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15 Days

Welcome to Iran, arrive at the IKA and transfer to the hotel to have rest. Depending on your arrival time, you will start your tour in Tehran to visit Golestan Palace, National Museum and Carpet Museum.

In the morning you will get on the bus to drive to Hamadan. You will be on the way for almost 4 hours. We’ll tour to visit Ganjname inscriptions. Enjoy sitting beside water fall nearby. Go to visit Babataher tomb in the city. Looking from the front, walk down the alley to the right and ring the bell on the door on the left and a nice person will open the gate for you. After that go to visit Hegmataneh hill where was the ancient capital of Medians.Overnight Hamedan.

Leaving the Hamedan to Kermanshah, visit Anahita Temple on the way, have a short stop there. This is Located in tiny city of Kangavar, the ruined temple makes us imagine how it has been like in 17 centuries ago. Then visit another World Heritage Site, significant Bisotun Complex to learn about the Iran History through its magnificent mythical reliefs. In the afternoon go on with visit of Taq-e Bostan area and reliefs in Kermanshah. In the afternoon, beautiful light, lots of locals wandering around the lake, plenty of restaurants nearby where you can have the ubiquitous Dande kebabs. Overnight Kermanshah.

Today you are supposed to see the most beautiful villages ever. Early in the morning, you will be driven to Kavak village. There you can eat traditional food and be among locals who are milking, making bread, planting vegetables and gardening. After an unforgettable time, there to enjoy the nature and climate, you will go on to another village called Zarduee and after that Hajij village that is the most beautiful view in your life. The houses are constructed like Masoule. People are lovely and welcoming. After a delicious traditional kebab made of organic and fresh meet, you will go to see the eye-catching dam with flowing water. Just behind this dam, there is another lovely village whose people access their houses just by boats. You will get on boats to see people there and get familiar with their culture and life style. A great day like this will be done around afternoon and you will leave there to your hotel in Kermanshah.
In the morning visit Tekyeh Moavenol Molk, Jameh Mosque in Kermanshah and then drive to Khoram Abad to visit Falak-ol-Aflak castle. Overnight Khoram Abad.
In the morning drive from Khoram Abad to Shahre Kord via Kuhrang where the mountains are colorful and it is covered with green plants. The largest tribe of Iran, Haft Leng Bakhtiari tribe live in this area. You can visit Pir Ghar inscription, Tunel Aval Water fall, Fritillaries plain, Chama ice cave. Overnight Shahre kord. I recommend you to try Bakhtiari kebab in Shahre kord. Overnight Shahrekord.
You will go on to Sepidan. Today you can experience the North of Iran in South of Iran with a green environment, the pleasant weather even in summer. Here you can get familiar with two different cultures at the same time, simple rural life next to Nomadic life, you see that these two tribes have remained for many years next to each other and some of them got married, so that’s why there are many things in common between them. Sepidan is surrounded with lots of apple, nut, apricot and plum gardens that you can visit. Yellow, red, orange leaves of trees, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, the roaring river and the other natural sounds inside of the gardens make you feel safe and free. Also, Sepidan with its villages has high capability of professional eco-tours. You can walk through the jungles to see the springs, waterfalls, etc like Sheshpir Spring, Margon waterfall, go hiking, and climb the mountain through the Ronj Mountain. The local people are welcoming, and this is the time for you to communicate them in their houses that are filled with the smell of traditional foods and bread. In the evening drive to Shiraz. Overnight Sepidan.

In the morning, you will eat the most delicious breakfast ever. Fresh and organic eggs, cheese, bread and cream. After breakfast, you will star Full day tour of Shiraz to see: Nasiralmolk mosque, Narenjestan garden, then go to visit Vakil complex consists of Vakil mosque, Vakil bazaar, Vakil bathhouse, Karimkhan citadel. In the evening visit Hafez and Saadi tomb. At night visit Aliebne Hamze shrine. Overnight Shiraz.

Today you will be driven to Persepolis and will see this great world heritage. You will get familiar with ancient Iranian culture. After visiting Persepolis, you will go on to see Abarkouh, an old eye-catching city that holds the oldest Cyprus in the world. After a short time, walking in the old cities and watching the only 2-floor windward of the world, you will have a relaxing time in Sarve kohan guest house to drink some tea and enjoy your time in a small lovely garden. Then you will be driven to Yazd, the central city of Zoroastrian and the 22nd city registered in the world heritage. Overnight Yazd.
In the morning, you will see Fire Temple, and then in the basement you can see Sardab, or ice house. There you get familiar with how people kept water in past. After visiting the old neighbor of the city and visiting the shopping centers where you can find handicrafts while listening to call of pray, you will visit the beautiful Jame Mosque. After lunch, you will see Amirchakhmaq complex: Bazaar and Mosque. Near sunset, you will go on to see a nice desert camp where you can do: camel-riding, safari, motor riding, watching sunset, climbing the sand hills, observing stars, taking some tea and dinner. Then you will be back to your hotel in Yazd.

Early in the morning drive to Isfahan. Tour of Isfahan to visit the capital of Iran during Safavid dynasty. First start visiting Naghsh-e Jahan square, this is the biggest square after Tiananmen Square in China. In Naghsh-e Jahan square there are lots of buildings, the private mosque of the royal court that is named Sheikh Lotfollah mosque. Across from this mosque is A’li Qapu palace with six floors. When you visit sixth floors, Music Hall, you found deep circular niches in the walls, having not only aesthetic value but also acoustic. In the other floors, the Walls are painted with delicate miniatures that attract the visitors. After that go to visit the public mosque, Shah Mosque during Shah Abbas era, King of Safavid dynasty. Then visit Hasht Behesht palace. In the evening, walk on longest bridge, Si-O-Seh pol, and Khaju bridge with its brilliant tile-working on the Zayandeh River. Drink a cup of tea and enjoy watching the reflect of sunset on the river. Overnight Isfahan.
Full day tour of Isfahan to visit Vank Cathedral that Armenians call it as Holy Savior Cathedral in Jolfa area (Armenian area), there are lots of cafés that you can try Armenian coffee, rest for some hours and then continue sight –seeing. Visit the Grand Mosque of Isfahan, Jame mosque and then Chehel Sotun place that was built for entertainment and receptions of other ambassadors and kings.at the end what a treat it would be if you visit old Bazaar. It’s like walking back in time. Don't forget to buy Gaz and Iranian Candy in the bazaar. Overnight Isfahan.

In the morning drive from Isfahan to Kashan. In Route visit Abyaneh. It’s a historical village where women wear colorful and flourish clothes with white scarves. The whole village looks red because of the soil’s color people use to construct their houses. Then visit Boroujerdi house and Fin Garden in Kashan. Overnight Kashan.

in the morning, you will drive to Qom, a holy city with a holy shrine of Masume. The whole shrine is beautifully shining, you see people there praying and sharing their wishes with their leader. after lunch, you will be driven to Tehran. for this night, you will stay in IBIS hotel in the airport and you will get ready to depart to your country. overnight IBIS.
Depart from IKA to your country.
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