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Damavand Travel Guide | Damavand Attractions | Things to Do and see in Damavand

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Damavand is the capital city of Damavand county in Tehran province that is located in 75 km from the east of Tehran city. Damavand is a beautiful Yaylak of Tehran province. The city was formed in 1916 and it is not considered as historical city of Iran. But the great nature and beautiful villages of Damavand as well as its absolute calm make it a good choice for a short trip.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Damavand like other cities has its own local foods such as: Dampokhtak, Koko, Koko Komaj, traditional Piroshki, local meat roll, Joushvareh Ash, Haftqouz, Unleavened bread, Borsaq, cooked Partidge, and Baduneh. There are many good restaurants in the city that different kinds of Iranian traditional foods are served in them. Safari, Gole Yakh, Milad and Zomorod are the best restaurants of Damavand. Stella Italian restaurant is also a good choice for those who interested in eating Italian food. And if you like eating fast food, you can go Tak Pizza and Black and White restaurants.

Beverages ( Soft Drinks)

Damavand has some good cafes like: Balot cafe, Black and White cafe, and Baran cafe.

What do we buy from Damavand?

Damavand has local handicrafts as well as delicious souvenirs like Thyme honey( the most popular souvenir of Damavand), Halva, Lovuez, Tutak ( a kind of bread), Kilan candy, and Walnut.

Where to go and visit in Damavand?

Damavand has many attractive places to visit that the best of them are: Tar and Havir lakes that are the most beautiful lakes of Iran, Damavand hillside that is full of red poppy, Congregation mosque of Damavand, Lar waterfall, Lar National park, Shabeli tower, Mosha plain, and A’la mineral spring.


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