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12 Days

You can see locals picking fruits, milking sheeps, baking traditional bread or even better join them in their daily activities.

Day 1 : Tehran
Welcome to Iran. You are going to visit one of the most beautiful destination ever. Get ready to be welcomed by everyone you see in streets. Youngers come to say hello to you with English and elders who know less English just wave their hands or smile to show their respect to their guests. No matter what your nationality is, you are going to be warmly welcomed. You will be transferred to the hotel and stay in Tehran for the first night.

Day 2 : Tehran - Shiraz
Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is waiting to show you it's beauty and amazement in all museums. You will experience an endless memorable day in Tehran, surrounding with different museums. Golestan Palace and National Museum of Iran are the first two sights you are going to visit. After your lunch, you will be driven to the airport to fly to Shiraz. After transfer from the airport in Shiraz, you will start a quick tour in Shiraz in the afternoon to see Hafez and Sa'di tomb. They are the most famous poems of Persian language. Their poets are taught in all Persian universities not only in Iran but also all Persian speaking countries. For your dinner, you are supposed to eat a very popular traditional food. This food is made of kidney and liver of sheep. It is served with lemon, vegetable and yogurt. Enjoy this delicious food. At night you stay in Shiraz, the city of culture and literature.

Day 3: Shiraz - Sepidan

In the morning, you will be driven to Sepidan, a stunning town near Shiraz. On your way, you will stop to eat at a nice place to set breakfast on a table cloth just like what Iranians do. After an unforgettable breakfast and drinking some Iranian tea, you will go on to Sepidan. There you are going to be among rural who warmly greet you. You can see them picking fruits, milking sheep, baking traditional bread and whatever rural people do. You can also join them in their daily activities. After a traditional food with rural families, you will have a rest under the shadow of trees and take a nap there. In the afternoon, you can go hiking around the villages and climb the mountain around. This town is located in north of Shiraz and is moderate in summer and snowy in winter. So, whenever you come to Sepidan, you will definitely enjoy your time. At night, you are going to stay in rural house to enjoy a rural night.

Day 4: Shiraz

The city of welcoming people, great poems, eye-catching gardens and stunning mosques. Wherever you look at, you find another new amazement of beauty and uniqueness. Today you have a full day city tour to see Zand Complex including: Bazaar, Bathhouse and Mosque. All date back to Zand dynasty. The center city of this dynasty used to be Shiraz and that is why there are many sights and attractions were built in that era. In Bazaar, you can see people coming, going, shopping and dealing. Some sellers are carrying their carts to sell their products. You will see and Nasirolmolk Mosque in the morning too, is another unforgettable Mosque that is not like any other mosque you have seen or will see. There, you will change your idea about the meaning of colors. Little colorful pieces of glass reflect sunrays to make your eyes enjoy the harmony of colors. You are going to walk through a rainbow there.

Day 5: Shiraz – Persepolis – Abarkouh

Today you are going to experience past in present. Persepolis, another world heritage site in Iran, used to be the center city of Achaemenid dynasty. Take as many pictures as you can because it is not going to be repeated. You will walk through the history and get back to the time when Persia was the greatest country in the world. You can see all soldiers coming to the palace to denote their gifts to the king. The Door of Nations in Persepolis is open to everyone from all around the world to show that Iranians' being welcoming and friendly is as old as their history. After a lunch in a traditional house and eating an Iranian food, you will be driven to Pasargadae. This stunning sight used to be Cyrus's garden where he used to live and enjoy with his family. Cyrus the Great was one of the most famous and popular king of Persian. You will be driven to Abarkouh in the afternoon. Overnight, you will stay in a lovely local house, called Sarve Kohan. A beautiful local house located in a small garden with eye-catching view.
Day 6: Abarkouh- Yazd
Your breakfast is organic eggs, milk, cheese fresh warm bread that is not like what you might imagine. Unforgettable drink of Iranians, tea, is served in small glass cups that help you feel much energetic. Today you are going to see a lovely small city holding the oldest Cyprus in the world, Abarkouh. Agha Bozorg house is another attraction you will visit today. The whole city is like an old picture in a nice frame. The oldest Cyprus in the world dates back to almost 5000 years ago while some scientists believe it is 7000 years old. You will walk through the narrow streets and see local welcoming people. In Komme Bibi Seyed, you can eat the most delicious organic food ever whose cook is a local man who has learnt traditional Abarkouh foods from his grandmother. After your lunch, you will be driven to Yazd. Overnight in Yazd.
Day 7: Yazd-desert-Yazd
After eating your breakfast at the hotel, you will star walking in old neighbors of the city. You are going to be among people and then when the call of pray starts, you will see people praying in Jame Mosque and enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful mosques too. Then, you will be driven to a nice and quiet desert and enjoy your time there. Camel riding, motor riding, drinking tea and taking some memorable pictures are just few things you can do. Stars are shining and the moon is just above your head. Enjoy your night. You will be back to stay at your hotel in Yazd.

Day 8 : Yazd- Naein

In the morning drive to Isfahan via Naein. Visit Narin castle. After that visit cotton waving workshop, Jame mosque and its historical texture. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 9: Isfahan

A great full day tour in Esfahan the city of beautiful mosques, delicious sweets and handicrafts. Welcome to Esfahan as known Half of the World among Iranians. In the morning, you can visit Emam complex that includes Mosques and Aliqapou as well as the great Bazaar that has a lot to see and to do. Different kinds of souvenir are shown to you to see or buy for your family and friends who has missed this trip. After lunch, you will go on visiting other sights. Vank Cathedral is a nice and beautiful church located in a Christian neighbor called Jolfa. The whole neighbor is lovely and many tourists like to see how Muslims and Christians deal with each other. Vank is also visited by many people not only Christians but also other religions too. After walking in the neighbor and be among people, you will go to the hotel in Isfahan.

Day 10: Isfahan-Abyane-Kashan

In the morning, you are going to be driven to Abyane. This beautiful red village is not like any other villages you might have seen. People there still wear traditional clothes. Women in floral dress and men in traditional loos pants make a beautiful subject for painting and taking pictures. The whole village looks red as the soil's color is so. After a tour in the village, you will be driven to Kashan. You will rest at the hotel at night.

Day 11: Kashan-IKA
Kashan is a famous city because of the popular Prime Minister, Amir Kabir. He was murdered in a bathhouse by his enemies. That is why Fin Garden and Bathhouse is shown to tourists. After visiting these sights, you will see Borujerdi House and enjoy the beautiful design of the house. Then you will be driven to Imam Khomeini Airport to get ready for your flight back to your country.


Day 12: Departure
Early in the morning, you will fly to your country. You will definitely miss Iran just when your plane takes off. Remember, Iran is not just what you saw, for next trip in Iran, we are going to show you other beauty of Iran you have not seen.

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    You had organized everything incredibly well Details
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    We continued to Iran, undoubtedly the trip highlight Details
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