt, Pottery, Ceramic, Textile,and Carpet. You can buy all these souvenirs from Semnan’s Bazaar.

Health and Care

Unexpected events and diseases are inevitable during a trip, so you need a piece of information about the health services of the city that you want to travel. Shefa, Sina, Kosar, Khatam Al-Anbia are good hospitals of Semnan that provide patients with different therapeutic services. If you need any kinds of drug, you can go Hakim and Dr. Jahanshir pharmacies.

Where to go and visit in Semnan?

There are a lot of attractive places to visit in Semnan such as: Desert alleyways of Semnan that are located in the middle of the city, there are many beautiful Pomegranate, Fig and Mulberry trees and also current creek in those alleyways, Imam mosque, Lasgerd Castle, Saru Castles, Pahneh Bath museum, Arg Gate, Ahovan Karvansarais.

Which season is better for traveling to Semnan?

It is better to travel to Semnan in cooler seasons of the year like Spring and Autumn. We also suggest you to travel to Semnan during Muharram, to experience the great rituals of this month in this religious city.

After visiting Semnan you can also visit Mehdishahr, in the north of the city , Sorkheh in the southwest of it, warm springs and Clouds forest in the northwest of the city.


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