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Gorgan Travel Guide | Gorgan Attractions | Things to Do and see in Gorgan

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Gorgan is the capital city of Golestan province in the northeast of Iran. The modern Gorgan was called “ Astarabad” in the past. Originally Gorgan was a city near Gonbad-e Kavus that was called “ Jurjan” and nowadays some remains of it are still there. In Middle Persian language the city was called “ Varkana” and it is reflected as “ Hyrcania “ in Greek sources. First investigations about the city were done in 1891 that led to the discovery of Astarabad’s treasure. Experts believe that some things in the treasure that were very similar to findings of Hissar hill in Damghan, are related to 3rd millennium BC ( About 5000 years ago). In Sasanian era a great defense wall was built in the region that is called “ Great wall of Gorgan” . Among English archeologists the wall is also known as “ Red Snake”. The great wall was completed in 5th century that indicates the advanced industry of that era. Great wall of Gorgan is the longest Iranian ancient architecture monument which was built in 90 years. Great wall of Gorgan is the greatest wall in the world after Great wall of China and Berlin wall. Old Gorgan city (near Gonbad-e Kavus) was destroyed during the Mongol invasion and then Astarabad was chosen as the capital of Gorgan region. Some centuries age people of Gorgan region spoke a dialect of Parthian language. Some instances of the dialect are found in Hurufian records. Geographically, from the east the city leads to Alianad-e Katul, from the north it leads to Aqqala, from the west to Kordkuy, from the northwest to Bandar-e Torkaman and from the south to Alborz mountain range. Gorgan has moderate climate with warm, muggy summers. The city has mountain, forest, grasslands, plain, desert, sea, river, wetland, and agricultural fields. The majority of Gorgan ‘s people speak Persian language.

Where to stay in Gorgan?

There are a lot of good hotels in Gorgan that you can choose for staying, for example: Botanic Palace hotel in Gorgan to Sari road, International Azin hotel in the beginning of entrance road of Gorgan,and Jahangardi hotel in Nahar Khoran forest that are the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of the city. If you prefer to staying at less expensive hotels, Shahab hotel in Nahar Khoran boulevard and Ziarat hotel in Ziarat village can be good choices for you. The city has other hotels such as: Boomkolbeh, Mahan, Farhangiyan, Behesht-e Hirkan, Khayyam, Marouf, Tahmasebi, and Rah va Mah.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Gorgan like other northern cities of Iran has different, delicious local foods such as: khoresh-e Sak, Fesenjan, Khoresh-e Mash peti, Gheimeh, boiled Broad bean, Torshak, Spinach Khoresh and Eggplant khoresh. You can try these delicious foods in good restaurants of the city like: Baba Taher, Akbarjoojeh, Seyed Masoud, Baran, 77 Sandwich, Burgerteen, Emarat, 444 Fast Food, Soofi, Chili, Jooje Raees, Shanli, Sun Palace, Hosseini, and Falafel-e Kako.

Beverages ( Soft Drinks)

Herbal teas are the most popular drinks of Gorgan. Coffee also is another favourite drink of Gorgan ‘s people that you can try it in good cafes of the city. Some of the best cafes of Gorgan are: Cafechi, Een, Hess, Gramaphone, Jupin, Penza, Miami, Van, Viola, and Honarmandan.

What do we buy from Gorgan?

Gorgan like other cities has its own souvenirs that we introduce some of them to you: different kinds of pastries are the most popular souvenirs of Gorgan for example: Date bread,Lovuez, Qottab, Omaj Halva, Ginger bread, Paderazi bread, Sarqarbili, and Shirmal bread. You can buy these delicious souvenirs from traditional pastry shops of the city. Gorgan also has other souvenirs like: Rural handicrafts, carpet, Torkaman’s pillow, Kilim, Fish and Caviar. You can buy the souvenirs of Gorgan from Nalbandan and Imam Bazaars.

Health and Care

Hospitals of Gorgan: Masoud, Falsafi, 5th Azar

Pharmacies of Gorgan: Dr. Attari, Dr. Chahcheraghi

Where to go and visit in Gorgan?

Gorgan has many attractive places to visit such as: Nahar Khoran forest park which is the most important tourist attraction of the city and it has global reputation, Alangdareh forest park that is one of the tourist regions of Iran, Hezarpich hill which is known as Gorgan’s Bam ( Gorgan ‘s roof) and it has a great landscape, Ziarat village that has valuable historical texture, Bagheri house, Gorgan Palace museum, Emadiyeh school, Eskandari dam and Qozloq Karvanserai.



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