Nishabur Travel Guide | Nishabur Attractions | Things to Do and see in Nishabur | Iran Travel Guide

Nishabur Travel Guide | Nishabur Attractions | Things to Do and see in Nishabur

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Nishabur / the city of Thurquoise

Nishabur is an important city in Razavi Khorasan province and the capital city of Nishabur county. Geographically, the city is located in 118 km from Mashhad, from the north it leads to Quchan and Ashgabut, from the east to Qadamgah and Mashhad, from the south to Kashmar, and from the west it leads to Bozghan and Sabzevar. The city has a generally Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cold, short winters. Nishabur is one of the most important historical, cultural, tourist, and industrial centers in the northeast of Iran. Nishabur also known as the symbol of Iranian history and culture. The flowering of the city was during the middle ages of Islamisation until Mongol conquest of Iran, the time when the city was the cultural capital of Iran. The city was the capital of Seljuq dynasty, too. Nishabur ‘s economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. The city also has salt and turquoise mines. The turquoise of Nishabur is very famous and has high quality, Nishabur is known as “The city of Turquoise “.

Where to stay in Nishabur?

You can stay at good hotels of Nishabur such as: Jahangardi, Eram, Kamalolmolk and Amiran.

What to eat? Where to eat?

You shouldn’t be worried about food in Nishabur since this city is famous due to its food diversity. Delicious local foods are cooked in the city that we introduce them to you: First, different kinds of Eshkeneh ( Broth to which eggs are added) like: Bulgur, Syrup, Black Kashk, Avjij, tomato, and lentil. Second, different kinds of Ash, Soups and Haleem such as: traditional Haleem of Nishabur, Baqarbur, Milk bulgur, Omaj, Hulbering, Black Kashk, Barley, Zirakjush, Koshtehjush, Tapish, Komai and Bilmaq. Third, different kinds of Abgoosht ( Broth) and Khoresh ( Stew) like: Rhubarb, Thistle, Yatimcheh and traditional Abgoosht of Nishabur. Forth, different kinds of vegetarian food, Kuku and Bouranee such as: Spinach, Garlic, lentil, vegetables, pennyroyal, cucurbit, and Dolma. Fifth, different kinds of Milk food like: Garmas, Faleh, Shirberenj, Silkiyarma, Dalameh, Mast-e posti. And the last are mixed food such as: Egg with syrup, sweet fat with sweet bread, Talkham, Numghatuq, Kishdehjush, Chozmeh, and Kachin. There are a lot of good restaurants in the city for example: Aayani, Mellat, Tashrifat-e Inab, Sadaf, Robani, Pars, Bibi, Park and Jujetalaee.

Beverages ( Soft Drinks)

Different kinds of Sharbat like Sekanjabin, Rhubarb, Chia, as well as Doogh are the most popular drinks of Nishabur. Moon cafe and Coffee World cafe are good places for trying the drinks of the city.

What do we buy from Nishabur?

Turquoise, Rhubarb, Persian carpet, Fabric, Felt, and Pottery are the most popular souvenirs of Nishabur. If you are interested in buying Turquoise you can go to jewellery galleries that are located between the main crossroad of the city and Arg crossroad. You can also buy Nishabur ‘s Turquoise from Turquoise Bazaar and Almas shopping center.

Health and Care

Hospitals of Nishabur: 22 Bahman, Hakim

Pharmacy of Nishabur: Dr. Khojastehpour

Where to go and visit in Nishabur?

Nishabur has a lot of attractive places to visit such as: Wooden village which is completely made of wood and it is very beautiful, Mount Binalud which is the most famous mountain of Razavi Khorasan province, Tomb of Attar that is related to Timurid time, Turquoise mine which is the most important mine of Iran and the world, Nishabur Karvansarai complex, Qadamgah garden, Natural history museum, Seven Caves valley, Tomb of Khayyam, and Tomb of Kamal-ol-Molk.

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