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Tehran > Kashan > Abyaneh > Isfahan > Yazd > Abarkooh > Shiraz > Sepidan > Javarg

12 Days  

Enjoy Iran on your own pace, customize your private tour itinerary for small and large groups, exclusive excursions

Day 1, Tehran

You will arrive in Tehran, welcoming by your guide and transfer to your hotel. After some hours rest and eating a delicious breakfast, start visiting some highlights of Tehran:

National Museum: This museum was inaugurated in 1993. It preserves ancient Persian Antiquities including pottery vessels, metal objects, books, coins etc. which is devoted to two buildings:

1. Museum of ancient of Iran that holds the pre-Islamic collection

2. Museum of Islamic era holds the post-Islamic artifacts

Golestan complex is a beautiful palace that tells you a lot about history of Iran consisting 17 palaces and museums that is one the main palaces in Tehran.

Jewelry Museum dates back to Safavid era. This museum is a palace which you can see amazing and exclusive jewels and treasures of ancient of Iran. Your day will finish to explore an eye- caching Traditional Bazaar of Tehran which will let you get familiar with Iranians daily activities and the great place for shopping and Bargaining.

Overnight in Tehran

Day 2, Tehran- Kashan

In the second day of Tehran, after eating a delicious breakfast, you will continue city tour of Tehran to visit Sadabad Palace and Nivaran Palace. These palaces where it is highly recommended visiting because there are many magnificent buildings which has been related to King of Iran and his family with very nice area around them with lots of trees and various kinds of birds. Don't miss them, it's nice to take a walk around the gardens and visit the buildings that covered by full trees.

In the afternoon drive to Kashan (it is an historical city) to visit some highlights of Kashan such as Tabatabaei traditional house and Brujerdiha House. These houses themselves belonged to the reach businessmen and they showed how the people live in those years.

Overnight Kashan.

Day 3, Kashan-Abyaneh

In the morning, visit Fin garden which provides a spectacular view for travelers who would like to see a Persian Garden for the first time. It is so interesting to find out that the fountains were naturally pumped which makes the site more of a masterpiece.
Additionally, it is highly recommended the bathroom where Amir Kabir had been murdered. They did a fantastic job making wax statues to remind people of the former time, this historical monument in this garden have an artistic architecture with colorful windows and painted roofs. Then go on to Abyaneh an ancient and beautiful historic village is in 80 km from Kashan, it takes your time about 1 hour to arrive in Abyaneh. It is a unique village with the lovely red mud houses, the narrow roads and the traditional old women wearing colorful dresses and selling dry apples and fruit rolls that these are make this place very special and worth to see.

Overnight in Abyaneh

Day 4, Abyaneh-Isfahan

In the morning, drive to Isfahan is an historical city in central Iran, known as the half the world. It is famous for its Persian architecture. In this city you can see Naqsh-e Jahan Square including Imam (Shah) Mosque was built during the Safavid period and it is an excellent example of Islamic architecture of Iran. In fact, it is really one of the masterpieces of Persian Architecture., Ali Qapu Palace, built for Shah Abbas in the late 16th century, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque one of the architectural masterpieces of Safavid Iranian architecture, this mosque without any minarets is considered to be the most beautiful in Iran was built and designed to be private mosque by Shah Abbas for his family, and then your day will finish to spend some hours waking in Qaysaryeh Bazaar with lots of handicraft.

Overnight in Isfahan

Day 5, Isfahan

In this day, you will have a full day tour of Isfahan to visit Vank Cathedral in Jolfa (the Armenians quarter) which includes this beautiful church in Iran. You can find lots of cozy cafés there to drink café and rest for some hours. Then you will visit the Grand Mosque of Isfahan or Jame mosque and Chehel Sotun palace which is known as the palace of fourthly columns. It was built for religious and national ceremonies. Your day will finish to spend some hours walking along on the historical bridges beside the Zayandeh rood river and see the locals there.

Overnight Isfahan.

Day 7, Isfahan-Yazd

In the morning drive from Isfahan to Yazd is a city in the central ofIran. It is an ancient city dates back to the Sassanian Period. A soon as you arrive in Yazd, you will have a full day city tour in Yazd to visit The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and the Fire Temple, Zoroastrian museum, Mir-Chakhmaq Mosques. In the evening visit Bazaar and then Dowlat Abad Garden.

Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 8, Yazd-Abarkouh-Shiraz

In the morning drive from Yazd to Shiraz. on route you will have a stop to visit Abarkouh and its highlight such as the old cypress tree (the first or second alive creature in the world with more than 4000 years old), Aghazade house, Mostofi house in Abarkooh then go on to shiraz, on the way you will visit Persepolis is the center of the great Persian Empire, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenians) and a historic site in Fars Province, it is known among Iranians for with the name: Takht-e Jamshid Thkht-e Jamshid including complex of palaces is considered as the historic marvel of Iran and the world and Necropolis.

Overnight in Shiraz

Day9, Shiraz

Shiraz is the capital city of Fars province full of treasures of Persian culture. It is also the former capital of Iran, during the Zand dynasty's era and also the birth place of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi. This city is famous for being the origin of one of the best wines in the world called Syrah. Do not hesitate to talk to Shirazi people, especially educated youths, many of them speak English well. Shirazi People are all very welcoming and like getting into conversation with you. Some of them like even invite you to be their guest. In Shiraz, you will have a lot of choice to visit. Start visiting Nasir-Al-Mulk mosque with its colored glasses. Then it is time to visit Narenjestan Garden is traditional and historical house which was built in the late 19th century with the many Narenj inside. As we mentioned before we will go to the heart of Zandie dynasty with visiting Vakil complex including Vakil bathhouse, bazaar, citadel and mosque, etc. your city tour of Shiraz will complete to visit and spend some hours especially at night in Hafez and Saadi tomb. Tomb of the great Persian poet(Hafiz) is one of the best place to get relax, so suggest you to visit it at night and drink a tea and also ask a local to foretell you fortune by the Book of Hafiz...

Overnight Shiraz.

Day10, Shiraz-Sepidan

In this day, you will have an excursion to Sepidan which is located near the Shiraz and It is an incredible place with the pleasant weather for people who are interested in visiting natures and landscapes. It is a good place for nature and outdoor activity lovers. There are the peaks covered with snow year-round and also the most technical ones to climb. You can go there for visiting, go hiking, and climb through the unique mountains landscapes which is surrounded by lots of trees and garden like Margoon Waterfall, Beheshte Gomshodeh (Lost Paradise) and Pooladkaf ski resort are at the foothills of these peaks, and Chellegah is also very beautiful. Additionally, you can get familiar with the local people and their Nomadic life so it is the best time for you to communicate them in their houses that are filled with the smell of traditional foods and bread.

Day 11, Sepidan-Javarg-Shiraz

In the morning drive from Sepidan to Javarg. Javarge is a village located near shiraz and is surrounded by useful herbs so you can walk and collect them.This village is the best place to go hiking for tourists who like doing outdoor activities because it is located among the mountains and the Jungle, also the best time to visit this village is all four season because it is beautiful in four seasons. If you like camping, you can stay in established Camps. The mentioned camp is consisting of Nomad tents, guest houses, and restaurant.there will be held the tours of neighbor gardens. You can try various organic foods that are prepared with local and fresh ingredients.

Overnight in Shiraz

Day 12, shiraz-Depart

In this day, you will be driven to the airport of Shiraz to fly back to your country. 

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