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Rafsanjan Travel Guide | Rafsanjan Attractions | Things to Do and see in Rafsanjan

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Rafsanjan / the city of Pistachio

Rafsanjan is one of the most important cities of Kerman Province that is located in 110 km from the west of Kerman city. Geographically, from the north Rafsanjan leads to Zarand, from the west it leads to Shahr-e Babak, from the southwest to Sirjan, from the south to Bardsir, and from the east to Kerman. The city has desert climate with relatively warm summers and cold winters. The city is more than 12000 years old. Rafsanjan is the largest center of producing pistachio of Iran and the world. The city is known all around the world for its high quality pistachio. This historical city also has the richest copper mines of the world. Sarcheshmeh which is the third largest open cast copper mine worldwide is located in Rafsanjan. The largest adobe house of the world is also in Rafsanjan. The house is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments of Kerman Province that has 110 rooms.

Where to stay in Rafsanjan?

Rafsanjan has a few but good hotels such as: Jahangardi, Almas, and Garden.

What to eat? Where to eat?

The most popular local food of Rafsanjan is Kash and Pistachio. Abgoosht-e matanjane and Qatuq goosht are other local foods of the city. There are some good restaurants in the city where Iranian traditional foods are served in them,for example: Olympic, Peyman, Azarbayejan, Atigh, Golha, Shams, Hamishebahar, Mehr and Tavakol.

Beverages (Soft Drinks)

You can drink different kinds of juice and coffee in Olympic and Irah cafes of Rafsanjan.

What do we buy from Rafsanjan?

As it was mentioned before, Pistachio is the most popular souvenir of Rafsanjan. Kolompeh,Qavut, Komaj sehen, and Samanu are other souvenirs of the city. There are some good shopping centers in Rafsanjan such as Setare mall and old Bazaar of the city.

Health and Care

Unfortunately Rafsanjan has only one hospital which name is “ Ali ibn Abi Talib”. But thare are some cilinics in the city like Imam Hossein and Farhangian clinics. Hilal Ahmar and Dr. Khodadadi are the pharmacies of Rafsanjan.

Where to go and visit in Rafsanjan?

Pistachio gardens are the most popular attractions of Rafsanjan but the city has many other tourist attractions such as: Rageh canyon which is one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon of Iran, Udarj tree that is a 1500-year-old pistachio tree and it has many legends, Ethnological museum, Presidential museum, Abbas Abad Haji ice house, Haj Agha Ali historical complex which is the largest adobe monument in the world.

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