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Asalem Travel Guide | Asalem Attractions | Things to Do and see in Asalem

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Asalem is a beautiful city of Gilan province in the north of Iran. Asalem to Khalkhal road is one of the most popular and beautiful roads of Iran.

Where to stay in Asalem?

In Asalem you can stay at local houses or the apartments that are rented to the tourists.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Since Asalem is a city of Gilan province, Gilani foods are very common there that are so delicious and you can try them in the city.

What do we buy from Asalem?

Gilan is a province of souvenirs. Different kinds of souvenirs are found in this province. Asalem like other cities of Gilan has many souvenirs that Pottery is the most popular one. The Pottery of Asalem and Gilan is very unique beautiful it is made without glaze in order to maintain its originality. But a kind of clay pot is made there which name is “ Gomej” and it has green glaze.

Where to go and visit in Asalem?

Asalem is one of the greatest places in the north of Iran and it has a lot of attractive natural places to visit such as: Asalem to Khalkhal road, Gysvm forest park which is known as the heaven of Iran and Nav region where hunting is forbidden.

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