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Tour to Iran

Shiraz Travel Guide

Shiraz which is known as a city of lovers is a land full of worth seeing things. It is believed that Shiraz is the most beautiful tourist city of Iran. Shiraz is also one of the biggest cities of Iran. It is the provincial center of Fars province and located in Zagros mountainous region with mild climate. Geographically, from the west, the city is surrounded by Derak mountain and from the north,it is limited by Bamu, Sabzpushan, Chehelmagham and Baba Koohi mountains.

It should be said that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that many titles are assigned to it, for example "city of lovers" and it is due to the matter that Shiraz is the hometown of great poets like Hafez and Saadi. The city also has many historical and natural attractions that you will become interested in them. People of Shiraz are really warmhearted. Traveling to Shiraz can be one of your most memorable trips.

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Since people of Shiraz are so kind and warmhearted,there is no place better than people's houses for staying in Shiraz. But if such situation is not provided for you,you can stay at hotel. Shiraz has many nice hotels. For example, Chamran hotel is the highest hotel in Shiraz that you can see the whole view of the city from its cafe, Homa hotel is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels of Shiraz, Persepolis hotel is a seven-floor hotel with complete facilities, from Shiraz Grant hotel you can easily access to the historical parts of the city, Pars hotel is also one of the most luxurious hotel in Shiraz with special architecture and two towers facing each other. If you prefer to spend less money and stay in a medium quality hotel we recommend you hotels like Jahangardi, Jam-e Jam, Eram, Arg, Shayan and Rudaki hotels. Niyayesh traditional hotel can be the best choice for those who interested in staying at a traditional place.

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What to eat? Where to eat?

Kalam polo is the most popular local food of Shiraz and you can eat the best kind of it in Soofi restaurant. In addition to Kalam polo, other local food are cooked in Shiraz such as Shekar polo, Dopiyazeh Alu, Lari Kebab, Ash Sabzi and Ash Kardeh. Don't forget to try them. Ash Sabzi is a kind of vegetable soup that in cooked in Shiraz and served as breakfast. If you want to try this kind of soup and other local soup of Shiraz, you just need to go to Shams restaurant early in the morning.

If you are interested in eating Kebab, you can go Sharze traditional restaurant. Great kinds of Kebabs are served there, the restaurant also has a great environment. Haft khan restaurant is another great restaurant of Shiraz that has seven floors and you can eat different kinds of food there. Haft khan restaurant is also famous because of serving delicious Shirazi Halva. Shater Abbas, Shandiz, Berentin, Bagh-e Raz and Lotus restaurants are among the best restaurants of Shiraz.

If you prefer to eat fast food we recommend you to go Namak, Zaver and Ayot restaurants. Namak restaurant has a special decoration look like Halite. Restaurant of Shapoori house and Kateh Mas restaurant can be good choices for those who interested in eating food in traditional environment.

Faloodeh is the most popular food of Shiraz that you can eat the best kind of it in Jamshidian ice cream shop. You can eat the best ice cream of Shiraz in Baba Bastani shop that has two branches, one of them is located in Eram st., and the other one is located in West Ghodoosi Blvd. There are also many great cafes in Shiraz such as Cheshmandaz cafe in 23rd floor of Chamran hotel, Baran, Memar, Bahman 57, Street Lounge and Yoga cafes. They are the best cafes in Shiraz that you can go and enjoy your time.

What do we buy from Shiraz?

If you want to buy special souvenir of Shiraz, you should go to Vakil Bazaar where you can find different kinds of famous handicrafts of Shiraz like Khatam, Carved wood, Silver, Kilim and Gabbeh. The famous beverages of Shiraz are different kinds of traditional Sharbat, Lemon juice and Verjuice that you can buy them from the stores located in front of Arg of Karim Khan. Masghati and Kaak ( Yukhe bread) are other famous souvenirs of Shiraz that you can buy them from Kamran confectionery cafe and Keshavarz confectionery respectively. Shiraz also has many modern shopping malls such as Persian Gulf complex, Aftab Fars shopping mall, Zeytoon,Hamoon and Soltaniye shopping centers.

Health and Cure

Unexpected events and diseases are inevitable during a journey, so you need to have information about the health services of the city that you want to go. Shiraz is one of the biggest cities of Iran and has a lot of equipped hospitals sucha as Shahid Beheshti, Shiraz Pars, Dena, Dr Khodadoost, Namazi, Ghadir, Mother and Child hospitals. These hospitals provide patients with different therapeutic services. Shiraz also has equipped health clinics like Mohamad Rasoala, Motahari and Vali-e Asr clinics that have general, dentistry, radiology, physical therapy and laboratory parts and give services to patients. Dr. Shabab, Amir, Eghbal and Dr. Abedi pharmacies give 24-hour services to patients,too.

Where to go and visit in Shiraz?

Shiraz has a lot of attractive places that you can go and enjoy. Here we introduce some of these places to you: Nasir ol Molk mosque which is a 1000-colour mosque of Iran, Arg of Karim Khan which is one of the most beautiful and unique monuments of Shiraz, Eram garden that has a lot of tall Cypress trees and it is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran, Maharloo lake that has different colours in different seasons of a year, Shah Cheragh which is the most important religious attraction of Shiraz. The other attractions of the city are Vakil Bazaar, Zinat Al-Moluk house, Jahan Nama garden, Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Saadi, Afif Abad garden, Saraye Moshir, Quran Gate, Shapoori and Qavam houses. We recommend you to go and visit a beautiful village near Shiraz which name is Qalat and an old church is there.

  • Persepolis is one of the historical and ancient cities in Iran and was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire for many years. There is a magnificent palace in this city

  • Tomb of Saadi or Saadieh is where Saadi, a great Persian poet had lived and was buried. This tomb is next to Delgosha Garen and at the end of Boustan

  • Hafezieh is the name of a tomb in the North of Shiraz and South of Quran Gate and Hafez, a great Persian poet is buried there. This monument was built

  • Qavam house or Naranjestan Garden was built in 1257 until 1267 Hijri during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah and by the order of Mohammad Ali Khan. The building of

  • Shapouri house is located in the middle of a garden with the area of 4635 meters. This foundation of this house is about 840 square meters and the building is

  • Shah Cheragh Shrine is a famous and marvelous site in Shiraz. The son of one of the Shiite Imams was buried there and thus a shrine was built. This shrine

  • This house belongs to the Qajar Era. The construction of this house started in 1290 AH and it ended in 1302 AH. Most rooms in this house have wooden rooves

  • This garden, just like other gardens in Shiraz, dates back to the 8th century and during the reign of Al-Mozaffar and Al-Injo Abad. Then Karim Khan ordered there to be

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