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Tehran > Shiraz > Sepidan > Esfehan

8 Days

Be among many Iranian families who are spending their day with their children, enjoy music with your kids, visit dolls museum, enjoy seeing colorful fishes in Isfahan Fish Tunnel

Day 1: Tehran
Arrival in Tehran, you and your lovely family welcome by your guide and transfer to your hotel. After some hours rest and eating breakfast, your guide arrange you a visit of Iranian doll and culture museum, there is someone who narrate the stories of behind the dolls, this way your children are able to learn many things about the Iranian culture. Then you and your kids spend sometimes to enjoy in Ab-o Atash Park located near the Tabiat Bridge, one of the best and prettiest park in Tehran, There are a lots of art and several recreational activities to see and do in this park .You will eat your lunch in one the famous traditional restaurant located in the near this park. Most of our clients from different countries liked Iranian fast food taste so if your children and you are interested in eating fast food (Pizza or sandwich), I highly recommended tasting at least once during your trip in Iran. Your day will finish to go to the Shaparak kid’s city, a wonderful place including several shopping center where you can buy everything you need for your children. Overnight in Tehran

Day 2: Tehran-Shiraz
In the second day of your trip, you will have a full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan palace, Niavaran and Saad Abad palace and the grand Bazaar of Tehran. Then in the afternoon, after eating lunch in a picturesque place with fresh weather (Darband), you will go on to Palladium mall. There is an amusement park (Fun time) located in this luxury and modern complex for you children. While they are playing there, you can explore palladium mall and buy whatever you want. Then you will be transferred to the airport to fly to Shiraz.

Day 3: Shiraz
City tour of Shiraz to visit Nasiro-Molk Mosque, Narenjestan Palace, Vakil complex: Vakil mosque, Bathhouse, bazaar, Karimkhan citadel. In the evening, you will be transferred to Negin shopping center including shops, restaurant and Amusement park, and enjoy and have a fun with your family there. Overnight in Shiraz

Day 4: Shiraz-Sepidan-Shiraz
Drive to Sepidan. Visit the various gardens. Also, you can see Nomadic life with their cattle, sheep, goat, etc. leaving for the surrounding springs and waterfall and enjoying a light trek through the mountain. An interesting part is that there are several villages in this green area, which will be passed during our adventure through this forest to become familiar with their local customs and traditions Eat lunch in rural houses. Overnight Shiraz.

Day 5: Shiraz- Isfahan
In the morning drive to Isfahan. In route visit Persepolis, Necropolis, Naghshe Rajab, Pasargadae (optional), overnight in Isfahan

Day 6: Esfahan
You are going to see many people at the Emam Square. After many years, this bazaar is still one of the most important places for selling and buying goods. You will see how people enjoy their time not only by shopping but also having fun together. Youngers come to take beautiful pictures with tile working background to post on Instagram or WhatsApp profile picture. Old people come to make their memories alive and meet their friends and have some time together. You will see a lot of colorful and handmade souvenir. When it is time for pray, people, especially those who work at the bazaar go to the mosques to pray. You are able to see the old mosques of Imam and Sheikhlotfollah.  Then, about mid-day, you are going to have a picnic by the Se-o se pol or Khajou bridges. You will be among many Iranian families who are spending their day with their children. You are able to experience the real time in Iran and will have some tea, fruits and snack. After a lovely lunch together, you will have a walk around and have more free time to take some pictures. You can take some pictures and you will have some time in Sharbatkhane, where you are able to drink traditional drinks. Overnight in Isfahan

Day 7: Isfahan-Tehran
Today you are going to be among people more and get familiar with their culture and life style. As this city is one of Armenians house in Iran, you are going to see the Jolfa Neighbor and see how Muslims and Christians are dealing with each other, live together and communicate very well. There are many people there who are enjoying their time shopping and walking. You are going to see them and have a quick visit of the beautiful Vank Cathedral and will have some time in Sharbatkhane, then in the afternoon, it is time for your children’s fun, you will visit Music museum where you can enjoy listening to the all kind of Iranian musical instruments and also there is live show which you and your children really will enjoy, and the Isfahan Aquarium that is an interesting place to visit specially for families with children. You can enjoy seeing colorful fishes and even feed them. Afterward, you will be driven to Tehran. Overnight in Tehran

​Day 8: Depart
You will be transferred to the airport to fly back to your country. If the time permits, before your departure flight, you can see Milad Tower and Azadi Tower and take some pictures

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