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Here we will introduce to you amazing and magical caves that are in Iran. The beauty of these caves will astonish anyone. Some of these caves are so magical that once you enter them you want to walk further inside and explore more. But some caves are so dark and scary that you would be too afraid to walk in.


These caves are the place for adventurous and professional people, those who love to explore new areas.
First stratifies cave in Iran
Many people love to travel to the North of Iran during the summer, so why not stop by some frozen caves in the middle of the way. There is a cave near Chalous road, close to Gachsar village.
This cave is one of the unique and most beautiful caves in Iran. Experts believe that there has been frozen water in this cave and this can be understood by the fossils that are on the rocks of the cave. The fossils belong to the marine shellfishes of about 50 million years ago.
This cave is equipped with windward and ventilators and that is the reason this cave is so cold and the water inside is frozen. According to some experts, the ice starts to melt during the spring.
Overall, this cave has three main halls, three underground refrigerators and seven wells. The amazing fact about this cave is that it is stratified and there is no other cave like it in Iran.
The biggest water cave in the Middle East
If you want to kill two birds with one stone and be near a river and climb caves at the same time you can explore this beautiful water cave. Ghoori- Ghale Cave located in Kermanshah Province is almost 65 million years old. This cave is 12 kilometers long and 3140 meters deep and is one of the seven natural phenomenon in Iran. The pond in this cave is 14 meters and the temperature in this cave is 11 degrees.
The temperature in this cave is the same throughout different seasons. Ghoori- Ghale Cave is one of the touristic attractions in Iran and with the conjunct ponds inside the cave, it is known as the biggest water cave in the world.
Kereftu Cave
This cave was built without the use of any electrical devises and it was constructed manually. It is said that this cave is sequence of tries of the ancient men to have a better and safer life. This ancient and historical site is situated in a 70 meter high mountain in Kurdistan Province in Iran. Kereftu Cave is made of lime. It has a hallway and nested rooms. This cave is famous for its unique architectural building textures.
The height of the cave's opening is 20 to 25 meters. The construction of the cave dates back to the Parthian Empire. When you enter the cave, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful and unique architecture and the pictures carved on the stones. These delicate carvings are the picture of animals and humans.
Unfortunately due to the decay of the cave, some rooms and hallways were destructed and it is believed that the cave, in its time, was much vaster than how it is now. On the doorway of one of the rooms there is a Greek inscription which is very much destructed. The inscription is written about a goddess, thus some people call this cave the Temple of the Greek Goddess. It is believed that anyone who is in this cave will be safe from any harm.
Excitement near bats
If you like excitement and want to see bats in a cave you need to travel to this cave. This dark and scary cave is near Zanjan City. The actual name of the cave is Goljik but people call it the cave of bats which is a dark cave and the only thing that attracts your attention is the brightness of the eyes of hundreds of bats staring at you. You should be brave to step foot in this cave where you are welcomed by the bats and then you will see skeletons and skulls of animals and even humans.
This cave is not only the oldest cave but also the scariest cave in Iran, but remember that you need to follow some rituals in order to enter the cave so you wouldn't harm the bats living there. Bats live a quiet life so it is better to keep quiet in the cave and enjoy seeing these scary creatures. It is said that the best time to visit this cave is around sunset that is when the bats exit the cave in a group and are kilometers away from it.
Bat cave is 35 kilometers south-west of Zanjan. This cave was naturally made and it is made of lime. Due to the convenient weather, this cave was a suitable place for the prehistoric man.
A cozy and relaxing place
The light that shines in between the ceiling and the floor of Katale Khor Cave is eye-catching. This light adds an extra beauty to the cave and that is why this cave is known to be the most beautiful cave in the world. In order to explore this cave you need to go 165 kilometers out of Zanjan Province. Katale Khor has different meanings such as "hill of sun" or a "sunless village" but the best translation of this name is "a cozy and relaxing spot".
This cave is situated in a 30 million years old hill and it is not clear when it was discovered by men. The opening of this cave looks like a triangle with a 70 centimeter diameter.
If you are willing to explore this cave you should know that you have to crawl about 8 meters of the cave. This cave is the second biggest cave and the most beautiful cave in the world. In this cave you can see hallow cressets which are very rare.
You will never be bored in this cave and you can watch the cressets closely. These cressets look like cauliflowers, sleeping lions, lion paws, elephant's foot, a bridal gown, a hound and a burned palm tree. But the most interesting aspect of this cave is that the weather changes in every corner of the cave. For example the entrance of the cave is cool but as you walk further inside the cave it becomes hotter and more humid.
Sang Shekan Cave
There is a rocky cave in Iran that was carved by the people of Fars Province. This cave is located in the south-west of Jahrom, in Fars Province. Many years ago, a group of stonemasons made this cave in the heart of a mountain.
Some people believe that this cave dates back to the Safavid Era but the exact date is not clear. In order to make a living, the stonemasons of Jahrom would extract stones from the cave. Since these stones were white and made of lime, they were used for designing doorways and the floors of their houses and for the renovation of important monuments.

The pieces of these stones can be seen in the buildings in Shiraz, for example in the Atigh Jame' Mosque and Namazi Hospital in Shiraz. It is interesting to know that when the stonemasons were extracting stones from the cave, in order not to destroy the cave, they made columns in the cave which adds an extra beauty to the cave. The opening of the cave is so big that you can enter the cave with a car.
This cave is one of the most beautiful stoned caves made by men. The entrance of the cave is 20 meters, the length of the cave is 200 meters, and its width is between 60 to 130 meters, with an area of 20000 square meters.
A hangout place for the professionals
Before you read about this cave you should know that if you are not a professional cave climber you can't explore this cave. This cave is called "Sam" and it was discovered two years ago on a 1700 meter high mountain in Golestan Province. This cave has corridors and arches, also the water inside the cave makes it more beautiful. Experts say that this cave is 375 meters deep and has 21 wells. The opening of the cave is narrow and it is called the crab path. This pathway is so narrow that throughout the cave you need to walk on one side without being able to turn your head around. Another obstacle of walking in this cave is that the temperature drops and special equipment is needed. The further you walk inside a cave, the colder it will become. Actually from the 19th well on the temperature drops to 6 degrees and you need to know how to keep your body warm, otherwise you won't be able to go further inside the cave.
The professional cave climbers believe that this cave is very dangerous because the pathway is very narrow and getting help there is a very difficult or even impossible task. Thus, the cave explorers have to be ready and equipped with the right equipment, otherwise a case of a small injury or accident can lead to death. The pathway of this cave is so narrow and twisted that only one man with his backpack can walk along it.
The age of this cave is still not clear but the human and animal skulls found in the cave say that the cave is very old. One of the bat skeletons found in the cave is 10 times larger than the skeleton of bats today. The bats in this cave were strangely dead and it is weird that all their skeletons were placed in one spot of the cave. The skeletons of bats are not the only sign of living things, there are also a special and rare kind of butterfly skeletons in the cave.



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